Bounty-Hunters Tournament Announcement Info/Sign-up !!!

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by harels84, Aug 7, 2015.


Solo OR Team Based Match ?

Poll closed Aug 21, 2015.
  1. SOLO

  2. TEAM

  1. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    It is regular 3 vs 3.
  2. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    it is solo - 1 player against another ...
  3. Ok so I'm in. Should i say what class and race i will bring?
  4. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    no you dont have to because its a SOLO
  5. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Hello Again Guys,

    Im Happy To say that we have 9 days to go to the tournament and the prizes are going to be divided this way :

    1st Place - 200 pizza slices.
    2nd Place - 160 pizza slices.
    3rd Place - 80 pizza slices.
    4th Place - 60 pizza slices.
  6. Forum Name: underscore4more
    In-Game name: underscore4more
    Race/Class: Human Healer
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  7. pr0phet00

    pr0phet00 Kobold

    I'm in...pr0phet00/pr0phet00 Probably running a Human wiz
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  8. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    You mean sunday, right?
  9. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    its depands, if you are from europe like me its saturday...
  10. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    You use whatever day it is in UTC's timezone.

    It's Saturday for most people either way, since time goes back for the states [eg, 7pm UTC = 3 pm to 11 am in the states].

    Though, I guess if it's Sunday for you, you're east, rather'n west of Europe? :)
  11. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Right, it is not the same day for everybody. A little bit confusing.
  12. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    That's why you use UTC's date for UTC timestamping. :)

    Well, you can use a site like , insert your timezone, and then have it tell you in a chart what day and time UTC converts to [and there's plenty of sites for that], so that may be the most reliable way to avoid confusions :)

    Though often just googling '7 PM UTC to (EST, CST, your abbreviation or full timezone name here)' does the trick. :)
  13. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    So we are not bound to the class we named, right?
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  14. Fifjunior7

    Fifjunior7 Hydra

    I will not be able to participate until after the 24th. (1 week)
  15. SkdragoN

    SkdragoN Kobold

    sign me up :) lol
  16. harels84

    harels84 Mushroom Warrior

    Hello guys !!!

    6 days to go and we are almost on the half way of the people that signed up, continue the good work...
    i remined you dont forget to sign up for to enter your score and here at least a Photo of the game score and if you can add even a video + commentary it will be great...
  17. ciopo

    ciopo Orc Soldier

    ehr, how does that challonge thing work? I don't see any shiny clicky stuff to sign up for the tournament itself ?
  18. doog37

    doog37 Hydra

    I'd love to join but alas spending a Saturday afternoon inside in August, even if I'd imagine this will be more fun than anything I will likely wind up doing is not gonna happen. Good luck all.

    BTW I think the OP should be updated for clarity. Based on reading the 1st post no Legendary items are allowed, based on later posts it is 1 per character.
    Shame is I finally put my Thundercats build back together and it is 95% to awesome (still need to balance movement a touch).

    I would recommend avoiding Ice House... It is a fun and fair map but it is prone to having long matches, especially if it gets down to 1 on 1. I very rarely time out in Ranked Matches, but if I were to wager it would be that most have been on this 1 map.
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  19. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    That should definitly be done.
  20. Brishna

    Brishna Kobold

    Forum Name: Brishna
    In-Game name: Brishna

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