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    I've read through the 70+ pages of the Card Ideas thread to bring you some interesting boost card ideas. Because reading through all of those pages is a daunting task and since we had begun repeating ourselves I'm creating several new threads. Warning: I've included lots of my own submissions. Feel free to post your boost card ideas here or at the Card Ideas thread. Or give corrections, quality suggestions, or slot suggestions to those posted.

    Mental Fortress
    Trait. Whenever an enemy-controlled card would make you discard a card, it has no effect instead. Duration 2.

    Exhausting Rage
    Boost/Handicap, warrior card. Attach to self:Frenzy 4, at the end of the round, if this card expires, discard all move cards then discard a random card.Duration 2.

    Boost. Trait. Any cards with Slide gain Teleport. Duration 2. Keep.

    Organized Memory:
    Trait. Attach to yourself, duration 3.
    This character may reorder his hand after drawing cards.
    Suggested as a Bronze=(3, C) card
    Itemization note: Human Skill only.
    @ J3st3ri

    When you are targeted by a melee attack, deliver 6Penetratingdamage to the attacker, before the attacker delivers the damage. Roll 4+

    Acidic Blood
    Attach to self - Duration 4
    Everytime you recieve damage, all adjacent characters recieve 1Unpreventableacid damage

    Gold A- , 8 Trait. Attach to yourself. At the start of each round, drawn an extra card if no ennemy can see you. Duration 3.
    You must admit it is easier to concentrate when there isn't anyone rushing at you with a sword.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. At the start of each round take 5 Psychic damage. Whenerver you deal damage to an enemy reduce this card's duration by 1. Duration 2.

    Reckless Rage
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Durations 2.
    Add 3 damage to any Melee Attack you play. When you take damage, add 2 to that damage. Keep. Bronze- quality

    Advanced Blocking:
    Boost. trait. add 2 to any block rolls. keep. duration 2
    @Captain Awesome

    Unholy Pact
    Trait. Add 1 damage to any unholy attack. You take 1 unpreventable damage. Keep. Duration 3.

    Horns of the Demon
    Hybrid boost/attack
    Add 1 damage to any unholy attack you play./ Melee crushing. 1 damage. Range 6. Halt. Attach to target. Duration 1.

    Bronze quality boost
    Trait. Whenever you successfully attack with a piercing attack, create and attach anOpen Woundcard to each target. Duration 2. Divine skill slot

    Boost. Silver quality. Trait. Whenever you successfully attack with a slashing attack create and attach aPath Of Knivesto each target. Duration 2. Martial Skill Slot

    Patient Helper
    Bronze Quality. Boost. Trait. Assist cards in your hand gain "free card" Duration 2. Divine Skill slot.

    Boost . Emerald quality. Whenever you play a Move card, addCantripto it. Does not affect step moves. Duration 2 (Divine Skill Slot) @tolkien

    Dwarven Armorer
    Rare emerald quality Boost
    Other Armor cards gain the Keep keyword. Duration 2. (Dwarf Skill Slot only)

    Silver Quality Boost
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 3. At the beginning of each round create and attach a Righteous Frenzy card to all adjacent allies. Keep. Divine Skill Slot

    Unwieldy Shield
    type: hybrid Boost/Drawback
    quality: black
    item slot: shield/staff/weapon
    Add 1 to your block rolls. Keep. Reduce the range of all your attacks to 1. Keep.

    Cunning Plan
    You may play other cards even if you have an unplayed trait or an unplayed mandatory action. Keep.

    My edit of the above card...
    Boost. Bronze Quality. Trait. You may choose a card to discard. That character draws a card.
    Human Skill slot
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    Catching up to page 80 in the card ideas thread. I think some of these could be viable.


    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 3.
    Your cards cannot be discarded by the effects of an enemy card.

    Enhanced Concentration
    Attach to target. At the start of each round, target draws a card. Duration 3 or until taget takes damage.
    Range 6.

    Battle Trance
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Revealed block cards can't trigger against your attacks. Duration 1.

    Emerald Quality
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Duration 3.
    Heal 1 each card you discard.

    Daunting Defense
    Trait. If your attack on this character is blocked, take 3 piercing damage. Duration 2.

    Psychic Assistance
    Trait. Whenever an opponent is dealt damage they take an additional 1 psychic damage from this source. Duration 2.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Enemy characters may not draw line of sight through you. Duration 2.
    You'll have to go through me first.
    Note: I could imagine a variation or two, including your blocks triggering if the enemy needs to draw his line of sight to his target through this character, for example

    Shield Wall
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. When you become adjacent to an ally, attach a copy of this card to that ally. Your blocks may trigger for adjacent allies if you are facing the attacker. Duration 2.
    "What's better than a good shield? Two good shields in formation." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Trait. Discard all cards attached to you. Attach this card to yourself. While this card is attached, when another card would be attached to you, discard it instead. Duration 3.

    Quick Thinking
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. All your melee attacks gain Hard to block 1. Add one to any melee block roll you make. Duration 2.
    "If you can't keep your wits around, that shield's little more than decoration for your corpse." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Body Odor
    Paper Quality Boost
    Trait. After any move that finished adjacent to you, adjacent opponents Slide Back 1. Duration 3.
    Monster only.

    If you are reduced to zero hit points, Heal 6.

    Drawback/boost hybrid
    Bronze+ quality
    Encumber 1. Keep. You cannot be moved or placed in a new location by enemy cards.

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. You ignore zones of control. If a Melee attack card you play deals four or fewer points of damage, you may Move 1 after the attack. Duration 3.
    "Footwork, footwork, footwork, cut, footwork... Bravo!" - Bethan of the Icy Rage

    Trait. Duration 3. When an adjacent enemy dies, remove a random card from their hand and place it in your hand.
    "It's not like they'll need it where they're going."

    Last Will
    Trait. Duration 3.When you die, remove all cards from your hand and place them in the hand of your closest ally.
    "To my family I leave my estates, to my friends I leave my wine collection and to my adventuring partners I leave the rest."

    Exploit Weakness
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Whenever you deal damage with an attack, if the target has an attachment that increases a specific type of incoming damage, it also increases the damage dealt by that attack. Duration 3.
    "If it bleeds, I can kill it." - Ranjyn the Hunter

    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. When you would discard one or more cards due to a card's effect, you choose which cards you discard. Duration 3.
    "There will be times when it is your only refuge." - Captain Cedric Cleavehorn

    Survival Instinct
    Trait. Attach this card to yourself. Add 1 to all your die rolls as long as you're below half health. Duration 3.
    "You'd be surprised at how well you can dodge if you know the next strike is going to kill you."

    Long Ear
    Whenever an opponent plays a move card ending adjacent to you, move 1. Keep.
    You think these ears are ornamental? Think again.
    (Elf skill only. This wouldn't trigger on assists like Dash, Team! or effects like Vengeance. It would also stay in hand.)
    Jim...hears someone coming.

    Short Lifespan
    At the end of each round, if this is the only card in your hand draw a card. Keep.
    Life is short. Play cards.
    (Human skill only. It would stay in hand.)
    Omin...makes the most of his short life.

    Wide Beard
    Add 1 to dice rolls for armor and blocks. Keep.
    Not my beard!
    (Dwarf skill only. Stays in hand.)
    Binwin...only lost a bit of beard on that one.

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