Blobbiemundo - FREE Print & Play trading card game to play at home during quarantine

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    Hi all,

    We have created a FREE Print & Play TCG called Blobbbiemundo
    It can be printed in regular US Letter or A4 paper at home.

    Blobbiemundo introduces a unique combat dynamic, not available in other card games.
    Unlike most TCGs, that use concepts like "Attack vs. Defense", Blobbiemundo uses 7 abilities to battle: Attack, Speed, Confusion, Defense, Camouflage, and Weaponry.
    With these abilities, Blobbiemundo replicates battles between animals, simulating the interaction between predators and prey in the real world.


    You can download the game here: (if you don’t receive the game, check your spam folder, otherwise write us at )


    We have tournament videos at:
    You can view the rulebook here:

    We will launch a Kickstarter campaign next year to create a Digital version of Blobbiemundo.
    We look forward to your comments and questions at

    Thank you,
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