Black Plume Mountain 1 HP Quest Post-Nerf Strategy

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    But then he's going to reflecting block that... argh!!

    Just some comments on earlier points in this thread... I did it with a friend (voice communication is a must) which increases the draw power of each character. We used FF and double reliable mail (not too difficult to draw two each for a dwar, provided you have raging battler, although that will soon not be the case) I have since found that AI will mostly avoid standing on any terrain meaning wall of fire, with an extra round duration, might be better. We also found that laser turrets were very effective (if a little slow) because blitzy discards armor in favour of blocks at the end of the round so they do full damage.
  2. Doom+Armor removal+Block removal requires a LOT of luck in the draw. Keep in mind we are talking about 1hp, that dragon breath can remove nimbus and forcefield and has a range of 6, while doom has a range of 4 and that you'll have to wait 4 rounds afterwards. Max doom per player is 3. And of course there is also Blackhammer which means you'll need another perfect draw to kill him in the first rounds. Don't forget that you'll probably need a mage with volcano in the previous level. Doable, yes. Recommended, no.
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    That's why I always try to start with War Cry or Boiling Armor. If you can see the Reflecting Block in his hand, try hitting him with TK or Nimbus.
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    Finished all the Aota quests with the new nerfs and cards, I just brute forced my way so these are most likely not the best strategies however.
    Spent like 1000 gold, but the final strategy for the dragon should be quite cheap even if it is time consuming, like 6-8 tries max.

    Used elf priest, dwarf priest and human wizard
    1-restart galore, at the end lot of touch of deaths and punishing bolts while under smoke bombs took down the rust monsters before the sprites found the fireballs, then I drew resistant hide armor in time.
    2- easy, just lay walls of water to not get flanked and abuse nimbus, start with the rust creatures.
    3- easy, there's a spot near the start where a single wall of water fully shields 2 characters, from there just use draws to get a steady income of water and magic attacks, I think I used blue destruction, smoke on the water and arcane auras.
    4-nimbuses managed to shield the mage while water shielded the priests long enough to kill the staff, and seriously damage the storges, from there I somehow managed to kill the remaining storges with a nimbus priest(duality mace x 2) and the troll is obviously not an issue, I think violent spin helped a little with the initial repositioning

    elder mind
    1-restart galore, just spammed draws and nimbuses on a wizard with double wym lavastaff and 4 accelerate time until it somehow drew enought action to kill most of the mobs, then cleared the rest.
    2-passed this fast with double staff of the misanthrophe,nimbus, unholy wellspring and draws since you can easily hit everything with flash of agony.(I think I had 4 runestones to cycle faster? or maybe just firestorms).
    3-used the same strategy from the first map(volcano,acc.time, firestorm,spam draws) it's a race against time but it can work.

    for elder plume I used 2 wizards and a priest, priest should be a dwarf.
    elder plume
    1-easy with nimbus and fire hides, focus on the hulks first obv.
    2-just use volcano, after that is trivial.
    3- one wizard had 2 deadly deadly to take care of the hammer, both wizards had 8 walls of water on the arcane items and the second wizard had hotglass and razorstaff.
    Enchanted harness+heavy armor(priest) or shimmering armor(wizards) allowed them to tank the breath of frost, and you can lock the dragon in the position that 40c_rudy photographed while getting closer to it as long as the dragon sees 2 characters in the hole present in the formation at the center and there's not terrain under it.
    with this set up, the third wizard can completely ignore armors and just hold as many wall of water as it can while the other two stay in line of sight with 3 guaranteed armor points. Check the log for when the dragon discards perfect block (or don't if you feel lucky)(or bait it with path of knives if you also drew replacement armor on the mage) and if while he can't have it in hand your priest had doom in hand fire it on the dragon, eventually its armors and block will all fail the rolls and doom will stick, while if it gets reflected you can just wait for breath of frost and maybe try to force it out with reflected bad lucks(heavy is 2+ so enchanted armor still works) and path of knives.
    Beware that apparently if the dragon does not have 2 enemies in his line of sight it might leave the spot.

    Check rudy's photo in the previous page to see the water.
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