Between a Boulder and a Hard Place

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    Story / Pre-battle text:
    After the dust settles, you realize that the cave in has separated you from the rest of the group.

    If only your group had a proper rogue, you could've avoided that trip wire. But no, three different classes are enough, they said.

    Choose your poison carefully, if you want to get back to your comrades and live to see another day!



    You made it in one piece, but barely! Maybe you should hang your Bejewelled Shortsword over your mantelpiece and think about career change. Now that you think it about it, being a bard doesn't sound that bad after all.


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    Wow, I like the idea of "choosing your poison"! Two paths to victory, two awesome and deadly enemies, yet the concept is still similar. Love it!
    Having two isolated party members under attack from waves of enemies is much more in character than having a ticking soulless victory timer, so that's also brilliant! It felt kinda pointless to try fight the Pygmies, though, I guess that was intentional? All I did was hide in that little nook to delay the incoming damage. I'm not even sure that running down the corridor will make Lorzil and Andengal any safer. I suppose the main focus is on Karagrik anyway, so it doesn't really matter.
    And the writing made me giggle, great job there! :D
    I think the difficulty is pretty fair. On my second and successful try, poor Karagrik was cowering on the victory square with 2 hp left, pinned by the hydra and praying that last unrevealed card was not an attack. :) But I feel like I played terribly, that there was a way to make things safer. Besides, I didn't draw any of these moves, so that was a "worst case scenario", I guess.
    The only thing I'd add is a bit of polishing. Walls (CavernWall) placed at the edge of the map tend to have these little random gaps, perhaps one-sided walls (CavernWallT) might look a bit better, but that's up to you.
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    Won on the first attempt in the second round. It was really easy as I got a sprint card and could run to the boulder's victory square.

    I thought the part where the cave had collapsed was difficult terrain. Beauce of where Lorzil is standing one can't see that blocked terrain square very well at the start of the game. So you could move Lorzil. But even if you did it is easy to mistake that square for difficult terrain. Maybe if you moved the big round rock to the middle of the square.
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    Thanks for the feedback! I've made (cosmetic) adjustments based on it and updated the original post.
    Yeah, the Pygmies are just a annoying distraction. Lorzil (the priest) has one Shuffle, Team!, which is handy, if you manage to draw it.

    Other than that, the other two characters are mostly just dead weight, but I wanted that the adventure would be somewhat co-op friendly.

    Yeah, that sounds like a worst case scenario. I also think that the Hydra route is a bit more difficult to pull off in average.

    I just won like this:

    Thanks for the wall suggestion, I like it and made the changes. It seems that scenario editor is missing some tiles (Cavern vs. Green Cavern / GreenWall tilesets), since I don't think you can achieve the seamless wall without black corner spots used in Lair of the Trog Wizard for example.

    @Flaxative: Would it be possible to add CavernWall without 4way cornerspots and CavernWallInnerCornerV/H/T tiles to the editor?

    Yeah, Sprint and/or Muscle Through can make this really easy, but I don't know if there are better character decks for this adventure.

    Thanks for the cave in suggestion. I moved doodals and spawn points around a bit. Hopefully it's more clear this way.
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