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  1. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior Email me if you reply this topic. Story of game: Anubis summons you and tells you that humans are destroying Earth by generating electricity and stealing Earth's magneticfield and decide to train you as a new prophet. In first levels you play game as MMOrpg and kill very useless weak enemies. When you level up you get +1 stat and game gives you 2 different decisions for chosing what you will upgrade. Game doesnt let you distirubute your points with your own free will because that may make all players same and cause balance break also like in real life, not always things happen as you planned. Also you start to game with a skill that consumes 16 mana and this skill is useful for showing to newbies what this game can become also your max mana is 16 at starting. As you level up you gain new skills or passives that make you very much stronger. After a level when you die you cant play the game for 8 minutes. This time increase as you level up. Very high level players doesnt get this debuff but instead they lose a level when they die. For leveling up you must gain too much exp and be lucky. In this game you cannot collect exp, you level up randomly based on how much exp you got. So there is no stress for collecting exp, you will level up randomly and you dont need to farm exp. Some monsters drop items, some drop money, some give only exp.

    **Each character cant wear some items and for not being able to wear items it multiplies effect of other items it wear. Some items give high hp but low hit rate others do opposite so items are balanced and you cannot force for damage. For upgrading items you need to combine same level items and if you fail everything is gone. There is no level for potion making or fishing; everybody can do this stuff. When you lose a level you will choose what stats you will decrease so losing a level will make your character better builded. Leveling up gives you stat points equal to your level. At start you habe bonus stat points for being strong at level 1. Actually it is like you start to game as level 10. EXP required for level 1 10, 2 20, 3 30, 4 40, 5 100, 6 120, 7 140 is like that. In most places triangular numbers are used for making things get a little bit harder as it goes but there is no multipliying in this game because games like WOW, LOL, Pokemon, Ragnarök used this system and we seen things go insane at late game. Multipliying numbers with each other is always a wrong idea.

    **At some levels on start, game will ask you what passive do you want; that passives will be core of start character build. After you finish this endless game you can kill your character for getting a better character. You do that by jumping in to a Volcano that Hades lives in. After this point you can even be a dragon which is level 1 but it will grow up very fast because of buffs its OPness have.

    **Game is a turnbased deathmatch moba game. You go in dungeon blindly, seek for hunts but may get attacked by rival players and your loot can be stolen. At the end you get points based on how long survived, what killed, what looted. But game also can be played as MMOrpg for wizards that mass murdering and raid loot for support classes that want to slay big boss by help of a bunch of losers. Also there will be classes that go inside you and make you very stronger, take control of you and gaining exp by making you risk your life while you get nothing, disguise as your friends, invisible weak seekers, ranged running artillaries, berserkers, transformers, stones, giant slayers. I also thinking about adding oceans, sky and space but that make game too large and empty also some players will bombard you from sky.

    **NPCs will not sell, you will use global trade always and there will be no tax. Strongest player in map and game will be shown to you so you can go hunt them but hundreds of players may die for hunting strongest guy. Also there can be no maps for making far away bombarding and running too fast possible which means borderless world. At the end of game you will create randomly generated characters and they will be OP. At rebirth you get +1 stat if you rebirth 10 times that will be +10 and exp you will give will be based on stat points you have got. If a player get killed by player; will drop cheapest item he have got. And after a point all items have nearly same power.

    **There will be 12 types and 12 styles at damage dealing. Styles effect dodge rate, types effect damage you get. If you weak to something 3 times and atk is 4 times of that type you will get 7 times of effective atk. Also types and styles can be combined for creating new elements so game is very realistic. Also there will be death triggers, overdrives, balance breakers that can make you go 0 hp but deal extreme damage or make you transform to satan and die 10 turns later or when you die you explode this moves are very crazy and disturbing for high level enemies also some moves have 1 week cooldown. An angel can negate curse by using "god decision" that remove all buffs and debuffs. Another class can make you not die if you are died last turn. Another class can divide its body to 2 and can use back up body when he die so he doesnt die if his back up body not killed. When your HP end, you use mana as HP but mana takes double damage and when its below 0 you die.

    **Mathmatics: HP 16, HPr 1, FLEE 16, FLEEr 1, HIT 8, HITr 2, HITuse 3, SHIELD 8, SHIELDr 2, ARMOR 2, ATK 8, ATKr 2, ATKuse 5, lifesteal 2, recover 2, counter 3, revenge 2

    Your dodge rate based on your current flee and hit of enemy attack so if you get tired your dodge rate get lower and you cant even dodge. You get tired as you dodge. Hit use determines how much hit you will use its basicly your base. Recovery means how fast you will recover from tiredness its basicly cardio. Maximum means how much you hold when not tired. You get tired by landing attacks, dealing damage, dodging attacks. Shield is like hp but if it get below 0 it cant recover for 2 turns. Armor is always decrease enemy damage no matter what. Lifesteal your healing when you hit; it is not based on %, it is not affected by damage; it is just like recovering hp if your attack doesnt miss. Recover is gaining hp if enemy cant or dont hit you. Counter is dealing damage if you dodge an attack. Damage is always random for normal attacks and skills, you can deal 1 damage and you consume ATK same with damage you used in attack not damage dealt. Revenge deals damage if you get hit.

    **You can see the map but enemies away from you will be always invisible. When you move your movement is random so you may not even move if unlucky, because of that running away is risky. You attack after you move, you cant hit and run. You can increase your attack range. You also need to increase your sight there was 7 senses separately upgraded and hiding stats for special to each senses which makes hiding harder than seeing. Range, hide, sense, speed al use triangular numbers but some use doubled tripled numbers. Swimming slower than running and flying is slower than swimming and space travel slower than flying. Which means sight 1, run 2, range 2, swim 3, fly 4, space 5 points require.

    **Elements: ATK types light, hot, cold, fire, water, wind, sound, chemical, biological, curse, holy, hit

    HIT types melee, ranged, bullet, plasma, explosion, magic, beam, magnetic, gas, liquid, emotional, logical

    Senses: sight, hear, smell, infrared, magnetic, mind, spirit, emotion
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  2. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Why everybody ignoring the climate change. Rich people are destroying this planet; what is in your mind?
  3. rinco69

    rinco69 Hydra

    Is this nonsense the beginning of the end?
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  4. caniponu

    caniponu Kobold

    Stop destroying the planet Rinco! Damnit!
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  5. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    10 years later everybody in Turkey will migrate to Europe and we have too much guns.
  6. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Is there any smart human being that aware of future?
  7. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    Millions, if not billions, of us.
  8. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    USA assassinated our smart people and supported muslim groups for keeping us not developed. Humans must stop using electric and all humans must die.
  9. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Is there any website that i will not get banned from?
  10. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    You haven't been banned from this one, have you?
    I think you're mistaken in some of your ideas. and I recommend you study some scientific sites to understand how the Earth's electromagnetic field is generated, and how monumental a task it would be to alter it even minutely. Not to mention what reason anyone might possibly have to embark upon such a ridiculous task.
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  11. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Science is a lie. America is lying about everything. Dont use electric and destroy humans. I seriously need a website. I think european websites offer more freedom.
  12. Melancthon

    Melancthon Ogre

    Just think, if you get your own website, you can't possibly be banned from it! Probably.
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  13. caniponu

    caniponu Kobold

  14. yuno44907a

    yuno44907a Mushroom Warrior

    Rich people are reason of all problems.
  15. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    This is going nowhere, so I'm going to lock it.
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