Batford's treasure cruise

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    Before text: One of Lord Batford's trading vessels was destroyed just off of the coast. In an attempt to recover his lost coin he has commissioned the undersea reconnaissance cruiser captained by Dogboy. Lothar Lotharson has volunteered to brave the depths if his suit be filled with air from the surface. The team located the sunken ship and began to gather the coin when they were attacked. To their horror they discover that their previous trading vessel may have been sunk not by a typhoon but by this gang of marine monsters. Will the team have time to recover the treasure or will they all be sunk in a watery grave?

    After text: Licking their wounds and mourning their losses, Batford's team return to shore. Was the cost worth the gain? You rifle through the loot to find out.

    (Edit: Included all of @Maniafig 's edit suggestions.)

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  2. Vlamona

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    It looks nice but I don't like scrolling up and down to see what the computer is doing.
  3. Rohndil

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    Some random thoughts:

    - The water tile on the ship should be the same colour of surface water or at least different from the seabed.
    - There are lines cutting the tiles on the surface sea.
    - The seabed could use less simmetry and a little more eyecandy, maybe a couple of rocks.
    - Tsastii seems a bad fit to me, I'd switch it out for another Thought Muncher.
    - Scrolling up and down isn't fun, but given the low amount of stars required to win I think it's fine, it isn't a long scenario. Actually my only loss came after forgettint to check under the water. Balance seems ok.

    Great job and nice concept!
  4. tolkien

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    Thanks guys for the input.
    -I'll try it out with replacing Tsastii with another flenser.
    -I can't really do anything about the lines on the sea.
    -I'll see what I can do about the floor to make it more interesting...remains of the ship?
    -Scrolling up and down is part of the strategic challenge. I know it's annoying. Be thankful most maps are small.
  5. Maniafig

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    Just tried this map. I like the flavour of having a segmented battlefield and the story behind the map. The post-battle text wrongly refers to Lord Stafford but other than that the flavour text is on-point.

    As for the map itself, while I understand they're part of the depth illusion, I find the fishes swimming between the two boards somewhat distracting, they seems randomly placed and the cord coming down from the boat should be enough to clue in to the above/beneath water segments. Using knives for the boat's rudder is a genius idea, though the ice bits surrounding the boat leave black lines crossing through the water tiles which look a bit messy, but I don't know how it could be fixed. Perhaps the upper board should also have lower decals, it looks rather odd that the lower board has it while the upper does not. I didn't have an issue with the scrolling the map required.

    I played the old version with the Tsastii though I agree with changing it to a Mind Flenser, since it fits the ocean theme better and makes it easier to hide from enemies with clever positioning. I'd even go as far as to suggest making the two Flenser's part of the same mod so they can't ovewhelm you with their Psychic Barrages. Using Lothar as the diver is a nice touch with his 'diving gear', and his Bash-oriented style works well against the Bearshark and Rust Creature, though his deck size means it is possible to get several turns of bad draws in a row. Overall I barely won the map with 2 turns of victory square and by killing the two Though Munchers, so the balance seems fine, especially if the map's made a bit easier with the Mind Flenser changes.

    Nice map overall!
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  6. tolkien

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    Thanks, changed it per your corrections.

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