Basic Guide for ENTERING Multiplayer

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by pliers, Sep 19, 2013.

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    You can only use items for which you have enough tokens for. If your sp character doesn't have gold tokens, you can't use items which need them. So either the items have their normal effects or you can't use them at all.
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    I gave this another go after hitting level 15. The prebuilt multiplayer teams are pretty awful so having access to the Goblin Market made a huge difference, while I obviously missed out on a few chests I think having access to some decent items makes multiplayer a lot more interesting.
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    Pvp is super boring jumping around, not waiting anything pvp its just boredom, i waiting co op and pve only!
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    The multiplayer is only versus? there isn't a way to play 2 humans versus artificial intelligence?

    If not, they need to do this, they will make a lot of more people come join this game.
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    Currently not, but the devs are looking into coop for the future. No specific details available however.
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    OK so if this is going to be a guide for entering multiplayer, it needs to be very clear on how the characters/parties work. That confused the heck out of me for weeks.

    Some points:

    -Any multiplayer parties that you BUY in the Starter Shop will be added to your Character Roster as Level 1 characters. In Single Player you can buy Level 1 characters at the Orc's Head Tavern for 10g as well. The Character Roster is to the LEFT of your Active Party.

    -All items and characters are shared between Multiplayer (MP) and Single Player (SP) modes.

    -You can have 3 characters max in your Active Party in either mode. To kick them out click "Remove From Party". To add a character back to your Active Party find the character you want and click "Add to Party".
    -IMPORTANT! Any items you have equipped to your characters stays equipped when you remove them from your Active Party!

    -Ctrl+click on an equipped item to drop it into your items box. The items in your box are shared between MP and SP; when you switch they are automatically re-equipped the way they were before you switched modes. So your MP party will have the same items equipped even if your SP party is using the exact same items on different characters, etc.

    -In Multiplayer (MP), Characters are automatically Level 18, regardless of their actual level. In Single Player, they have both a level and an experience bar, which can be raised by beating adventures. It is only necessary to raise your character level for playing Single Player adventures.

    Pro Tip: Use the Store/Retrieve function to take a snapshot of your current party and equipment. Remember, items equipped to characters in your Roster stay equipped to those characters!

    Anyone have anything else to add? Please try and fit this into the OP.
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