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    I like acid terrain. I dislike the items they are on for the most part. Acid Jet was my favorite card for a while, but there is no way to create synergy or do good damage based on the so-so staffs AJ is on. I would LOVE an arcane item with Acid Jet since I prefer to use my staffs for damage or at least a staff where I don't feel like it has 2+ cards I don't want.
    Here are your options for Acid Jet (AJ):

    Crimson Staff 3 pairs of spells the 2 AJs are nice but the Pen Bolts are very meh for 2 Y tokens
    Lavender Staff Tokenless but full of crap 1 AJ
    Pearwood Staff I think we have all tried to like Pearwood. 4 sweet cards 2 winds of war, 1 mighty spark and 1 AJ, the frost jolt is good but Fright is super yucky. Maybe time to use the human skill that removes neg traits.
    Sizzlespark Staff 1 of everything. Nice that it is 1Y1B instead of 2Y but only 1 AJ and completely unfocused.
    Sour Staff I REALLY want to like this. I do like it a bit but just can't get over the redundant use of acid blast. I would gratefully trade the 2 Acid Blasts for 2 Stone Spikes, even if it was still 2Y (although by my math it would bring it down to 1Y1B).
    Whiterune Staff Oh my friend you give me 4 of my favorite cards (even if Gusts of War is a bit close range to hit 2 enemy targets) and then 2 Chilling Rimes. Chilling Rime how to annoy your opponent into still killing you. Any of the Bronze fire cards would be better Flame Jet, Flame Spit, Hot Spot (but not Instant Burn) are all bronze, heck even its cousin Cold Snap would be much more useful... oh well

    Maybe it is time for me to bust out one of my Acidic Glands even if range 2 is not what I want in a stop effect.

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