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Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Jon, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Mandlbrot

    Mandlbrot Kobold

    I see people have offered money for a beta key...I'll offer an organ! Your pick....
  2. Pixel

    Pixel Kobold

    I'll bake a cake in the shape of the internet.
  3. Average Joe

    Average Joe Kobold

    I didn't receive any confirmation email. :(
  4. Spinewire

    Spinewire Kobold

    such rugged good looks
  5. Phaedrus

    Phaedrus Kobold

    You know, it's my birthday today ;)
  6. Michael

    Michael Mushroom Warrior

    I tried the birthday bit back in October, no dice.
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  7. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    Silly rabbits.
  8. Zoorland

    Zoorland Goblin Champion

    Trix are for kids?
  9. Jesus669

    Jesus669 Orc Soldier

    Doesn't look like that's the case anymore, Zoorland. ^.^
  10. DarkDain

    DarkDain Goblin Champion

    Anyone know if the 50 free pizza slices will also be given to any new beta invitees or did they miss out on that ?
  11. Kaerius

    Kaerius Orc Soldier

    Jon wrote in the patch notes that new accounts will get the free pizza.
  12. SolomonFlame

    SolomonFlame Kobold

    I hope you guys are trolling, because missing out on the beta AND free pizza would literally crush my spirits and when my spirits are crushed my dog's spirits are crushed and no one wants to see a boy and his dog wallowing in crushed spirits..... and hungry..... due to lack of pizza.... :(
  13. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    The pizza is fake. You get it during beta only so you can test its use. We have heard nothing to believe that for-pay (or not-for-pay) elements will survive after the beta period.

    Now, maybe you are lamenting even missing out on fake pizza. That is a different matter.
  14. Michael

    Michael Mushroom Warrior

    I think it's very unlikely anything we have or find during (closed) beta will transition over to launch.
    I think it's unlikely for open beta too, just less so.
  15. andrei180

    andrei180 Kobold

    The pizza is a lie !
  16. lollino

    lollino Kobold

    I received email about Confirm Beta Signup‏
  17. Womble

    Womble Mushroom Warrior

  18. Truhlsrohk

    Truhlsrohk Kobold

    No.... but I'll try again...
  19. elchino

    elchino Kobold

    I just want some pizza now.
    I'm thinking sausage or bacon, pineapples, mushrooms and hot peppers...
  20. andrei180

    andrei180 Kobold

    I'm thinking more like bacon,olives,bacon,cheese,bacon AND BACON(a beta key would be nice too)
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