Attention Beta Applicants

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Jon, Oct 18, 2012.

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  1. Timaeus

    Timaeus Kobold

    Got the email, though got a little over-excited when I thought "Welcome to Card Hunter" meant I was in the beta :p
  2. A Bear

    A Bear Goblin Champion

    I saw the subject line on my phone and had the exact same reaction. --> :eek:
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  3. MrKaralis

    MrKaralis Mushroom Warrior

    Received this morning, TY
  4. Jose Tello

    Jose Tello Kobold

    I got mine too , hoppe to get in to the beta soon, ;)
  5. Sir Knight

    Sir Knight Sir-ulean Dragon

    Egad, who are all these people? Oh, right, "lurkers." I'd heard of those.

    And I got my e-mail. Though I, too, was wondering how much of my day I was about to lose to beta-testing.
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  6. Wozarg

    Wozarg Thaumaturge

    I had the very similar thought of "I wonder how many days I'm going to lose to beta-testing."
  7. Donnola

    Donnola Mushroom Warrior

    Same here :D
  8. SolomonFlame

    SolomonFlame Kobold

    E-mail Received!
  9. Dugrim

    Dugrim Orc Soldier

    Got the email.
    Now waiting... Waiting... Waiting...
  10. Greg

    Greg Kobold

    Mhm, got it through hotmail. And like a lot of you guys, that title... Oooh it had me for a second, haha.
  11. Grizzo

    Grizzo Kobold

    Got e-mail, waiting for new news :D
  12. Aki

    Aki Kobold

    The email got me really excited. As it was labeled "Welcome to Card Hunter!" I thought it had a beta invite in it. *pokes fingers together*
  13. mine was in my spam folder

    always a good place to check
  14. dezerter69

    dezerter69 Kobold

    That`s my first post on this forum so I want say to everyone Hello from Poland.

    I was sure too, that Today I was become beta tester when I red title of e-mail. I am very happy that sun will be beta ,becouse CA is game that i the most waiting for. Not GTA V not new NFS but Card Hunter. My english isn`t perfect but I will try to be a part of community on this forum and in the game.
  15. Womble

    Womble Mushroom Warrior

    One more to the list
  16. inkBot

    inkBot Kobold

    Heh, I had the same reaction.
    Anyway, I got the email, now the waiting game be... continues!
  17. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    Yeah, sorry about that. A poorly chosen subject line.
  18. steve cashman

    steve cashman Kobold

    time is always on my side :(
    thanks for the response.. awesome :)
  19. Umbra8

    Umbra8 Kobold

    I also have received verification. I also am excited. This verification is the digital equivalent of foreplay. Only one question remains.

    Can I get to second base?
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  20. daihideo

    daihideo Kobold

    I got the email. Thanks!
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