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    I've read through the 70+ pages of the Card Ideas thread to bring you some interesting attack card ideas. Because reading through all of those pages is a daunting task and since we had begun repeating ourselves I'm creating several new threads. Warning: I've included lots of my own submissions. Feel free to post your attack card ideas here or at the Card Ideas thread. Or give corrections, quality suggestions, or slot suggestions to those posted.

    Melee Cards

    Silver- Quality
    Linear. Range: 2. Damage: 5 (Damage could be increased, along with quality for a strong bullwhip, mighty etc.)
    @haesslicherBob (compare @tolkien cutlass stab, shish-kabob, @j91 halberd thrust, casual42 skewering stab, and @WexMajor skewer)

    Whirlwind of Steel (version 2)
    Melee Slashing Attack, Range 2, Gold+ Quality
    Play Effect: 'Deal 2 Unbuffable Penetrating Slashing damage to up to 5 targets. You may choose the same target multiple times.'

    King Strike
    Crushing Melee Attack - 50 Damage, Amethyst Quality, Range 1
    Play Effect: 'You may not turn when playing this attack. Penetrating.' (perhaps this was a monster only?)

    Quality: paper
    Slot: warrior
    Trait. Deal 5 damage to a random adjacent character.

    Blunt Thrust
    Silver quality
    Piercing damage
    Range 1, Damage 7
    Step 1, Add 3 to armor rolls against this attack @tolkien

    Blunt Stab
    Silver quality
    Piercing damage
    Range 2, Damage 6
    Step 1, Add 3 to armor rolls against this attack

    Blunt Bash
    Silver quality
    Crushing damage
    Range 1, damage 6
    If damage is prevented by armor, slide back 1. Add 3 to armor rolls against this attack

    Speedy stabs
    Rare silver quality piercing melee
    Damage 2 range 2 cone

    Melee Crushing, range 1, damage 5
    Attach to the target. Target is Clumsy (it does not turn to attack or when attacked). Duration 1.
    You'll feel a bit dizzy for a time. Then you'll realize how painful it is.

    Sticky Bludgeon
    Melee Crushing, range 1, damage 4
    If this attack is blocked, put the blocking card into your hand.

    Feint:melee. 0 damage. draw a card. Cantrip
    @Captain Awesome

    Peg leg
    Hybrid attack/ drawback
    Damage 6 melee crushing range 1
    Encumber 1.

    Cutlass Slash
    Damage 6 melee slashing. Range 1
    Deal damage to any characters in the three adjacent squares in front of you.

    Iron Hook
    Melee piercing
    Range 1 damage 3
    Penetrating. Target discards their oldest attack card.

    Arcane Cards

    Transform Weapon
    Attack, magic arcane, range 6, wizard card. Target discards 2 attack cards, for each card discarded, create a weak strike, simple strike, or bludgeon card at random and place it in their hand.

    Laser Machine-Gun (version 2)
    Magic Laser Attack, Gold+ Quality
    Play Effect: 'Deal 1 Unbuffable Penetrating Magic Laser damage to up to 6 targets. You may choose the same target multiple times.'

    Penetrating Bolt II
    Magic attack - Type arcane
    Range 6 - Damage 3

    Acid Ball
    Magic attack - Type acid
    Range 5 - Damage 4
    Burst 1
    Targets discard their oldest Armor card (before that Armor can prevent damage)

    Electrical Storm
    Hybrid utility/attack
    Monster only
    Create smoke terrain in your square and all adjacent squares. Do 7 electrical damage to everyone in those squares.

    Allure of the Divine

    Monster only
    Affects all characters. All elves discard their oldest move card. All humans discard their oldest attack. All dwarves discard their oldest armor.

    Parrot Peck
    Monster only
    Projectile piercing
    Range 3 damage 2
    Penetrating. Reverse target character's facing. Cantrip.

    Divine Attacks

    Jugular Bite
    Melee attack - Type piercing
    Damage 8 - Range 1
    For every damage this card does, youHeal 1
    Attach to target - Duration 2
    Target cannot gain health.

    Absorb Life
    Melee attack - Type unholy
    Range 1 - Damage 0
    When this card does damage, increase its damage by 2 for each card in target's hand;
    For each point of damage this Attack does,Heal 1

    Leech Therapy
    Magic Attack/Assist - Type unholy
    Damage 1 - Range 3
    Target discards all attached cards, then attach this card - Duration 2
    No cards other than this can be attached to character, at the start of a turn take 2 unpreventable unholy damage.

    Bronze+ Quality Projectile Sonic Attack. Range 6 Create and attach a Wimpy card to target (Divine Item or Arcane Item slots)

    Battle Calm
    Quality: bronze+ Attack. projectile sonic range 1. Attach to all adjacent Characters. When you play an attack subtract 2 damage from it. Divine item card
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    Forum Flood
    Range: Any forum except announcements if you do not have moderator permissions.
    Create 20 relevant but unnecessary threads and post them in the target forum. Difficult terrain (Stop).
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    Hybrid move/attack
    Move 1. Range 1.
    Move in a straight line. At the end of the move, if there is a character in the next square, do 1 Crushing Melee damage to that character for every card in your hand.
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