Asymmetrical map: comment please

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  1. Bad_Weather

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    I really wanted to try one, i did some hard math to put the tables (difficult terrain)
    Do you think an asymmetrical map can be somehow balanced?

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  2. Eren

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    There were asymmetrical maps in the MP map rotation before, can't see why there wouldn't be another one.
    Although this one seems like the red side is too Wizard favoured in terms of line of sight.
    However, I do support the idea of having asymmetical maps.
  3. Scarponi

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    Were there true asymmetrical maps in MP? I can remember diagonally symmetrical maps but not any asymmetrical ones, though that could just be a weakness of my memory.

    I think you can potentially have asymmetrical maps in MP, but that it would be very difficult for players to not find some way to exploit it to unfairness, and even if they didn't now, future new cards could then make it a bad map. Because of this I think it's wiser to keep symmetry in MP maps. However, you can make them have less of a symmetrical appearance by using diagonal symmetry, and by using different tiles/doodads when you lay symmetrical pairs of blocking or impassable terrain.
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  4. Phaselock

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    If its for the mauve manticore or your own custom scenario, asymmetry is fine. Just test play over and over to make sure the win/loss ratios are what you want.

    There were. Players alr don't get to choose their starting cards or starting position or who goes first. Adding asymmetry tends to make gameplay a lot more swingy than needed. Even if wins/losses may not have been directly attributed to maps, the human mentality will still tend to point fingers at anything they can. Which is why MP maps are now all symmetrical (I should know, I was the one who called for it).

    Hope it helps.
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