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    I've read through the 70+ pages of the Card Ideas thread to bring you some interesting boost card ideas. Because reading through all of those pages is a daunting task and since we had begun repeating ourselves I'm creating several new threads. Warning: I've included lots of my own submissions. Feel free to post your boost card ideas here or at the Card Ideas thread. Or give corrections, quality suggestions, or slot suggestions to those posted.

    Irradiated Heal

    Magic Holy Assist, Paper Quality
    Play Effect: 'Heal 5. Create a random handicap card and attach it to the target.'

    Bliss Of Ignorance
    Magic assist - Type Holy
    Range 5
    Target can discard any number of cards from his hand, for each card discardedheal 3

    Assist / Magic attack
    Type holy Range 1Heal5 if used on an allied character, 5 damagePenetratingif used on an enemy.
    You can't use it on yourself.

    Healing Strike
    Magic assist - Type holy
    Attach to self - Duration 1 or unless used
    Your next attack will heal instead of causing damage

    Good Luck
    Magic - Holy - Uncommon, range 6
    Attach to target. Whenever the target rolls a die, add 1 to it. Duration 2.

    Mankind's Choice (Human Skill, Assist): All Humans may discard up to one card and then draw a card if a discard is made.Free Draw. Cantrip (Gold)

    Mulligan (Human Skill, Utility): Discard entire hand and then draw the same number of cards. (Bronze)

    Harpoon AKA Get Over Here (Weapon, Attack) Damage 4 range 2, pull (push) character 1, (Silver)

    Mad Science
    Create a random Boost card and a random Handicap card and attach them to the target. Draw a card.

    Side Effects

    You cannot play this on enemies. Range 6. Create a random Handicap card and attach to the target. Heal 5. Draw a card.

    Long Arms
    Magic Unholy
    Attach to taget. Target gains 1 to the range of all melee attacks. Duration 1.

    Dark energy
    Hybrid Attack/Assist. gold quality
    Type: Unholy. Create 3 random negative traits in target's hand.

    Moment of mercy
    Type: assist
    Tar quality
    Divine weapon slot
    Trait. Heal 5 opponent with the least amount of health. Ties will be resolved randomly. Unblockable.

    Type: hybrid assist/drawback
    quality: black
    item slot: divine item/divine weapon/divine skill
    Range 1. Heal 2. Take 5 unpreventable holy damage.

    Life ray
    Assist. Quality silver+. Range 2 linear. Heal 5

    Blinding Countenance
    Assist. Gold+ Quality. Magic Holy. Attach this card to yourself. You cannot be targeted by attacks in front of you. When you take damage reduce this card's duration by 1. Duration 3"After dwelling in the presence of God through prayer, his face shone like the sun." @tolkien
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    Summer Breeze\m/
    Magic Holy
    Range 6 Cone. Heal 6
    "See the curtains hangin' in the window
    In the evening on a friday night
    A little light-a-shinin' through the window
    Lets me know everything's all right"-Peter Steele @trrst

    Draw a card. Rearrange the cards in your hand in any order.
    No! The padding first, the mail onto that! @Frostguard

    Touch of Life
    Assist, 1 range, magic holy, priest card. Heal 1, when this card heals, increase the healing by 2 for each card in the target's hand. @Super4011

    Defensive Stance - Warrior card -

    Assist - Self only
    Attach to self - Duration 3
    Armor 1 Keep, add 1 to any block card you play, subtract 1 from any damaging card you play @WexMajor

    Assist, wizard card. Attach to self: At the end of the round, if this card expires, draw 2 cards. Duration 1. @Super4011

    Boss Toss
    Assist - Projectile Sonic
    Range 3
    Choose 1 of your allies on the field. Push 3 If ally lands adjacent to enemy, inflict 3 Crushing damage.
    "Toss Meh, but dont tell the elf"

    Silver+ Quality
    Hybrid Movement/Assist
    Step 2. Heal 5. Range 1.

    Think, soldier!
    Range 6 projectile sonic
    Target ally discards a card and draws a card.

    Discard all attack cards in your hand. Create a Heal card for each card discarded in this way. Cantrip.

    Righteous Blessing
    Assist. Silver Quality.
    Attach to target. Whenever target character would take damage, heal 3 that character. Duration 2. Range 6

    Righteous Energy
    Assist. Silver+ Quality.
    Attach to target. At the start of each round, target draws an extra racial move (or a Run if that's too complicated to code) and then heal 1 for each non-Attack card in hand. Duration 3. Range 6.

    Righteous Wellspring

    Hybrid Assist/Attack. Gold Quality.
    4 Holy Damage, Frenzy 2. Duration 2. Range 5.

    Angelic Fragrance
    Hybrid Boost/Assist. Paper Quality.
    Whenever you play a move card add 1 to its move points. Does not affect step moves. Saving Roll 4+. Keep.
    Heal 2. Range 3.

    Angelic Feedback
    Assist. Paper Quality.
    Draw a card. Heal 4 closest opponent. Unblockable.

    Healing Surge
    Assist, Magic Holy
    Trigger all attachments with the heal keyword you control. @Frostguard

    Assist, Magic Holy, Range 4
    Attach to target. If the target takes damage, the attacker receives three points of penetrating Holy damage. Duration 2.

    Whim of the Gods
    Magic assist - Type holy
    Range 4
    Heal special (roll one dice)

    If this card is discarded, draw a card.

    Range 6. Magic Holy. Target counts as blocking terrain and is immune to damage. Duration 1.

    Projectile Sonic
    Target draws a card from your deck.
    Range 3

    Magic assist - Type unholy
    Range 4
    Heal 15
    Attach to target - Duration 1
    Stun, Halt
    You cannot target enemies.

    Magic assist
    Range 5 - Duration 2
    Whenever you play a Move card, add 1 move point to that move. Does not affect Step Moves. @WexMajor

    Assist, Magic Holy, Range 3
    Affects all allies in range. Heal 6. Subtract one point from the damage healed for each square they are distant from you.
    "Hold the line! Do not falter, and they shall break upon us as the waves break upon the rocks!" @Frostguard

    Bronze Quality
    Magic Holy. Range 1. Attach to target. Duration 1. Increase range of each move played by 2.

    Hybrid assist/boost
    Magic Arcane. Attach to self. Duration 1. Block any. 4+. Keep.

    Guardian of Faith
    Magic Holy. Range 4. Target square becomes Faith Guardian terrain. Characters in target square are immune to damage. Duration 1.

    Ancient Prophecy
    Heal 1. When this card heals increase its healing by 1 for each card above 4 in your discard.
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