Armor Card Ideas

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    Armor 2, 2+. If this armor prevents damage that has already been reduced by another armor card, it gains Keep. @Frostguard

    Networked Armor
    Armor 1. This armor will trigger for every ally on your team. Keep. @Maniafig

    Mithril Skeleton

    Armor 1. Melee Frenzy 1. Whenever an attack would kill you, discard this card instead.

    Mithril Skin
    Armor 1. Whenever this armor prevents damage from a melee attack, that character discards their oldest attack

    Hard Cover
    Bronze Quality
    Armor 1. Increase armor by 1 for each card in hand.
    "I'm just going to build a little barricade here while I wait for the goblins to make up their minds." - Snarri Goldsong

    Pack Mule
    Armor 1. All your cards gain Free Card.
    Roses are Red. Violets are Brass. If you've too much to carry, get a pack....mule.

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