Announcing Void Bastards!

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  1. Jon

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    It's time to reveal what else we've been working on for the last few years! No, it's not another card game (or Card Hunter 2!) but it is another crazy strategy hybrid.


    Void Bastards ia a return to our roots in first-person shooters (like BioShock and System Shock 2) but it's got a whole new strategic layer that really shakes things up. We won't be posting a lot about VB here but you can find out a lot more at
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  2. Vakaz

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    This looks really flipping rad. Wow.
  3. Happenstance

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    Can I send the drycleaning bill for my knickers to ?

    edit: so it looks like you're trying to hit the sweet spot between X-COM, Jamie Hewlett and Borderlands? Sign me up.
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