...and that was the hardest I ever got owned.

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Hyoscine, Sep 25, 2014.

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    How about you?
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    Through a combination of incredibly bad parry rolls, accidentally bringing only two of my team into the battle, drawing every attack before I could reach the opponent and nothing but armor after I could, and the opponent somehow managing to luckily putting together a semi-decent team and getting amazing draws, I lost a game.

    To Gary.
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    (Edit: just realized this was about getting owned, and not owning others... well I guess the ther guy got pretty owned...)

    I had a MP battle last fall where by round two I had only a wizard with 1 health and my opponent had 3 dwarves at near full health vs my single wizard with one health. Through a combination of whirls, frost, perfect block/armor rolls, and sheer luck, I held the point for six consecutive rounds and won. It was really silly :confused:
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    Man, there are things you should keep to yourself :p How did you end up playing against him anyway?
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