Ancient grudge of the drunken wolves

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    Since the release of the CM expansion , I've been loving the Ancient_Grudge card sincerely,
    but I am really not a PVP player :'(

    Every time there was a grudge item in my friend's store , I would say the same thing: just buy it already lol
    It finally came to a point that they can no longer stand me so I decided to try it myself XD

    So this is my present to my friends ,
    the 'Ancient grudge of the drunken wolves' build

    The idea is simple , wait until the mage can deal enough damage.

    The warriors can stall the battle in many ways , no matter what the Howl cards give ,
    they surely restore tons of HP.

    And to add more fun , I put two Raging_Drunk into the build.
    When you discard some key cards from the enemy,
    you will be so proud of being an alcholic.

    It is easily the funniest deck I've ever came up with.
    I hope some of you would enjoy it as much as I do.

    Thank you for reading!

  2. Is there enough Silver attacks being run that the disadvantage that increases silver damage is a real hindrance or just a free cycle through your deck when you roll it with Howl?
  3. stupid531

    stupid531 Lizardman Priest

    Thank you for the question.

    So this deck was mainly tested on the April rotation.
    It was oddly comfortable back then,but then was proven to be quiet imperfect on the May rotation.

    Here are some conditions for this deck to fuction and produce fun:

    1. The victory points are separate and easy to be reached by the dwarf warroir.

    this is actually the answer to your question,because if the vp are separate
    the warrior will take some years to take down, just remember how many fly step cards are there XD

    2. There are roads to escape (instead of dead ends everywhere)

    This makes sure that your elf mage can actually live a life for at least three rounds.

    If these two conditions are met ,
    you will usually be happy if the warrior is getting hit because you know the pain is going to pay off just a little later.
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