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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Maybe @Kajata was attempting to be funny with a "cold" theme as in "the common cold"? Because that's totally what I was thinking they did.
    "Sneezing" those globs about.....ewww, but funny!
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  2. Kajata

    Kajata Kobold

    haha, i like it even more now! i do not think i have a shot now though, with the rule i missed. i'd be lucky.
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  3. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    Your item is cold themed though. The common cold that is.

    But yes, the rules are all over the place. I've complained about it before, but oh well.

    EDIT: Ninja'd =(
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  4. Vholes

    Vholes Thaumaturge

    I wouldn't call "not posting the rule twice in one post" a mistake.

    Anyway, you're allowed to edit your post and replace it with a different design if you do it before the contest ends. Incidentally, your odds of winning will go up if you stick to cards that players already have access to in those slots.
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  5. Kajata

    Kajata Kobold

    should i change the name to more embrace this do you think?
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  6. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    As gulo gulo has said before, there's an unspoken rule regarding direct damage on Arcane Items: you can't have any card with direct damage higher than 2 at range 5 and up on an Arcane Item, with the lone Ember Burst on Kolt 45 being the only exception, I think.

    If someone decides to use a card that's not present on any items currently in the game, I suggest they revalue the card or at least approximate its true value and include it in their submission (though I'm not sure Flax allows this kind of description).

    Let's take a look at Blob Of Slime.


    Two close comparisons to this card would be Sorcerous Blast with 6 damage at range 6 and Chilling Rime with 2 damage at range 6 and the same encumber effect.
    Since it's actually a combination of both, one might consider it as having a Gold- value. But then again, Projectile Crushing attacks are unheard of in multiplayer, so the usual buffs won't work on it (e.g. Arcane Aura) but it will still get blocked by all blocks that affect Magic, since they also affect Projectiles. This would make me value it at Silver+.

    Now, instead of it being tokenless as we might immediately think, it would actually cost a minor token, with it having the additional drawback of one of the worst cards in the game (Slowed). Are these enough drawbacks to warrant the addition of high damage card to an Arcane Item? I think not, since it would be far too strong with Savage Curse.

    This line of thought is also what I followed when I thought about making an Arcane Item with a cold attack. Chilling Rime is currently the only Cold card not on Arcane Items that is allowable on Arcane Items with respect to the unspoken rule. So if you put, say, Cold Snap on an Arcane Item, consider that you could get 4 of that Arcane Item and pair it with Supercooled Laser x2 for a world of hurt.
  7. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    Kolt 45 was brought up as example, i think you could put one cold snap on a major token arcane item without blowing your chances, as long as you mind that the other cards don't enable even more ranged damage. In short a hefty token price and a mixed bag of cards that tear up the mages overall focus. Of course thats utterly unplayable, but this was always purely a design contest, right? Who cares about application.
  8. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Not quite. Only Cone Of Cold is allowed on Arcane Items if we follow the instructions on Cards.csv and the unspoken rule quoted below:

    Emphasis mine.

    So I don't think even Chilling Rime is going to make it to arcane items, at least not to tokenless / minor token items. It seems it's just a craze started by Whammo.
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  9. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    It does, in conjunction with the theme:
    Theme should always be the first place you look, as clarification actually clarifies the theme [hence it wouldn't be a clarification (of something preceding), but simply an explanation].

    There's actually nothing between the two that specifies you HAVE to have encumber and cold on the same card, so long as you're using an encumber-based attack card AND the item is cold themed.

    Of course.. the only other encumber-attack card available for players is Demonic Miasma, so unless you start poking at monster cards, you're almost entirely restricted to cold-encumber anyway :'P
  10. DunDunDun

    DunDunDun Thaumaturge

    Guys, I've got it.

    Item: Trollishly Chill
    Slot: Human Skill
    Cards: Cooling Laser, Troll Regen, Demonic Miasma

    Totally gonna win this, guys.
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  11. Kajata

    Kajata Kobold

    i changed it. it is now technically correct.
  12. Robauke

    Robauke Guild Leader

    My first submission featuring chilling rime was done with jons statement in mind - i think its less of an unspoken rule but hid very own global balancing guide open to exceptions done right. But it dawned to me that even though i believe in the possibility of jon sanctioning chilling rime on arcane items, it wont be on the low token end. And getting more cold in the no-to-minor-token-region (and secondarily non-staffs) should the biggest promise of this aloyzo round. Sadly i fear the tendency is to introduce high priced items with little regard to the exisiting item pool.
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  13. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    I think Chilling Rime could make it on an arcane item. Firestorm is damage 4, range 5 (formerly ranged unlimited) and the obligatory Kolt with Ember Burst example. It would most likely need to be a blue or gold token -- I can't imagine a Chilling Rime arcane item with no token cost.
  14. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    What about Entangling Roots?...

    Cool to the roots
    Arcane Item
    Super cooled laser
    Entangling Roots
    Entangling Roots
    (Totally works, right) :D:p
  15. Entangling Roots is not encumber. It is Halt.
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  16. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Oops >. <
    Not at computer at moment, and been on road for couple hours @.@
  17. Deepweed

    Deepweed Thaumaturge

    I agree with @Stexe in that he thinks Chilling Rime could make it to an Arcane Item. Flame Spit has already made the exception list if we follow that damage ≥ 2 is prohibited. I disagree with Chilling Rime being on the high token end, though. I actually think Chilling Rime should be primarily on tokenless items and a handful of minor token items only, but without strong focus. This way, you address two issues at the same time: that there is no Cold staff without a major token cost (so low-cost Arcane Items with additional Cold focus would be strong), and that there is a lack of viable variety when it comes to tokenless Arcane Items (and what I mean by that is something that could match up to Asmod's). Its formulation would be slightly similar to Firestorm in that the good Firestorm items are tokenless, but that's where the similarity ends.
  18. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    Okay, here's what I'm working with right now:

    1.) Stexe
    2.) Brittle Icicle [??? Could use a better name]
    3.) Staff
    4.) Cards: Frost Jolt, Chilling Rime, Chilling Rime, Cold Snap, Cold Snap, Vulnerable

    Item Level: 7.5
    Rarity: Uncommon
    Token: One Minor Token

    Thoughts? Would like suggestions for names -- I'm going with the theme of a magic icicle that is fragile (thus the vulnerable). In-game it works for new players to have access to encumber cards at a low cost (1 minor token) and is easy to find (uncommon).

    EDIT: Based on the level and rarity and comparing it to other uncommon staves in the game, I'll probably just go with "Icicle Staff" as the name. Low level common/uncommon staves have super simplistic names.
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  19. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

  20. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    Looking through that I see some interesting cold cards. Like:
    Although there are these which could be tweaked into a Cold Trait (although obviously wouldn't be for this contest):

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