Aloyzo's Arsenal Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Flaxative, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Juxtapostion

    Juxtapostion Hydra

    I am not sure about android. But I play Card Hunter on my Ipad using a flash browser. I currently use Puffin, which I bought for the sole purpose of playing Card Hunter on my Ipad. :)
  2. Jade303

    Jade303 Thaumaturge

    Holy crap. If I wasn't deadly allergic to Apples I might be interested. For the price though, I would be better off saving up for a new computer or a Windows tablet.
  3. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Thanks for entering, everyone. I'll announce the next submission thread when it's open :)
  4. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Omg, this is the time & place when you're kinda sad that you didn't wish for a legendary. :p Nah, just kidding... thanks for the honor!

    edit: Just finished watching the whole, @CT5 made sure it was fun and @Flaxative got the informative part. :)

    Because Aloyzo's Arsenal items are released in conjunction with new Mauve Manticore, what about making the new item a guaranteed item drop for it, just like in Treasure Hunts? Might be a bit too generous, if there ever is going to be a legendary AA item, but for the time being it could be a great to encourage people to play MM and help the item to get into circulation.
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  5. Xayrn

    Xayrn Hydra

    Nice video (even though I was snubbed). Gave some good insight into exactly what you're looking for with these submissions.

    One thing I'd like to point out, regarding the discussion of @WhiteSorcerer's submission at 16-17 minutes, is that Force Field itself is a magic card that's affected by Defensiveness. Otherwise your comments were pretty reasonable.

    And of course, congratulations to @Pawndawan for his winning submission.
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  6. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    No comment on my item. :(

    Gratz @Pawndawan . It is an interesting and cool item.
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  7. Scarponi

    Scarponi Moderator

    Congrats @Pawndawan!

    I really enjoyed the interchange for the item submitted by @LieutenantCommanderData :p

    I believe the Dancer Drainer (my submission) would have actually been two minor tokens (rather than major/minor)... but that's not particularly consequential, though I would have been interested to hear if that would change Aloyzo's thoughts on it (too powerful, still okay, liked even more?).
  8. Accent

    Accent Hydra

    I'd like to add my voice to those congratulating @Pawndawan, and I look forward to using the Dynamic Staff.

    (Also, anything that gets Bungled Bolt to show up should be fun)

    (One minor comment -- I'm sure we'd all love to hear more item discussion, both about our and other interesting items, but since they're not on the Wiki, maybe link to the post?)

    (Since I love parentheticals -- anyone else get a kick out of how it was the first item submitted?)
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  9. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    Thanks for the gongratulations guys! :)

    One of the reasons (besides that I hang on the forums too much) I was able to submit my AA item so quickly, is that I actually "created" it a month earlier.
  10. This is an item i've definitelly be considering. I used to pick up Step ranged attacks back in the beta days for some more complex maps like Streams of Blood, and now i might have a reason to do it again. Nice work, and also thanks, to Pandawan

    Also Flax, if you don't mind, could you tell me what you thought about my submission Careful Tutor? I was anxiously expecting Staff feedback as i watched your video and sadly didn't saw any ):
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  11. Juxtapostion

    Juxtapostion Hydra

    Yay @Pawndawan ! Your item is super cool! I am glad its common!

    Great video @Flaxative and @CT5 ! It was really nice to see what design goals you are looking for as well as the
    'why" of whether or not an item is good! Thanks, and I hope that the videos become a regular part of the contest.
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  12. visak13

    visak13 Ogre

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  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    "Why didn't you talk about my item?"

    Usually because I wouldn't have anything new to say about it. A lot of bad submissions were bad in the same way. There were also a lot of boring warrior weapons that weren't particularly interesting. Careful Tutor actually wasn't bad, it just didn't excite Aloyzo this time around.

    Logistically this is slightly more difficult than not doing it, and I'm going to be lazy ;)

    I think Aloyzo liked it enough that the token cost didn't really matter.
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  14. CKaz

    CKaz Goblin Champion

    grats on the win @Pawndawan! talk generally seemed to be about this for elf wiz but I'm looking forward to some dwarf wiz trials too :D

    edit - for myself I enjoyed the contest but frankly didn't have a lot of time and energy to craft something particularly terrific this go-around, I thought the video (perused) shares some perspective and I have some refinement and new ideas as a result of this first round, good stuff
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  15. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    The traveller from the noth was also too bad in the same way? I think it may be boring, but it did not have the two gold. one handicap problem.
  16. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    It's a fine design.
  17. gulo gulo

    gulo gulo Guild Leader

    I don't see it helping my human wizards at all, but congratulations nonetheless @Pawndawan.
    I am sure your item's arrival to Cardhuntria will be met by many other wizards stepping and blasting around for awhile.
    It should be interesting to see and fun to watch, if nothing else.
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  18. Obernoob

    Obernoob Hydra

    Acknowledgement from the master, just what I needed. :)

    So next time I will try a great, not a fine design. :p
  19. Dingding123

    Dingding123 Orc Soldier

    Love the passion yall have for item designs in that vid.

    Regarding my own selfish submission ambitions:
    Ill take the hint and improve upon my suggestion for next time haha.

    Make way, for an all-new dingaling
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  20. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader

    Your suggestion was also fine!

    Remember, if I didn't mention your item on the video it means it was either:
    A) bad in the same way as an item mentioned in the vid
    B) neither terrible nor great

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