Aloyzo Industries Infiltration

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    Word has reached your ears that Aloyzo Industries is planning to hold a contest to determine what new line of Alozyo-approved and monster-maligned items they are going to manufacture.

    As a local regent, you are ever concerned about the reach of your Batford brand, so you have brought your charismatic and tech-savvy sniper as well as your precious pup with you to make a friendly suggestion to Alozyo to theme the contest around none other than yourself and your grand estate.

    You barge into Alozyo Industries expecting nothing but some common Sevants or animated Golems, but are quite distressed to be greeted by an unusual mechanized minion.




    You congratulate Alonzo on hacking you a way through cyberspace and turn off the security system before making your way through the offices unopposed.

    Aloyzo is quite peeved that you completely wrecked his security system, perhaps animated golems weren't such a bad idea after all, but Alonzo's crossbow and Blackfang's snarl quickly convince him to strike a deal: Alonzo shall help improve Aloyzo's cyber defenses and the upcoming Aloyzo's Arsenal contest will be themed around your grand etate!

    You leave Alozyo Industries quite pleased, but not before taking some of your well-deserved royalties for the rights to use your brand.

    Tags used:
    No victory points for killing minions, enemies respawn, triangular respawn period (3, 6, 10, 15 etc.)

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    Interesting map, beat it on the second try. It's a bit disjointed, but I guess that's to be expected from Aloyzo. I did find the second half to be much easier than the first, maybe add another boulder trap in the last corner? (Looks at screenshots) That's not the map I played; and I can see why you changed it.

    One more thing: I expect many people will get confused by Aloyzo and Alonzo.

    (And I wish the game would somehow warn players when a respawn is about to happen.)
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  3. Maniafig

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    Yeah, I've altered the map since the first release to make the security room a bit more interesting to look at and put a Guillotine Trap there so it's a harder to storm the room with just the War Dog. That way there's more incentive to get Batford and possibly Alonzo as well past the VR area and some extra chances for Gary to mess with anyone straggling behind.

    Now I'm tempted to chnage my AA submission to "Alonzo's Arsenal". Once I figure out what to put on it, that is. :p (Edit: Flash of Arrows, as it turns out!)

    At the start of every round there's a banner that says how many turns there are until respawn, you can use that to time when you beat certain mobs and when you can block respawn locations.
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  4. Kalin

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    Okay, this version also took me two tries to beat, but I did it... barely.
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