Affiliate Marketing Program could grow this game

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by DeathMitri, Nov 10, 2017.


How many others would rep this to friends and family more aggressively than you currently are?

  1. I would

  2. Na, probably not

  1. DeathMitri

    DeathMitri Kobold

    Hey guys,

    Love the game, got $800 invested so far - would love the ability to make some cash back for referrals. I would like to make 10% of sales for new clients that spend money in the game that I referred over the course of their card hunter adventures. Passive income would allow me more time to enjoy the game. Thanks for your consideration in this matter.
  2. ParodyKnaveBob

    ParodyKnaveBob Thaumaturge

    Howdy, DeathMitri

    I wouldn't be surprised if the answer here would be "no" for the same reason as in-game trading.
    1. Lamer opens account.
    2. Lamer refers thirty accounts.
    3. Lamer opens those thirty accounts.
    4. Lamer buys lots of cool stuff with those thirty accounts.
    5. Lamer collects back 10% of those purchases.
    6. Lamer lies to financial institutions and/or Blue Manchu.
    7. Lamer either gets away scot free or causes a lot of headache for institutions and Blue Manchu -- either way, not cool.
    Bad apples can ruin it for the whole bunch.

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  3. tolkien

    tolkien Thaumaturge

    I think one of the issues that the fellow forum fiends have found with this idea is the ability to refer yourself under a different email address and thus gain rewards that way. You have a good idea to tie it to purchases but in that case revenue could be lost by blu manchu when someone who wasn't really referred just says they were.
    Regardless, it would be great if we could advertise this game more. I've suggested a swag store: shirts, playmats, mugs, card sleeves, bumper stickers.
    I should buy a club membership but what I'd really like to buy is a creative crafter package where we could make new levels. At this point we'll have to be satisfied with Mauve Manticore.
    Thanks for your investment in the game.
    At the very least you could boast about anyone you've actually referred in your forum signature or status.
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