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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by snickersimba, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. snickersimba

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  2. billiska

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    First advice, since it feels like you actually typed the whole deck out, you should probably try this:
    If you get stuck, try asking in world chat.

    Second advice, the role of your priest is unclear.
    Let starts with the divine weapons.
    You got big damn attacks with parrying buckler but not much movement to help it get in range. If you at least have movement aid on wizard like telekinesis I would understand.
    Have some gene therapy for reason unknown because your deck doesn't have the handicaps itself.
    If you pack loads of range 1 attacks, you just want bigger movement rather than flank moves. idk, at least mouse boots (epic) would be better than buckwell.
    An advantage to having a focused character is that you yourself knows how best to position it.
    In contrast to see "eh? do I have parry this turn or do I have a vulnerable and healing" then position it according to hand.

    Lastly, I just noticed you use orb of flame on wizard... really, nothing better? or do you see your ranked MP opponent as easier than Single Player AIs?

    Wording maybe too harsh, sorry ... but it helps gets the points across, right?
    I'm sure there is more things to be said... too many things to be said but I'll leave some jobs for others.
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  3. Christofff

    Christofff Guild Leader

    Well what kind of advice do you need?

    Do you want to be ultra-competitive, unique and fun, or somewhere in between or even both?

    Sometimes it helps to take a step back and ask yourself the big questions. Like the first quertion I ask myself is if I'm enjoying the build. I used to play warriors, then I found them boring and switched to 2 wizards/priest and totally enjoy it
  4. peonprop

    peonprop Thaumaturge

    Use Crusty Helm instead of Gouging Helm since you don't actually want to draw Lunging Thrust. You've already got enough step attacks/movement cards to pretty much guarantee drawing off each Elven Maneuvers hit. The only reason to use Sharp Bashing over Novice Impaling is if you play Bashes or you actually want to push attachments off. Neither one seems to be the case.

    Spark wizards generally have control spells on their arcane items since they have nothing better to do. If you want to do more damage you can push the Path Of Knives or damaging terrain theme. You should also try to avoid Squeamish items if you can. That kind of limits your options but it's doable. Ring Of Appropriation, Blasting Amulet, Booming Ring, Sarigo's Rod, Rod Of Winds, more Rod of Palver Prees, stuff like that. Not sure what boots you're using or why you chose those robes. Wizards don't need Quick Run since they can take full advantage of Flanking Move.

    The priest is all over the place but that's probably more due to a limited collection than anything else. Just try to pick a direction and collect the items you need for it. Also, don't fall into the trap of using something just because it's legendary. Maybe you don't have Mouse Boots yet but it's going to be better than Lt. Buckwell's Boots in just about every situation.
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  5. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    As previously stated, focus is important. Depending upon your collection, you might consider going with a 2/1 build rather than a 1/1/1. Or 3 bejeweled elf warriors, for that matter. Bejeweled elves catch a lot of hate because they are so commonly encountered, but a big driver for this is that they're pretty easy to equip.
  6. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    the orb of flames was added because I had nothing else to add, it was that or magma spiral and the robes were because I didn't have any more options. I also couldn't acess my keep because I was at home and unable to run card hunter, the priest is supposed to kill things dead. All three of them are supposed to kill things. I am not one for tactics, just genocide. I am planning on vamp priest but since I don't have the right stuff I am running around with that build simply because it does a lot of damage
  7. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    uh, peon, I don't have crusty helm yet
  8. seth arue

    seth arue Thaumaturge

    Pretty much any helm is better than what you have on, to be blunt. Reliable Mail is typically what you'd want on your helm, if you have any token less helm with it. Failing that, even Reliable Hide is better than what ya got going on.
  9. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    Well, I do have it replaced with sargents cap, I also attempted to build a vamp priest and failed horribly. I replaced the robes with smoke robes and the boots on the priest are now heavy hide boots, though I was eying skipping boots, buckwells are on the wizard and due to my increasing desperation to aquire crusty helm, dropped well over a hundred gold on chests. I really want crusty helm. REALLY BAD
  10. Pawndawan

    Pawndawan Champion of Cardhuntria

    I would advise you to stop buying chest. Use the gold to sign up for leagues, 50 gold for guaranteed 3 gold chest is better bargain than those horrible brown chest.

    You should also run lvl 5 - 7 SP adventures each day if possible to increase your chances at getting Crusty Helm.
  11. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    When there was no outlet for gold, I bought brown chests in lots of 500 or 1000, and it was a huge waste and a pain as well. But that was when I had over 100,000 gold and nothing in Randimar's for weeks at a time.
    Randimar's now has 10 legendaries, 10 epics, and 10 rares every week. (It used to be a bunch of rares with the same chance of upgrading as rares in a chest, so there were usually a few epics, but often no legendaries.) Plus we have the DD, and we have a league every 5 hours. Gold has become too useful to squander on brown chests.
    The most sought after tokenless items are level 6 to 8. The most efficient way to find them is to farm the adventures where they'll drop. If you hate running the same adventures over and over, you shouldn't do it, but it is demonstrably the most effective means to this end.
    Once you have a good selection of tokenless items, it's easier to build around whatever selection of good higher level items you obtain.
    If you'd like to try speed farming, check out the [Farming] threads, or send me a PM.
  12. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    Well, the leagues are not exactly a thing for me, I need a faster computer at home for it and I wouldn't be able to sit and play through an entire league during school hours
  13. Macizo

    Macizo Guild Leader

    It doesnt matter, still join leagues there are rewards just for join.
  14. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    ah, awesome. I wish my account had better item drops. Then again, if the club slot was restricted to dropping only treasure I wouldn't have an issue.
  15. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    Oh also, I want to murder everyone, so competitive builds please. I will see if I can post my collection of items. It may be kinda long though. I had a habit of buying all the new items from the shops. Mostly the sky citadel stuff. That stuff is cool. Electro laser is awesome!
  16. Sir Veza

    Sir Veza Farming Deity

    The simplest way is to go to and use Collection Export. Copy and paste the output into a text file, then post the text file as an attachment.
  17. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    well, I knew @Stexe was awesome but never to this level! Thanks vez! I was busy over the weekend as I was attempting to give a fiesty, fluffy guinea pig a bath and she wanted nothing to do with it.
  18. Stexe

    Stexe #2 in Spring PvP Season

    I am awesome, but that was @neoncat who did the tools. I just host them for him after his server went down and he quit.
  19. snickersimba

    snickersimba Goblin Champion

    Well, servers aren't cheap. I did upgrade my priest with blessed radcannon for more utility. I was hoping for a more awesome radcannon, but oh well.

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