[Advice for Beginners] Best way to spend your pizza (for useful items)

Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by dashv520, Nov 16, 2016.

  1. dashv520

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    If you are new to this game and you are going to clear the campaign,
    I would suggest you to get those bundles to support the development team.
    You get the extra maps and with the club membership you get one extra item with the same rarity as well.

    What if you have some pizza remaining?
    Save them till you have 80 pizza for one week club membership.
    Then when you see a legendary treasure/useful legendary item in club reward, buy the club membership immediately so you can unlock the legendary treasure/item.
    It is much better than buying chests directly as you know what you will get in this way.
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  2. j3st3ri

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    Solid advice. I still am satisfied the way I did; I've bought every bundle when they came out. Because I hadn't played any levels in advance and I didn't buy any multiplayer teams when Gary suggested it, I had enough pizza to buy 3 new custom outfits. (not the super expensive ones)

    I decided to only play with 3 x teams of human warrior + dwarf priest + elf wizard. This so that I can get every quests in the main campaign. So I bought these: (this without buying ANY extra pizza slices)

    I was fully content with this arrangement until they introduced new quests in EttSC.

    Perhaps some time in the future I'll finally create other teams and finish those quest...

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