Acquire Within (hard)

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  1. Drakkan

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    Hi guys,

    this is one tough map, and not sure I saw many posts about it. This one gave me lots of headaches until some guy on World Chat suggested 3x priest, heal spam for it. So this is what I used for last 2 LF .. and haven't failed so far. (first 2 are easy, last one can be bit tricky and slow but is doable).

    I dont have time like I used to, so this build might not be the most optimised but I believe its a solid starting point

    Level 23 Dwarf Priest
    Level 20 Dwarf Priest
    Level 20 Dwarf Priest
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  2. Drakkan

    Drakkan Ogre

    I'd appreciate if someone has reliable parties for Tomb of Savings and Assault on Castle Mitternacht
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