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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by Limonov, Jan 24, 2021.

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    Hi! Started playing a few days ago after trying the game out back in '16-17 and was very surprised to see that the game has a living community and a bright future ahead with the new developers. Now i desperately want to become a part of said community!

    I decided to write here since I wanna get into multiplayer after completing the campaign but still have no idea how to properly deckbuild. Are there any common knowledge worth for me to know? Also does the game have a team composition meta at this point in time or can i just run whatever I enjoy in Ranked games? Will I get my butt handed to me on a silver plate if I try playing all Dwarves in League?
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    I'm not a good player by any stretch of imagination and I haven't played appreciable amounts of multiplayer for years at this point (though I do go for the occasional league every now and then), but I think I can give a few pointers at least.

    As for deckbuilding, one thing that's not immediately obvious is that traits are very valuable. Even seemingly bad ones. Many negative traits have a downside that's very often irrelevant or is easily mitigated, and the thing about traits is that they're basically not taking up your draws since they replace themselves and don't take a turn to play. It's basically as though your deck consisted of fewer cards, which means that you find your powerful ones more often and more consistently. For both racial and class skills it's typically a good idea to pick items that have two or three traits on them, unless you're looking for something really specific you can't find elsewhere. Obviously, there are a few that are so atrociously bad that for most characters it's a suicidal proposal to consider them (such as Trip), but many others can be easily managed on the right characters (for example Fright is terrible on warriors, obviously, but on a hypothetical priest who barely has any attacks and is mainly loaded up with support cards, it's not that impactful).

    Trip by itself brings me to another point, namely that movement is also a lot more important than it would appear on the first glance. While filling your deck with movement cards that do nothing else is not necessarily wise, a few extra moves can go a long way, and cards that allow you to move and do something else as well (the most notable being step attacks) are much more powerful than they initially seem based on their damage values.

    Your question regarding leagues depends on which leagues you mean. For most of them, you either get a randomly generated or a premade party, so it's not your choice whether to go full dwarves or not. Constructed leagues are where you get to take your own party, but it depends on the specific league, as they are typically designed to represent a unique deckbuilding challenge and you need to adapt your party to a very specific map.

    That said, everyone knows that an all-dwarf party is the only acceptable party composition. Everyone who says that it is not so has simply not been enlightened yet.

    I don't know much of what's going on in ranked these days.

    Ultimately, I'd say go for whatever you feel like and with whatever you have the most fun, and see how that works. That's why we're all here in the end, isn't it?
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    Says Melvin, who consistently stays lower rank than his own Mom, and sometimes even Gary. $F^ J

    Howdy, Limonov, and welcome back to Cardhuntria, not to mention Tournamentria! $:^ ] You can run whatever you want, but some things are harder to pull off than others; 3 dwarf warriors will be a more common sight than 3 elf wizards, for example. When I last played more than a year ago, (trying to return,) everybody and his dog (pun intended) had Werewolf cards sprinkled into the mix, especially thanks to Howl. One way to examine the meta and to get deckbuilding ideas is to spectate matches. Otherwise, there are some threads on the forum concerning newbie tips, interesting card synergies, etc.

    I hope this helps,
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    First things first, MP is DISGUSTINGLY vicious once your rating hits 1,000 or thereabouts, 'cause people that are supposed to be 1,300+ like to camp down there to get "free items", so....

    First and foremost, you need to have finished every single FREE campaign level [the last one is "The Lair of the Yellow Dragon"]. You actually wanna do ALL the campaign levels [except for Mauve Manticores], so that you have some REALLY properly good cards, but, at the very least, doing all the free ones will almost certainly make sure that the cards you jump into MP with won't COMPLETELY suck.

    Secondly, DO NOT bring Elf Wizards into MP unless you really, really, REALLY know what you're doing. There are now cards that have been released during your absence that make even DWARF WARRIORS able to reach an Elf Wizard, withOUT needing a Sprint, Team, a Sprint or a Wild Run with almost zero luck involved. Elf Wizards, needless to say, crumble to Dwarf Warriors in a melee fight.

    and thirdly, but, most difficult, FIND FRIENDS TO REGULARLY PRACTICE AGAINST. NEVER just PM people out of the blue. people almost always hate that. Whether you have to find them via world chat or in real life, do it. the more you can practice against friends to test any and all MP builds you make, the better your chance of winning more often in actual Ranked matches; you end up finding out what may or may not work in the current MP meta.....just make sure your friends are around the same Rating as you.

    There you go. GL.
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    When in doubt, embrace the classics and go full ELF WARRIOR.

    It's a pretty simple two-step process:
    1. Dash
    2. Smash

    To offer a bit more useful and timely advice, I think this post here contains a lot of useful deckbuilding advice as well as a list of good items across all rarities. Playing Wizards is pretty crusty for a beginner if you don't have access to their best Epic and Legendary items, but it's definitely doable to build playable Priests and especially Warriors with mostly Common and Uncommon items. You can find these Common and Uncommon items easily in the regular stores, though you should only buy them if their level does not exceed your Renown. You can increase Renown by playing high-level SP campaigns or MP matches.

    Also do not forget to do the Loot Fairy when it's in a campaign you have already unlocked, and always enter leagues when you can! These are the two easiest ways to expand your item collection. You can do this without having finished the campaign, Leagues in particular are worth the gold investment even if you're not going to play any League games!

    Finally, don't be afraid to play multiplayer! The best way to learn is by playing, winning means getting new loot and losing means learning new lessons. Look at what cards enemies play to see what items they're using, if you keep seeing the same items then chances are it's a good item!

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