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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by smg225, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. smg225

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    Here's a build that carried me to 1600. The basic idea which started it was to put 3 Howling Pains on 1 warrior, and back him up with a cold wizard, and together they'd separate out and take down one enemy quickly. It kind of worked, but the warrior needed some more muscle, so I gave him a Final Sword . . . Bejewelled Shortsword would work as well, or any number of substitutes. The priest packs a pretty good followup punch too, given that most of her tokens are spent on support.

    Anyway, just posting for those who might be curious, and/or have advice. I don't think it'll do as well this month as last month! August's maps look a lot more condensed.

    dwarf warrior

    Howling Pain
    Howling Pain
    Final Sword
    Chapeau Of The Afflicted Artist
    Snarlcub Hide
    Yvette's Buckler
    Hawkwind's Moccasins
    Apprentice Ferocity
    Ascendant Dervish

    human wizard

    Instant Snowman
    Instant Snowman
    Silverfire Vial
    Luke's Iron Hand
    Rod Of Palver Pree
    Akon's Amulet
    Robe Of Useful Things
    Ulalia's Boots
    Subtle Positioning

    human priest

    Flail Of Fury
    Huetotl's Firebrand
    Aegis Of The Defender
    Stargod's Raiments
    Xalanen's Boots
    St Ulrich's Bones
    Spellstripper Relic
    Silver Healing Ring
    Bloody Command
    Novice Piety
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  2. Goodwin

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    not bad :)
  3. mckeen

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    My non-expert opinion:

    Warrior, Raging Battler if you have it. But best upgrade for me would be Ascendant Dervish, I don't think the Flight Aura gains you very much so I would switch for Focused Dervish or Frenzied Lycanthropy

    Wizard, Silverfire Vial although legendary, feels a bit unfocused, I would switch for a second Rod Of Palver Pree or even better Asmod's Telekinetic Chain (x2)

    Priest, Xalanen's Boots are very situational and often not worth it. Alternatives I would recommend are Mouse Boots or Goat Boots. Also I struggled with Bloody Command myself for a bit and decided it is one of the poorer legendaries. I would get more team moves on Command or Trained Command.
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  4. smg225

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    Thanks! Yeah, the flight aura is a holdover from last month, when all that impassable terrain hemmed in the starting areas. Raging battler is definitely the way to go. And yeah also the silverfire vial is a placeholder for if/when I ever get an Asmod's or 2nd Palver Pree. That said, I'm never unhappy to see one of its cards turn up . . .
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