2 Variations of my Zombie Hunter deck

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    Here's a fun deck I have playing around with witch I have dubbed the Zombie Hunter. This deck is very versatile in the way it is played. One of the few that can be played offensively and defensively. Arrogant Armor is a must as it allows the warrior to be immune to the dreaded Brains! It also allows the warrior to draw 2 cards without drawback if needed. Most of the time your opponent will be limited to melee attacks and no blocks so stacking the fumbles and parry's are essential. I was unsure of what to do with the Unholy Energy at first but they are great to draw out blocks or add some damage if your opponent keeps parry's or armor; lead with these first before Spark of Undeath. As with both decks Inquisitor's Strike provides the big damage and the Sundered Strike's are handy for armor removal. Lastly is when to Spark of Undeath. You never want to Spark of Undeath when they are right next to you, this is a great time to spark yourself. Make sure they are at least 2 squares away because they may draw Shuffle. Also make sure your warrior is ready to go with Arrogant Armor or at very least a Parry as most people will save and lead with Brains. With 14 Spark of Undeath's there are so many possibilities which makes this a very difficult deck to play but very fun and rewarding when it goes your way. I find it also works well with the current maps as most squares are range 4.

    The first is 2x human priest and 1x human warrior


    Vankenstein's Pillar
    Faulty Pillar
    Vankenstein's Machine
    Static Interference
    Shock Therapy Kit
    Shock Therapy Kit

    Beginner Corruption
    Subtle Positioning
    Twisting Shield
    Cursed Gumshoes

    The Inquisition
    Whirling Flail
    Pitchfork of Shelter
    Bern's Untouchable Mail
    Unreliable Heirloom Shield
    Galvanized Zombie Helm
    Subtle Positioning
    Frenzied Lycanthropy
    Packleader's Boots

    The second team is made up of 1x human priest, 1x human wizard, and 1x human warrior. The difference here is we combo Inquisition Bolt into Devastating Blow. The wizard here could use some tweaks but the concept works. You don't have as many Spark of Undeaths as above so if you Spark make sure you can kill your opponent within 2 turns.

    HUMAN PRIEST is the same as above.

    HUMAN WARRIOR is the same except we will swap out...

    Whirling Flail for Club of Devastation
    Packleader's Boots for Tracker's Boots


    Silver Lightning
    Chask's Relief
    Silverfire Vial
    Asmod's Telekinetic Chain
    Ring of Appropriation
    Wand of Caustic Winds
    Korenchkin's Tactical Tunic
    Subtle Positioning
    Novice Electromancy
    Tracker's Boots

    Hope you enjoy the build!
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