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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by Lord Feleran, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Lord Feleran

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    It is so very common to talk about what is wrong and bad and for a good reason - these things can then be changed. After so much talk about how unhappy everyone are with the balancing being made, this list might cheer you up: a recall of some of the best balance changes CH has seen. (I wasn't around during the very first set of balance changes but I've heard there were some super-OP strategies that got nerfed, too.)

    1. Firestorm is not global.
    2. Twin Heals and Healing Rays can self-target.
    3. Lateral Thinking actually draws a card.
    4. Frenzy affects wizards too but with 1 less damage boosted.
    5. Mass Frenzy gives Frenzy 2 not 3.
    6. Controlled Overswing can be played when it's the last card in hand.
    7. Short Perplexing Ray only makes the target discard one card. <------------------------------ This one was nuts!
    8. Punishing Bolt only has 4 range (down from 8).
    9. Team Walk won't move (mostly push) your team by a total of 10 squares.
    10. Best step attacks from 4-3-2 steps down to 2(fly)-2-1 <---------------------------- This one made racial moves matter again.
    11. Hard To Pin Down won't let you move after a successful block. (Slippery Shield anyone?)
    12. Barge is not a 1-damage attack.
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  2. Master Goo

    Master Goo Ogre

    Basicaly all past and upcoming changes are obviously for good, I hope we all are happy :) :) :) The talks are mostly opinions and options for Flax :D

    Thanks to devs of course!
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  3. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

  4. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    My list had 12 not 10 points anyway :D
  5. Macizo

    Macizo Guild Leader

    There are unhappy people with the changes?
  6. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    Well, even some of these points were not greeted with open arms :)
  7. I like most of the balance changes coming actually, but I don't think the nerfs go far enough to make a difference in some builds. Would have liked all the burst spells to have 1 less range to allow cold wizards a decent chance to actually counter them if they play well enough with the positioning.
  8. Galvatron

    Galvatron Orc Soldier

    Sadly this change killed awesome card. Few times I've tried the card and far too often enemies didn't move.
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  9. Lord Feleran

    Lord Feleran Guild Leader

    Yeah, they and Maze too could do with a tiny buff that characters can't stay on the square they are.
  10. Jon

    Jon Blue Manchu Staff Member

    I like this thread because it reminds me how much work we've done on this game!
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  11. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Same. My first work on the game was balancing, very cool to see some of those changes in Feleran's list.
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