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Discussion in 'Deck Building' started by TheIvyX, Dec 6, 2017.

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    I saw a Bloodchopper in my RR last week. It looked really good for the campaign modules (and it is) and I wanted to see its uses in multiplayer. I mean, the name itself sounds really good anyways. I've looked up past threads like this one to figure out if it was worth buying, to which I did pick up.

    And uh...oh boy. If you can use an Obliterating Chop on 2 enemies (assuming you check for blocks beforehand), you'll hear the lovely sound of usually 20 whopping damage being dealt. Or in this case, chopping damage.

    Alongside the Bloodchopper is a Vibrant Pain to make it easier for the warrior to get in position for those nasty chops. I could use a Howling Pain instead, but you'd have less opportunities for moving around your opponent.

    With the warrior is a priest for support and a wizard based from @Deepweed's "Deeply Varied Wizards". In this month's map rotation, because the position of the victory points are close together, it's very easy for the wizard to take the VP and still be in range of a Punishing Bolt or a TK. The Illusory Barriers also give you more control over the enemy. The fact that its a dwarf as well lets me use Lucky Toughness. I tried to use a full human team but the human wizard wasn't as successful on its own compared to the dwarf.

    I'm still trying to switch out some items on the warrior and priest, although this seems decent in its current state. I feel like the wizard is already good, thanks Deepweed c:

    Here's the characters:

    [SRC] Fiora AD-H
    Human Warrior

    [SRC] Fiora SP-H
    Human Priest

    [SRC] Fiora AP-D
    Dwarf Wizard
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    i tried some chopping in PVP, it harmonizes well with prowl and other free Move stuff, trickery for example. once the chopping is evident to your opponent, getting two targets is rare. I tried to enforce it with a gusts of war mage.
    Chops are nice against Single target recovery schemes, you spread damage and greater heals cant quite undo it. Also you got a Chance to bypass defenders block and damage the one you want damaged.
    In an armor heavy meta, i used frenzy auras.
    In that context i grew fond of surestrike blessing, its quite worth it once two targets are affected.
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