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    Battle 1, again

    Good, got Hover straight away.


    As Dawnshield slapped Colxian's butt for Inspiration Mizana tried to move to intercept the approaching umber bulks, only to stumble into the wrong direction.

    Colxian did better as he ran to the side passage, moving to catch up with the lava spitter there. The fighter barked an order and the group dispersed, Mizana dashing to attack the southern statue that had hit her with a Glob Of Flame and Dawnshield went after the western lava spitter, getting likewise hit with a Sizzling Bolt.

    The priestess easily caught up with her prey and used a Draining Touch on it, then purging the remaining flames off her body.

    Meanwhile Mizana's target tried to get away from the sorceress but she wasn't having any of that. The fiery statue got hit by spray after spray from Mizana's staff.

    Colxian had reached the northern statue, whacking it with a Simple Bash.


    Mizana hit her target once more, leaving it weak enough for the remaining flames to melt down.

    Melvin passes for some reason and I quickly realize it's a good idea for me to do the same. I get new cards and the southern statue burns to death.


    Despite the group being scattered around the cavern the others could easily hear Dawnshield's Mass Frenzy chant.
    Ignoring the stream of lava coming from the fiery statue the dwarf went on a rampage, taking the lava spitter down with two strong blows.
    On the other side Colxian did the same to another lava spitter. Powerful Hack. Nimble Strike to catch up with the fleeing statue.

    And one foe less.

    The bloodthirsty fighter ended up running straight into the waiting umber bulk's Powerful Hack as the horrible stench assaulted his nostrils but he quickly countered with a frenzied Backbiting Strike.

    Meanwhile Mizana was running through the side passage in order to get at the last lava spitter. As she also ended up running in circles she finally turned around, instead flinging a Sorcerous Blast at Colxian's bulky opponent.

    The other umber bulk had inflicted Dawnshield with a Path Of Knives curse which caused another type of cursing as the dwarf marched towards the enemies, vowing to beat some sense into their heads.

    I make a mistake at the end and retreat to the wrong square with Colxian and the lava spitter gets to attack him with a Hot Spot.


    As Colxian also cursed at the molten rock burning his feet Dawnshield attacked the closer umber bulk with a frenzied Tricky Stab.

    Hmm. Colxian can't use Vicious Thrust yet as he wouldn't do enough damage to take out the the weaker umber bulk with one blow and he'd just fall afterwards. Mizana could attack the beast from behind first but she'd just end up in the wrong place if the enemies have Maze Of The Mind. So I'm forced to move Dawnshield first despite the Path Of Knives.

    Dawnshield tried to get closer to the stinky opponent but again ended up running the wrong way. Holding her nose she turned and Charged forward, finally hitting the umber bulk. However this gave the last lava spitter an opportunity to fling more lava at the dwarf and she had to step aside. No more mind mazes, now I'm free to move the others.

    With the distraction provided by Dawnshield Mizana also ran to engage the umber bulk, intending to Bludgeon the Clumsy foe from behind with her staff. The creature however turned out to be faster than expected and it stepped away. This nevertheless gave Colxian the opening he had needed and with a frenzied, raging Vicious Thrust the fighter stepped behind the bulky foe and drove his sword into its back. The creature roared and ran as the other one moved to engage Colxian instead.

    The heavily wounded fighter was just about to turn and attack the newer threat as Mizana stopped him:

    "No! Go after that lava spitter!"

    Colxian nodded and followed the woman's orders, Running after the remaining statue and whacking it with a Powerful Bludgeon.

    Meanwhile Mizana herself did the same to the fleeing umber bulk, her Bludgeon dropping the already limping umber bulk.
    The badly battered statue flung one last stream of lava at Colxian.


    It's a bit of a waste to use Blind Rage fueled Powerful Hack against a 2 hp statue but not having to deal with enemy lava makes it a still worthy exchange.

    Colxian's Powerful Hack shattered the statue.

    The last remaining umber bulk turned to march towards Colxian but it just found itself in a Hot Spot, the molten rock burning at its legs before it managed to hop out of it.


    The umber bulk flung another Path Of Knives curse over Colxian but without its allies it soon realized it was now in trouble. Fire Spray. Powerful Hack. Lunging Hack. The beast roared as the beating increased. It tried to retaliate against Colxian but the human's Parry turned the Powerful Hack aside, leaving the beast open to a Vicious Thrust that ended the umber bulk's life.


    Loot: Superb Medic, St. Temrun's Chainmail
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    For the next battle Mizana again switches to 2x Staff Of Inferno and Firebrand Mantle while Dawnshield changes to Greenhide Armor.

    Battle 2

    Combustible. But I don't have Firestorm or Volcano yet anyway so it's probably wiser to wait right where I am until I draw one of those cards anyway.

    Both pass, a VP for Melvin.

    Second turn, drew only Wall Of Fire cards. Pass again, second VP for Melvin.

    Third turn, Inspiration finally brings the card I was waiting for...


    "So how long do we need to wait here," Dawnshield asked Mizana and her face fell as she saw her manic grin.
    "Oh, no need to wait much longer," Mizana replied and unleashed a Firestorm from her staff. The priestess groaned as the flames hit her as well as everyone else and Healed the sorceress.

    Third VP for Melvin.

    Dawnshield used another Boosted Heal on Mizana as the sorceress again calmed down, clearly waiting for something.
    Finally the silence was broken by an umber bulk that rounded the corner. Mizana took one look at it and summoned a Wall Of Fire on top if it and then another in front of it as it ran closer.

    Fourth VP for Melvin.


    Kindler and another Firestorm!

    Ignoring the threat of the umber bulks Mizana raised her staff again, summoning another Firestorm.
    The sorceress shrugged off Dawnshield's glare. "Oh, don't give me that look. This is the easiest way to take out those statues and you know it!"


    Another Combustible - and a third Firestorm. Good, the rest will be simple.

    Mizana raised her staff one more time and as the third storm of flames roared through the passages the heroes could clearly hear explosions as the lightning idols blew up from the excess heat.

    Realizing the statues guarding the altars were now no more the umber bulks turned to retreat.

    "Now Colxian, go!"

    The fighter grinned as Mizana's telekinetic shove flung him over the lava and he immediately leapt after the closer badly burned umber bulk, slaying it with a single Vicious Thrust.


    Althought the umber bulk's stench sent both women running to and fro Colxian was running towards the last foe like a dog that had caught the scent of its prey. He bounded around the corner, hitting the enemy with a Nimble Strike. The foe turned to retaliate with a Shredding Strike but Colxian kept up the assault and after two more hits the umber bulk was no more.


    Loot: Goblin-Hide Boots, Superb Cleansing
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    Time to prepare for the dragon again.

    Level 19 Human Warrior

    Level 19 Human Wizard

    Level 19 Dwarf Priest

    Battle 3


    The group quickly spread out, not wanting to get caught by the approaching Blizkenripper.
    Mizana got hit by Ice Bolts launched by the alabaster dragon.

    With Dawnshield's Wavering Faith incantation to distract Blackhammer Colxian attacked, parrying the foe's Polearm Slash and then retaliating against the flying weapon with a Vicious Thrust. Blackhammer struck back with a Purging Strike.

    I get to pass first.


    As Blizkenripper has Hover attached and Colxian hasn't drawn any All Out Attacks, I'm concentrating on taking out Blackhammer first.

    Colxian continued his assault, grinning as the familiar sight of an Impenetrable Nimbus surrounded him. The sentient hammer went for an All Out Attack on the fighter but in vain. The fighter's countered with a Vicious Thrust, partially slowed by Blackhammer's Polearm Slash.

    Meanwhile Mizana got again hit by the dragon's Blizzard Breath.

    I click Pass, waiting for either foe to move or for Blackhammer to use up that Polearm Slash that would otherwise work as an armor.

    Blackhammer suddenly took flight, cartwheeling to the other side of Colxian. This distracted it enough for Mizana to use her magic and trap the hammer in a Hot Spot. The angry weapon attacked Colxian with a Polearm Slash that again did nothing. Unlike Colxian's Nimble Strike that again weakened the sentient weapon.

    Blizkenripper flew closer but it was still far enough that Mizana stood her ground.
    The weapon stopped its futile assault to use a Greater Heal on itself, a maneuver that saved it from falling unconscious because of the lava.


    Colxian's Powerful Hack ended its struggle however as the sentient weapon was a little too slow with its Parrying Strike to block the attack.

    Once again Blizkenripper's Blizzard Breath assaulted Mizana. The sorceress cursed and launched a Penetrating Bolt at the foe but the dragon's unnatural Toughness absorbed the blow.

    The alabaster dragon landed right next to Mizana and Colxian shouted for the sorceress to scuttle back. With the wall too close Mizana couldn't quite get out of Dragon Claw range and the winged foe raked her until she pushed it back with Telekinesis.

    The dragon switched targets, flying to attack Dawnshield next.


    Darn. No team moves and it's like the AI guessed that Dawnshield was the only one with only a single move card.

    The dwarf retreated from the huge wyrm as it turned to spray both her and Colxian with its Blizzard Breath.

    With the dragon's concentration elsewhere Mizana was now free to hit it with a Penetrating Bolt. The white wyrm ignored the tiny attack and instead flew to engage Dawnshield again. Grh.

    Unable to get away from the huge foe Dawnshield turned to attack, hitting the dragon with a Bludgeon that did nothing against its Alabaster Wyrmhide.

    And Melvin passes. Good, I could certainly use better cards so I pass as well.

    The dragon suddenly changed its mind, instead curving behind Colxian.


    Even though that Powerful Bludgeon is tempting me, the dragon would probably counter with Massive Jaws so it's better to retreat for now.

    Colxian dove for safety but the relentless dragon just flew after him. Bah, it had drawn an extra Fly.

    Fully aware of the threat of the dragon to her allies Mizana ran closer, hitting the alabaster foe with a Boiling Armor spell. Blizkenripper countered her spell by spewing more Ice Bolts at the women before turning to hit Colxian with its Massive Jaws. Gah. But I did get rid of both Alabaster Wyrmhide and Toughness!

    The group began hammering the dragon with steel and sorcery.
    Mizana's Powerful Sparks hit the dragon's head.
    Dawnshield hit the winged foe's flank with a Polearm Slash and the priestess then Charged closer to heal Colxian with a Boosted Heal.
    Colxian who had been hit with an Obliterating Hack from the ferocious dragon also let loose his might, hitting the mighty wyrm twice before stepping away from the range of Blizkenripper's jaws.

    New turn and Melvin does one of his random passes. Fine by me, I pass as well in order to get rid of those attachments.

    With only Dawnshield close enough Blizkenripper raked her with a well-aimed Dragon Claw.


    Too bad that pass also meant that Blizkenripper drew another Hover. Oh well, the dragon is at nearly half health and the combination of Impenetrable Nimbus and Obliterating Bludgeon is looking quite tempting... But first I'll have to check if the foe has any blocks.

    Mizana launched another Penetrating Bolt at the alabaster dragon but the attack did nothing against the beast's unnatural Toughness. Good, would have been a shame to hit that with the big attack. The dragon retaliated with more Ice Bolts, this time aimed at Mizana and Colxian.

    The dragon has two Fly cards in hand. I'd hate to cast Impenetrable Nimbus only to see the dragon flying in the other direction so I pass to see what the wyrm decides to do.

    Blizkenripper suddenly took flight once more, this time landing behind Dawnshield who heard Colxian's command just in time to step away from the dragon's jaws. The mighty beast just flew after the dwarf who was forced to Scamper to safety again.
    So the dragon had an unrevealed Fly card. And now he passes before using the last visible one. Those last moves also placed the dragon in a position where I couldn't safely attack without risking failure thanks to Large Weapon.

    Seeing that the alabaster dragon wasn't about to fall in their trap Mizana cursed and tried to force Blizkenripper to move by lighting a Wall Of Fire underneath it and then retreating herself.
    The mighty dragon finally moved, again to pursue Dawnshield and Mizana had to yell for her comrades to dash to safety. And now Blizkenripper's on top of the rocks so the lesser of two evils is to wait. Maybe I'll get lucky and draw All Out Attack and the dragon won't draw enough armor and blocks to protect it. And maybe pigs will fly.

    Once again Colxian and Dawnshield got hit by the dragon's Blizzard Breath.


    Darn. I moved Dawnshield a little too far to use Inspiration on Colxian.

    Once again Mizana blasted the mighty wyrm with a Penetrating Bolt and again the beast's Toughness protected it from the blast. Ignoring the feeble attack the dragon seemed content to just use its icy attack, again spraying both Colxian and Dawnshield with Blizzard Breath.

    "Is the weak old Blizkenripper too scared to to fight us properly", Dawnshield yelled at the alabaster dragon. "That fighter there could beat you blindfolded!"

    The mighty wyrm took a long look at Dawnshield but to the priestess' delight her goading seemed to finally have the desired effect as the dragon leapt forward, eager to devour the puny human. The priestess quickly summoned an Impenetrable Nimbus around the fighter who hit the dragon with a Powerful Hack, followed with an Obliterating Bludgeon. No blocks, hooray! Finally the fighter Barged at the huge dragon who was so surprised by the maneuver that it hopped back, never having seen someone even try something like that to it before.

    8 hp! The dragon's down to 8 hp! Too bad none of the heroes has much health either.

    Dawnshield breathed a sigh of relief before beginning a song for her own Inspiration. The song made her regain her concentration enough to use her Healing Rays to mend some of the wounds on her allies.

    The angry, wounded dragon flew back towards Colxian, determined to finish the dangerous human once and for all.


    Did it draw blocks? Or more precisely, did it draw Reflecting Block?

    With Blizkenripper diving towards him Colxian took a sturdy stance, raising his weapon while waiting for the angry dragon.
    "-one shall pass," Colxian roared, targetting the wyrm with a Strong Bash. The dragon's speed was however simply too much and Colxian's weapon just bounced off the dragon, hitting Colxian himself. The dragon wasted no time and struck the human with an Obliterating Hack that the fighter was too slow to Parry.

    AAAAAGGGGH! Not only did the dragon draw Reflecting Block as one of its four cards, I again roll 1 for Parry at the crucial moment! This. Is. Just. Grbhfhsl.

    Oh well, I should still win this fight even without Colxian considering the dragon's low health and Dawnshield's attacks.

    As I can't get closer this turn I pass. And for once it's a good thing that Blizkenripper drew an extra Fly!

    Blizkenripper, gleeful over taking out the first intruder flew on to attack the impudent dwarf next. Dawnshield took an almost identical stance as Colxian had done - but suddenly glanced aside with a puzzled frown.


    "What the - "

    As Blizkenripper's attention flickered towards the direction Dawnshield had looked the priestess sprang into action, hitting the wyrm with a Violent Overswing. The blow connected but the dragon's Alabaster Wyrmhide absorbed just enough of the force behind the attack that Blizkenripper didn't fall and it immediately launched an Obliterating Hack against the dwarf. Although the dwarf managed to slow the ferocious attack a little with her Polearm Slash, the blow happened to find a weak spot in the dwarf's Rusty Armor and knocked the priestess out of the fight.
    AAARGH. Again a failed armor roll and the attack did exactly the right amount of damage for Dawnshield to fall.


    The dragon turned to stare at the last intruder.

    "Now I'll come and eat you," the dragon spoke, revealing that it could speak relatively fluent Trade.
    "No. Now you'll die," Mizana replied.

    A Boiling Armor spell leapt at the alabaster dragon, weakening the scales in its chest just enough for the sorceress' Powerful Spark to get through,stopping the mighty wyrm's heart and leaving the sorceress the last one standing.

    Adventure Complete! Woohooo!
    And damn if that wasn't close!


    Triumphant indeed!


    Loot: Crimson Staff, treasure, Tough Leather Cap and Blackhammer.
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    And that's that for Attack of the Artifacts! My diary may again continue when there's another expansion but for now I'll be just playing for fun again :)

    Thanks for all the readers!
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    Thanks for the great write-up. Always a pleasure to read!
  6. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Gratz on making it through the meat grinder that was Blizkenripper! And thanks for all the entertainment!
  7. hatchhermit

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    Thanks, Zalminen! Very entertaining! I'll have to go back and read your vanilla version diary.
  8. Zalminen

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    Deep in the forgotten pages of the forum was a thread, nearly lost to the mists of time. Few remembered its location and none were around to see the shadowy figure and the forbidden ritual...

    Suddenly the whole forum shook as the ancient thread pushed its way back to the realms of the living, ready to revive its old fame and to entertain once more...

    Although the new content was published some time ago I knew I wouldn't have as much time to play as previously so I decided to wait until I had gotten through all of the new content before posting anything. Now that I finally finished I can start adding these on a steady schedule!

    Although there's a new level 19 shop with all kinds of cool new items I'm going to ignore that for now and just give the first adventure a try.
    Since I have no idea what I'll be facing I'm just throwing together a party:

    Level 19 Human Wizard

    Level 19 Dwarf Priest

    Level 19 Human Warrior
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    Metallic Monstrosity

    Hmm, so I could use a pre-built party instead? Phaw, now what fun would that be!


    One Mutant Gunner and three Mutant Brutes.

    As the door slid open in front of them the strange noises of the metal fortress finally showed their faces.
    "Ugly buggers... are you sure you didn't date one of them?"
    Mizana ignored Dawnshield's quip and stared at the metal staff one of the foes was carrying.
    "Does that guy even now how to hold a club?"

    "Time to go ccrraaazyyy!"
    As Dawnshield's chanting began to drive herself into a Blind Rage and everyone else into a Mass Frenzy the strange mutants marched closer.
    The short priestess' slap sent Colxian into an Unholy Frenzy just as the first foe assaulted Mizana with an unnatural attack:
    The attack seemed to also hit the mutant's ally but they both turned out to be Adaptable:

    Colxian broke into a Wild Run and as the lone third brute went for an Obvious Maneuver which left it Vulnerable one of the other two hit Colxian with a Strong Bludgeon. The fighter returned the favor with a frenzied Chop but got sprayed with a Paralytic Poison.
    Unfazed, the fighter went for a Puncturing Stab as the last enemy also marched towards the battle.


    As the gunner also attacked with a Radioactive Pulse Mizana reached nearest foe and whacked at it with a Raging Strike which caused the foe to drop like a rock.
    The gun-toting foe used a Violent Spin to maneuver into a better position but Colxian quickly slipped to safety with a Vicious Thrust.
    And I forget that the brute had already adapted to Piercing damage. Oh well, still got out of gunner line of sight.

    Unfortunately the combination of poison and a Raging Strike from the opponent which managed to slip past both layers of Mail caused Colxian to fell. Argh.


    As Mizana approached to avenge Colxian the other brute moved to attack Dawnshield instead - and ran its Vulnerable face straight into the dwarf's Invigorating Touch. As the brute's roar of challenge turned into a pained groan the priestess retreated. If possible I want to take out the brutes before entering the line of sight of that gunner fellow.

    Meanwhile Mizana knocked the other brute in the back.
    "Hi! Can I get you interested in our new, superhot Fire Spray?"
    The surprised foe fell, clutching its burning face in agony.

    Dawnshield groaned, shaking her head.
    "You really need to come up with better jokes than that!"
    The priestess emphasized her words with a chant granting the sorceress Accelerated Thought.

    "What do you mean, better? I'm on fire! And so is that guy!"
    Another foe fell, this time to a Sizzling Bolt.

    Hmm, maybe it's time to try my luck with that Icy Block...

    As Mizana moved to flank the remaining foe the opponent used its strange rod to blast at Dawnshield, managing to take the priestess by surprise. Failed block, armor and Boosted Heal roll. Yay.
    The sorceress took the opportunity to hit the enemy with a Surging Bolt before both women moved out of sight. And the foe turns out to have Adaptable as well.

    The mutated opponent roared and unleashed a new pulse of radiation. And more failed rolls.
    Hah, Drained Battery? Discard all laser cards? Well, that's not much of a drawback. And I doubt the gunner has any slashing attacks so Vegetable Parts doesn't really matter either.

    The enemy has two unrevealed cards left and only Mizana has attacks. So I'll have to use Dawnshield as a lure.

    As Dawnshield stepped from behind the column the mutant gunner blasted her with a Shotgun Spray but she just stopped the attack with an Icy Block.
    One unrevealed card. Oh well, let's hope it isn't a big attack.

    With the foe distracted Mizana ran behind it and as the mutant kept blasting at Dawnshield with the strange weapon Mizana raised her own staff.
    "You can't take on two women with a stick that small..."
    The mutant groaned and spun around as a Long Spark hit it in the back. This did little to help it as the sorceress just blasted the foe in the chest with a Sizzling Bolt.
    "You really need to learn how to attract women! Here, maybe our new Acid Spray will help! Or probably not."


    Loot: treasure and Electric Deployer
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    Battle II


    Dawnshield took a peek around the corner.
    "I swear this fortress just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Whatever that thing in the middle is I'm not sure I even want to know..."
    "- know what it is," Colxian remarked.
    Both women stared at Colxian incredulously.
    "Well, what is it then," Mizana finally asked.
    "- soon no more," Colxian grinned and unsheathed his weapon.

    As Dawnshield went into a Blind Rage from the silly quip she groped the sorceress's butt granting her an Unholy Wellspring as one of the Mutant Gunners blasted both Colxian and the Mutant Brute standing in the middle.
    Colxian ignored the attack, instead turning to remind Dawnshield to Block, Soldier!.

    The weird device in the middle of the room turned, apparently searching for enemies.

    Ah, so that's why you should keep out of its sight.

    Boosted with Dawnshield's Demonic Feedback the group waited. As I'm hoping the enemies will move closer first And as if on cue the first brute came roaring around the corner eager to to attack Colxian. To its surprise the fighter retreated and instead the foe got to taste an unholy dose of Fire Spray.

    The second gunner tried to maneuver into a position to shoot at Dawnshield but the dwarf just pulled back - but straight into the burning mutant's Lunging Bite. The priestess was just quick enough to Block the blow.

    Too bad the foe is now adapted to both fire and piercing and Colxian is too far to use All Out Attack which would be a slashing type card. So I just pass in order to get the first action next turn.

    The mutant gunner moving along the side wasn't about to give up its prey either and it moved closer with a Violent Spin. Mizana swiftly blasted it with an unholy Sizzling Bolt right before it attacked with a Radioactive Pulse which left Colxian Vulnerable.
    Drew Potent Stab as a replacement, too bad it doesn't help right now.

    Mutant Gunners drew Drained Battery, Cardotron passes despite probably having more attacks in hand for the gunner. Well, no complaints from me.
    Ah crap, Drained Battery was a Cantrip so it allowed Cardotron to pass first.

    Another Shotgun Spray from the Mutant Gunner hit all three heroes.


    Mizana ignored the sharp pain and instead unleashed an unholy Long Spark at the brute next to her just as it hit Dawnshield with a Strong Bludgeon. The priestess immediately retaliated with a raging Chop leaving Mizana free to finish the foe off with an unholy Ember Spray.

    The last shot had left the Mutant Gunner feeling overconfident and it marched closer - only to be struck down by Colxian's Potent Stab.

    And the camera is now facing me with the other two foes camping in the victory square on the other side of the room.


    Dawnshield peeked around the corner once more.
    "Ok, we need to attack that contraption now! It will turn that way next so let's go from this side!"
    "Are you sure that's the right side," Mizana asked.
    Time to make a little gamble. The camera has only one card left so if I guess right it won't be able to do anything to me.

    As Colxian ran to assault the turning contraption the remaining brute moved to engage him. The fighter used a Vicious Thrust to escape the brute's range and to whack at the more metallic foe instead and it fell - not to Colxian's attack but to the brute's Radioactive Pulse.
    Too bad Colxian lost that Stab

    With the strange device out of the way both women also moved forwards as the Brute attacked Colxian once more with a Lunging Bite.
    Dawnshield used a Boosted Heal on Mizana who turned the ground underneath the brute into lava.

    Despite the molten rock eating away at its legs the brute attacked again, its Paralytic Poison taking Colxian out of the fight.


    Ignoring the brute Mizana ran to force out the gunner, planting a Wall Of Fire around it as it retaliated with a Shotgun Slug.

    The sorceress then switched targets, hitting the Mutant Brute with a Surging Blast just as Dawnshield's Raging Strike took it down.

    The remaining gunner tried to hit Dawnshield next but the dwarf just laughed, swatting the slug aside with an Icy Block.


    With Dawnshield's chant bringing her Unholy Power Mizana ran to the gunner, blasting the foe with spell after spell. Mighty Spark. Ember Spray. Stone Spikes.

    The mutant barely managed to climb out of the spikes but was no longer strong enough to survive its own Radioactive Pulse.


    Loot: Laser Bodkin, Saint's Tooth

    To be continued...
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    Battle III


    Two cameras and two Security Robots. Which probably have plenty of firepower.

    "What is with this place and these metal golems," Mizana mumbled as they once more encountered enemies.
    "-st another crazy cult," Colxian shrugged.

    Slapping Mizana with Unholy Wellspring Dawnshield motioned for the others to wait. Both robots clanked their way into view as Dawnshield pulled back.

    I still don't know what kind of attacks the security robots have so I'm unsure which pair of enemies to concentrate on first. So I just pass.

    One of the secbots suddenly began glowing:

    Colxian suddenly dove backwards, just in time before the walking device unleashed a Charged Laser Barrage - which promptly fried the security camera that got caught in the blast.

    I pass, and this time Cardotron does the same.


    With a mighty roar Colxian suddenly ran towards the first golem.
    "-s clobbering time!"
    Might prove to be a mistake but I really want to use that All Out Attack / Powerful Hack combo.
    The robot took one look at the approaching warrior - and promptly pulled back.

    Dawnshield attempted to support the warrior with some Demonic Feedback but just managed to make the human a little more protected.
    Mizana instead raised her staff and blasted one of the tall foes with an unholy Long Spark.

    As Colxian ordered Mizana to block the first secbot began charging up again, causing Dawnshield to scurry to safety. The others were too slow to get away from the Charged Laser Barrage - and the blast also managed to slip past the sorceress' attempt to Block as well as penetrating her Shimmering Aura. Yay...

    Dawnshield quickly continued, lunging away from the second Security Camera's line of sight.

    Mizana Scampered to the other side of the wall and turned to hit the tall enemy with an Ember Spray. The foe turned to retaliate with another Charged Laser Barrage but this time Mizana had time to get to safety.
    Colxian however was unable to do the same and the second secbot hit him with two full blasts, dropping the man.
    Gah. Didn't even get to attack once with Colxian...


    I could really use some better attacks for Mizana. Such as lava.

    One of the metallic enemies moved to shoot at Mizana but met a Sizzling Bolt instead. The sorceress then ran into safety before the foe had time to shoot.
    This did cause her to enter the scanning range of the remaining Security Camera - but somehow her attempt to Block the device's view with her staff succeeded.

    The second secbot moved forward in an attempt to shoot at Dawnshield but the priestess retreated just as Mizana had done.


    Going into a Blind Rage Dawnshield marched towards the stationary camera as the secbots continued to pursue the women.
    Mizana turned to place a Hot Spot at the secbot's feet and then quickly ran away before the device had time to shoot.
    The sorceress then blasted the security camera with a Sizzling Bolt.

    Fire damage and some Blind Rage damage for Dawnshield.


    Mizana continued moving to reach a safer spot and then blasted another Sizzling Bolt at the Immovable Security Camera.

    One of the secbots reached Dawnshield, leaving her in a tough spot.


    There's no safe square to move to and she only has one Icy Block. So she's pretty much going to fall this turn so I might as well do some damage before that happens.

    The feisty dwarf turned - and ran to meet the metallic foe head on. As it began to Charge Up the priestess hit it with a frenzied Chop, stopping the other enemy's counter attack with an Icy Block.

    I pass, hoping for a random Pass from Cardotron.

    Despite the cold freezing its joints the second secbot unleashed another Charged Laser Barrage, hitting the dwarf twice and taking her out of the fight.


    Yea, not looking terribly good.

    The secbots slowly marched closer and one of them found itself in a Hot Spot. It attempted to hit the sorceress with another Charged Laser Barrage but only managed to take out the remaining Security Camera.


    Only one move and no safe place to retreat to...

    The heavily burned secbot marched around the corner, getting another hit from Mizana's Long Spark. It began charging its lasers once more, forcing the sorceress on the run again. The first Charged Laser Barrage missed but the second one hit, felling Mizana as well.

    Ok, so the secbots have no other attacks except those Charge Up cards that give Charged Laser Barrage attacks. So I'll need to stock up on extra moves/sliding spells/cold spells/blocks/discards or something.

    So Mizana changes Advanced Electromancy for Superb Teleportation, Bimson's Glowstone Robes for Purple Cloak, Lesser Furnace Staff for Subzero Staff and Blister Stone for Ring Of Appropriation.

    Dawnshield changes St Xarol's Axe for Malign Mace, Icicle Shield for Magnetic Shield, Saint's Tooth for Medallion Of St. Vigus and Perfect Ferocity for Trained Stoutness. I'd love to use Duck here!

    Colxian changes Simple Axe for Dagger, Dependable Mail for Tough Hide Shirt, Necalli Cap for Commander's Cap, Powerful Sword for Rageblood Dagger, Powered Slicing for Sharp Slicing and Heavy Wooden Shield for Deflecting Buckler.
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  12. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Attempt Two


    The heroes waited, Dawnshield quietly chanting to drive everyone into a Mass Frenzy.

    The first metallic foe marched closer, prompting Mizana to order her allies to dash to safety. As the dangerous device began to Charge Up, Mizana unleashed Gusts Of War, sliding the opponent into a position where its laser blast only hit one of the Security Cameras.

    Blinking closer again with Dimensional Traveller Mizana prepared to trick the metallic foes a second time.


    Hitting the closer foe with a Surging Bolt Mizana backed away and ran to safety just before another Charged Laser Barrage hit the walls.

    In order to take out those bots I'm going to need either Hot Spots, Impenetrable Nimbus or if I can lure them into better positions I may be able to slide them so they'll shoot at each other.

    The robots marched closer as the heroes waited for the opportune moment.


    Using Dimensional Traveller to once again blink closer Mizana zapped the closer foe with a Long Spark. The enemy promptly charged its laser but Mizana slipped to safety before it could shoot and again its blast only hit empty walls.

    Mizana ran to take Dawnshield's place as the dwarf Dashed back and both of the secbots moved to intercept Mizana.


    As the closer foe began to Charge Up Mizana quickly teleported it back with Telekinesis - the secbot's blast hitting the other bot straight in the back.

    Dawnshield stepped around the corner to provide Mizana a little Inspiration with an off-color joke and stepped back again.

    Once again one of the secbots moved to engage Mizana.


    The card that replaces Blind Rage is - Impenetrable Nimbus! Well now we're talking...

    Mizana blasted the closer foe with a Freeze spell before running back to safety from the inevitable Charged Laser Barrage.

    "Ok, want to go cut that oversized toy into pieces?"
    Colxian answered Dawnshield's question with a grin.

    Blessed with an Impenetrable Nimbus and boosted with Demonic Feedback the big fighter suddenly blinked away with the help of Mizana's Telekinesis.
    Colxian assaulted the unfrozen secbot, hacking away at it with Lunging Thrusts and Vicious Thrusts, the metallic foe's blasts dissipating upon hitting the magical layer protecting Colxian.


    As the nimbus around him faded the fighter quickly retreated, leaving the slower opponent blasting at the walls once more.

    The other robot tried to get closer to Mizana but found itself in a Hot Spot and the sorceress just slipped to safety.

    Meanwhile the first secbot had regained line of sight on Colxian but the fighter suddenly leaped towards it, denting a plate with a Lunging Hack before dancing away.

    Mizana took this opportunity to shoot at the same foe from the side with a righteous Surging Blast before following Dawnshield's Team Shift order to pull back.


    Hahaa, more nimbuses!

    As Dawnshield's chants were again creating a protective layer around Colxian the other, half-melted secbot reached Mizana.
    "Your mother was a windmill!"
    To add injury to insult the sorceress' staff covered the metallic foe with an Acid Spray. Leaving the half-blind enemy behind the sorceress ordered a Team Shift which prompted Colxian to assault the other secbot with a Vicious Thrust.
    "-ack, whack, whack the bot, gently through the brain..."
    "Are you trying to turn it deaf as well," Dawnshield groaned as she dashed next to Colxian.
    The secbot turned to face the latest foe but before it had time to do anything more it was cut down by the priestess' Raging Strike.

    "Beep," added the remaining Security Camera as it turned around once more.
    "Aw, shuddup," Mizana replied, turning the ground underneath it into lava.
    "Beep beep beeeeep," the device announced, the heat beginning to melt it into a puddle.
    Dawnshield shook her head and marched to put it out of its misery with an Invigorating Touch.

    Adventure Complete!

    All three heroes level up to level 20, gaining a minor power token.


    Loot: Lightforce Nunchaku, Alizarin Cloak, Sharp Spetum, St. Well's Powermace the treasure hunt reward.
    And looks like the club reward happens to be a legendary item - Mordecai's Staff Of Magma. Oh well, it's tempting enough and I have the pizza to spare.

    And I'm also spending pizza to buy the remaining Treasure Hunts.
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  13. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Don't know what I'll be facing in the next adventure but I'll make a few changes anyway:

    Mizana switches Superb Teleportation for Mighty Spark, Ring Of Appropriation for Blister Stone and Purple Cloak for Cerulean Robe.

    Dawnshield switches Perfect Ferocity for Raging Battler and Malign Mace for White Halberd.

    Colxian switches Dagger for Powerful Sword.

    Passageways To Death


    "Spiders, yuck."
    Mizana's eyes narrowed as she watched the eight-legged foes skitter to new positions.
    "- love spiders," Colxian replied.
    "...make a nice splooorch," the muscular warrior shrugged, mimicking stepping on something.
    "All yours," Dawnshield laughed, blessing the human with an Impenetrable Nimbus.

    Mizana had ignored the chatter of the other two and instead targeted the first spider with a Surging Blast.

    Colxian however was quite eager to put the protective layer to use and ran towards the first group of foes who had stopped to protect the center of the room.
    One of the mutants fired its boomstick at the approaching fighter, but the the slugs only harmed the spider in front of the mutant and just ricocheted harmlessly from the nimbus around Colxian. One of the shots even arced close enough to Dawnshield for a nice little Catch Arrow stunt.

    As the dwarf tried to climb over the pipes blocking the path one of the spiders Scampered towards Colxian - and the grinning human hit it with a Powerful Bludgeon. Before he had time to hit again the foe countered with a Radioactive Bite that covered the human with a Combustible liquid but the fighter's Raging Strike drove a deep gash in the spider's side.

    As Mizana ordered a Team Shift to allow her to better wield her magic Colxian stumbled into another spider. Again its bite didn't actually harm him but it somehow made his attacks more unwieldy - as if he was carrying a too Large Weapon.

    With the spider's focus elsewhere Dawnshield took advantage by slicing it with a Polearm Slash while Mizana made a third spider's life harder with a well placed Hot Spot before retreating to the back of the room.

    One VP for Cardotron from holding two VP squares against my one.

    As the eight-legged foe screeched in pain from the molten rock, the others skittered closer.


    And yeesh with those cards. No attacks whatsoever. This time getting hit by Radioactive Bite may actually be useful as replacing those handicaps might at least give me some attacks.

    Dawnshield turned to some darker chants again, providing Mizana with new strength despite the Demonic Feedback this action brought. (Drew Hot Spot) Another naughty song, granting the sorceress Unholy Energy.

    The most badly bruised spider attacked Colxian's back with a Radioactive Bite but the human just turned and somehow unleashed an Unstable Bolt at the critter - or would have if he hadn't caught his hand on the adjacent column. (Large Weapon)

    "What? Since when can HE do magic?"

    Meanwhile the second mutant gunner blasted a volley at Dawnshield, wounding both the dwarf and two of the spiders with the Shotgun Spray.

    As Colxian tried to pull back from spider behind him it followed, with its heavily burned ally moving to assault Dawnshield.
    The dwarf stepped aside as another bite found Colxian's thigh, turning the fighter Dreadfully Ill.


    I spend both of Mizana's move cards so I won't take as much damage from Unholy Energy and to make sure the foes can't get away from Hot Spot.

    With three of the spidery foes in bad shape Mizana targeted the last one still looking healthy - as far as that word could be used for something with a strange green glow.

    Once again Colxian got bit, making him feel even more Vulnerable.


    Colxian whirled around, impaling the other foe behind him with a Vicious Thrust just as it was getting ready to strike.

    Another spider scampered closer, prompting Dawnshield to retreat.

    With one of the arachnids out of the fight the first mutant decided to join in on the action. As Dawnshield provided Colxian some Inspiration with a bawdy song, the gunner's Shotgun Slug hit the fighter. He ordered Dawnshield to Block, Soldier but before he had time to move forward a Wall Of Fire sprang up.
    The spider guarding the middle freaked out, its Violent Spin forcing the mutant back and it ended up next to Colxian again. The human danced away and again the spider found itself in lava.

    Hmm. Keeping Mizana there would keep the VP square situation even but I could also go and use that Ember Spray on the spiders. Oh well, they should die next turn anyway.
    Mizana once again wastes a move card to take less damage from Unholy Energy.

    With the remaining spiders looking warily at Dawnshield Colxian began running along the side. The mutant guarding the other end of the room unleashed a Radioactive Pulse, hurting both Colxian and the other mutant. Hooray, no Adaptable this time!


    As Mizana began blasting the spiders out with her spells the mutants opened fire on Colxian. A Shotgun Slug hit the human, striking a Vulnerable spot on his side.

    Two of the three spiders had fallen thanks to Mizana's spells, with the third trying in vain to attack Dawnshield. The priestess retreated, moving instead to boost Mizana with Accelerated Thought. The priestess ordered a Team Shift, purposefully drawing the fire from the second gunner and effortlessly Blocking the incoming Shotgun Slug.

    With the mutant distracted Colxian stepped forward in his Thick Hide Armor and ran to engage the mutant, hitting it with a Backbiting Strike. The foe countered with a Shotgun Spray that hurt both Colxian and Dawnshield but not enough to drop either.


    "-utt-kicking for great justice!"
    Colxian's Vicious Thrust pierced the mutant's chest and it fell gurgling. The fighter just spun around, hitting the other mutant with a Potent Stab as the last spider surprised Dawnshield with a Radioactive Bite. The priestess turned around with murder in her eyes - literally:


    The deadly stare caused the spider to curl up and die - and even Colxian backtracked fast enough to slip and knock himself out. Laser Spray. Too bad that column was in the way so the mutant didn't get hit as well.

    The remaining mutant unleashed another Radioactive Pulse, nearly taking out Dawnshield and clearly damaging itself as well.

    I need only more more VP to win so the rest should be easy.

    The mutant gunner ran to once more take up its position at the other end of the room. It didn't get to do much else as Mizana's Long Spark blasted it down.

    "I just love the smell of burned mutant in the morning..."


    Loot: Glowing Laser Baton, Demon Charm Of The 7th Circle (and Superb Bashing as the club reward).

    To be continued...
  14. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle II


    "More of those strange golems to crush," Dawnshield mumbled, beginning a Mass Frenzy chant.
    "-ta whack 'em all," Colxian replied, readying his polearm.

    Hmm. Now the big question is: Can those Laser Turrets move? If they can't then I can take advantage of the cover offered by those middle columns and blast away two of the cameras with Mizana. Well, I guess I'll soon find out.

    "I'm going first," Mizana whispered, slipping past the first pillars to a better vantage point. The sorceress hopped on top of the pipes and hit one of the cameras with a Surging Bolt. The other camera behind her suddenly began beeping and you could hear a sudden whirring as the other devices turned towards the sorceress.

    With the turrets focusing on Mizana both Colxian and Dawnshield began moving towards the side cameras.

    Ah, I finally noticed there's also a VP square. And it looks like the laser turrets don't have any moves either. So in theory I can just sneak along the sides and slip past the turrets and I can just capture that VP square as neither of the laser turrets has line of sight on it. And one of the laser turrets even has Clumsy.
    Of course I'll need to draw enough moves to actually accomplish that.

    One VP for cardotron from holding the square.


    Mizana quickly peeked from the pipe, unwilling to enter the line of sight of those strange turrets.
    "Whacking contest!"
    The sorceress groaned as she could see both Colxian and Dawnshield racing along the sides, both whacking at the cameras on each side.

    Both cameras ended up in pieces, their beeping melting into a quiet beeeooffpp.

    Mizana shook her head, then took off running towards Dawnshield, making sure to stay hidden from the turrest as well.

    Second VP for Cardotron. And I facepalm as I realize I could have just used the Wall Of Fire from the middle and taken out the last camera that way. Oh well, I should have enough time anyway.


    Mizana breathed out. "Here we go..."
    The sorceress darted past the corner, running towards the next safe spot while waiting for the laser turrets to fire - but somehow the expected Laser Barrage never came. Hah, one of those random Passes at the perfect time!

    Mizana reached safety behind the next pillar with the last camera now in front of her.
    The camera turned and noticing the intruder it began to relay the alarm signal - as well as the second temperature alarm signal caused by its lower parts slowly melting from the lava underneath it.

    One VP for Cardotron but my victory is now guaranteed.


    Colxian had reached the opposite location by now and the unlucky camera could do little but whirr around, beeping like crazy as the two intruders kept waving at it merrily.

    One more VP for Cardotron from the VP square.

    The camera gave out one last beep before melting into a puddle. With the lava beginning to cool out Mizana marched to the spot the camera had been guarding, even though one turret managed to hit her once with a Laser Barrage.


    Dawnshield yelled at Mizana from the side passage.

    "I think that thing there controls those strange golems. Can you do something about it?"
    Mizana looked at the table full of controls. She then shrugged and waved her staff at it, turning the whole command console into a blazing inferno. "That should do the trick."
    Since I controlled the only VP square a couple of Pass clicks was all I needed to win.

    A fun little battle. It was perhaps more a puzzle than a battle but it was fun nevertheless.


    Loot: Ankle Grinder, Martyr's Shifting Plate (and Superb Bashing for the club reward).
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  15. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle III


    Well, too bad I don't have chops.

    "This place is buggy as hell," Mizana muttered as two more groups of spiders entered the central room.
    "Would you like to enter debugging mode," the device in the middle of the room queried, causing the sorceress to jump.
    "Wha? You can talk?"
    The device just whirred, as if ignoring the question altogether.
    Mizana and Dawnshield looked at each other.
    "Yes, enter debugging mode", Dawnshield yelled. "Get rid of all the damn bugs here!"
    "Confirmed," the device replied.
    "They're spiders, not bugs," Mizana noted but Dawnshield just shrugged.
    "Bugs, spiders... Too many legs anyway. Maybe that thing can actually help us here."
    "Worth a try."

    Colxian's order caused both women to shuffle out of the way. The fighter ran after Mizana as the turret began turning around, unleashing a random Laser Barrage towards the side, hitting and wounding one of the spiders. Before the arachnid could get out of the way another barrage hit the walls, killing the already wounded critter.

    Dawnshield took up a chant, filling Mizana with Unholy Energy.

    The spiders barged into the middle of the chamber, ignorant of the danger posed by the wildly shooting turret.
    The other group skittered along the other side but Mizana quickly flung a Wall Of Fire on top of the first spider. It was the only spell with enough range.

    The spiders are out of moves so Cardotron passes.


    Dawnshield switched chants, this time granting Colxian an Impenetrable Nimbus as the turret in the middle fired another barrage, this time at the empty wall between the heroes.
    "Go get 'em, big guy," the priestess yelled, leaning forward to provide Colxian with a little Inspiration, despite the Demonic Feedback Colxian's wide grin caused her.

    With the spiders surging forward Colxian readied his weapon.


    Leaping around the corner with a Vicious Thrust Colxian hit the nearest spider. The foe countered with a Radioactive Bite that did very little, except giving Colxian a Drained Battery - whatever that was.
    Colxian then continued his assault, hacking at the unlucky arachnid with a Raging Strike. Another Vicious Thrust pierced the head of the critter and it slumped down as the strange turret in the middle kept turning.

    Colxian told Mizana to Block, Soldier! The spiders were still far away that the command was a little pointless and Mizana used her spells instead, hitting the closest spider with an inducted Mighty Spark, followed by a Hot Spot. She then ran forward, hitting two more spiders with a Fire Spray before running to a safer location on the left side.

    With multiple spiders screeching in pain from the fire and lava, the turret continued its indiscriminate shooting, albeit hitting only walls once again.


    Mizana spun around, hitting one of the smoldering spiders with a Surging Blast.
    The arachnids however just ignored the sorceress, instead splitting up to engage both Dawnshield and Colxian.
    Both groups didn't find either an easy pray though as Dawnshield's Weak Chop ended one spider's life and Colxian's Powerful Hack did the same to one from the other group.

    The rest of the spiders seemed to decide Dawnshield to be the easier prey and surged to surround the dwarf. One of the arachnids hit the priestess with a Radioactive Bite, causing her to go for the Obvious Maneuver of Walking away from the approaching foes.

    Meanwhile the remaining spider of the ones that had gone after Colxian managed to bite the fighter, making him feel momentarily more Vulnerable. Two Powerful Hacks quickly evened the score, cleaving the spider into two equal halves.

    As the turret kept making the room walls more holey, Mizana hit another spider with a Surging Blast, followed by a Maze spell while Dawnshield bit the closest foe with an Invigorating Touch that sucked life energy from it back to the priestess herself.


    Once again Dawnshield got big, causing another Obvious Maneuver of the dwarf retreating.
    The spiders quickly cut off Dawnshield's retreat however, forcing Colxian to come to her aid.

    Before Dawnshield had time to create another Impenetrable Nimbus a Radioactive Bite caused her to lose concentration and covered her with a thin film of Combustible goo.
    "Walk, team!" Mizana yelled, as Dawshield continued her retreat.

    Colxian had reached the closest spider and unleashed a Powerful Hack at its midsection as the strange turret in the middle kept shooting in the opposite direction.
    "Damn you, you waste of metal! Team Shift!"
    Following Dawnshield's command Colxian joined the retreating priestess, the spiders attempting to unsuccessfully pursue.
    Their pursuit did however give Mizana freedom to zap them repeatedly with Surging Bolts.

    One of the spiders finally noticed the threat of the pointy hat and Scampered towards Mizana as the others surged towards Colxian and Dawnshield.


    Colxian's All Out Attack flattened the first incoming spider while Mizana hit the one coming after her with a Freeze spell.
    "Dash, Team," Colxian shouted, prompting both women to retreat from the angry arachnids.

    One of the eight-legged foes nearly caught Dawnshield but the priestess continued her slow and steady retreat.

    Colxian wasn't quite fast enough to escape and he got bit, the Radioactive Bite turning the big fighter into a Mad Dog as he growled and rounded the corner with a Vicious Thrust, skewering another spider.


    With only three spiders left Dawnshield decided Colxian could use a little more Inspiration, this time by giving his butt a quick grope. It didn't quite have the correct effect though as Colxian just arranged his Thick Hide Armor to better cover his behind. Still no attack card for him. Dawnshield rolled her eyes and provided the human with a Healing Blessing instead.

    The remaining spiders moved in, each one choosing a different target. Mizana quickly danced away from the one after her but another hit Colxian causing his armor to feel a lot more ill-fitting as it had previously.
    Dawnshield was also fast enough to slip away and she squished Colxian's foe with a Polearm Slash as the middle turret kept shooting at nothing.

    Mizana had stopped again and turned to unleash her spells at the arachnids, hitting one with a Cold Snap and the second with a Hot Spot.

    The molten rock burned away one spider, leaving only one in the fight.


    The last spider wasn't about to give up though and it eagerly Scampered after Colxian - only to be met with a Powerful Bludgeon from Colxian, strengthened by Dawnshield's Mass Frenzy chant.

    "Debug completed," announced the device in the middle of the room.

    Adventure Complete!


    Loot: Rowan Magestaff, Trickster's Maquah, Greenguard Boots, Nova Axe (and Superb Stoutness as club reward.)

    To be continued...
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    Zalminen Hydra

    The Perilous Garden


    "This place needs a good gardener," Dawnshield noted as she surveyed the writhing creatures in the area.
    "Or fire. Can't go wrong with fire," Mizana replied, her fingers gently tapping the gem on top of her staff.
    "Wanna go crack some eggs," the priestess asked Colxian. "Or do we need to start closer?"
    With the dwarf's words filling Colxian with Unholy Energy and her diabolical grin adding some Demonic Power he unsheathed his weapon.
    "-ey Legs, block," he yelled before Running towards the nearer Writhing Grub.
    Ah. I was wondering what the eggs would do.
    "Those eggs are producing more grubs! We need to destroy them," Dawnshield yelled as one more grub suddenly popped out of the Bulging Egg.
    "-m on it," Colxian shouted, killing the grub in front of it with a frenzied Vicious Thrust.
    "Not the grubs, you oaf! We have to kill the eggs!"

    Dawnshield followed her own advice, moving closer to the first egg, making sure to stay out of sight of the camera as another grub popped out of the egg.

    Mizana also broke into a Run, darting to the side of the room which allowed her to target the first egg with a Hot Spot.

    One of the cameras turned towards Mizana who quickly raised her staff in front of her face.
    "As if that's going to Block it from seeing you," Dawnshield rolled her eyes, waiting for the alarms that somehow failed to come. "Well I'll be..."

    As Mizana hit one of the grubs with an Ember Spray another popped out of the egg, this time right in front of Dawnshield who targeted it with a Weak Chop.

    And Cardotron passes without attacking. Probably one of those random ones.

    Mizana quickly hit the egg with a Surging Blast.


    Hmm, does that mean the egg is immune to lava or not?

    Apparently yes.

    The grub that had landed next to Dawnshield finally sensed the dwarf and hit her with an Infected Bite.


    "Your lava isn't working," Dawnshield barked.
    "I noticed," Mizana hissed, "Now back off!"
    "Ok, I'll shut up then."
    "No, I mean back off! Or I can't attack with acid!"
    "Why didn't you say so!"

    Dawnshield slipped back behind the wall as the grubs Shuffled closer. With the dwarf out of the danger zone Mizana cast an Acid Spray towards the egg. The spell didn't seem to do get past the Leathery Hide of the Bulging Egg but it did cover the ground underneath it with acid.

    Meanwhile the priestess had again went for bawdy songs for a little Inspiration. It seemed to only make the sorceress more bossy so the dwarf switched to _dwarven_ bawdy songs, which despite the Demonic Feedback seemed to have the desired effect on Mizana.
    This had unfortunately given the grub next to the sorceress time to attack and its Radioactive Bite left the sorceress barely able to lift her Large Weapon - err, staff.

    Mizana however was already casting again, this time creating another Hot Spot underneath the grub next to her, then turning to fling a Freeze spell at the egg as the cameras whirred uselessly to and fro.

    A new grub popped out, this time from the other egg away from the action.

    Mizana looked at Dawnshield exasperated. "Don't just stand there Dawnshield! Attack, Soldier!"

    The cameras finally exhaust their cards which is Colxian's cue.

    Following Mizana's Team Shift command Colxian began hopping towards the closer camera. Despite having to hop over some planters he finally reached the camera while it was still facing the wrong way and crushed the device with a frenzied Powerful Hack.

    The lava next to Mizana engulfed the grub on top of it while the acid underneath the first egg finally did its job, eating away the Leathery Hide that had protected it. The bulging egg responded by spawning another grub.


    Despite the poison burning in her veins Dawnshield continued around the corner.

    Colxian was also in rampage mode, Running at full speed towards the second egg.

    As the newest grub made a Lunging Bite at Mizana, Colxian reached his target and promptly went berserk on the immobile foe.
    "-re a bad, BAD, egg! Stay! Split!"

    Three powerful strikes and the egg did just that.
    Meanwhile Dawnshield was now facing two grubs. One of them managed to hit the dwarf with an Infected Bite but the priestess managed to lessen the effect with a Boosted Heal and quickly countered with an Invigorating Touch. Another Bludgeon and one of the grubs was down but another one immediately popped out of the remaining egg. It landed straight in the acid left from Mizana's attack but quickly Scuttled to safety.

    One of the grubs managed to score an Infected Bite on Colxian, injecting poison into his veins.


    The traits are replaced by Maze, Mass Frenzy and Powerful Hack. I wonder if the egg has drawn another Leathery Hide this turn...

    Colxian began running again, heading towards the next camera as Dawnshield got hit by a Radioactive Bite which left her barely able to swing her Large Weapon. She quickly yelled for a Team Shift as Colxian got closer and closer to his goal. The big fighter reached the remaining Security Camera, taking it out with a raging Vicious Thrust followed by a Powerful Hack.

    "These damn bugs are getting really annoying," Dawnshield muttered as another one managed to surprise the dwarf with a Lunging Bite.
    She then broke into a new bawdy song, which both provided Mizana some Inspiration and caused the grub to switch to a more pleasant sounding target instead, heading after the human sorceress.

    Mizana leveled her staff once more at the egg, this time zapping it with a Force Bolt which failed to get past the egg's Leathery Hide. Bah, no point in using Hot Spot against it then. I could of course target one of the grubs instead but the egg would just replace it with a new one.

    The sorceress finally noticed the approaching grub and fled to safety.


    Although Dawnhield was having trouble evading the grubs coming after her, Colxian had no such trouble and the fighter easily outsped the worms, reaching his next target - the remaining egg.
    As Dawnshield got bit again Colxian went for a Raging Strike against the leathery foe. And no Leathery Hide! Cardotron discarded it!

    Another grub was trying to catch up with Mizana but the sorceress proved just as hard to catch. After gaining a safe distance she turned around again.
    "Fire is ALWAYS the best solution..."
    Another Hot Spot appeared underneath the egg.

    The egg quivered - and finally melted away, the remaining grubs quickly scurrying to safety.


    Loot: just treasure this time. And as I've been playing these a fight or two at a time, the club membership ended before this adventure.
  17. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle II

    Since the intro text mentions more mutants I'm modifying the party a little.

    Mizana switches Blister Stone to Hylithia's Wand and Colxian switches Powerful Sword for Thick Iron Club, both switches to provide more attack type variety.


    Three VP squares. Guess I'll have to split up here.

    "We'll be sitting ducks in these narrow passages, it's better to split up," Dawnshield whispered to the others as the first sounds of the incoming monsters began echoing in the hallways.
    "I'll take this route. Any more of his olfactory assault and my nostrils will close permanently," Mizana replied, glancing at Colxian.
    Mizana rolled her eyes, then pointed along the other passage. "Attack, Soldier!"


    Ah, interesting. So I'd better take that mutant down fast, preferably with the help of Impenetrable Nimbus.

    And the secbot decides to camp in the corner square. Oh yay. Hmm, now I can't remember if its attacks had enough range to reach the other corners...

    Dawnshield once again began the protective chant, creating an Impenetrable Nimbus around Colxian as he went for a Wild Run along the passage - but as he noticed the leader mutant through the doorway he veered to the side, assaulting the weird enemy directly.
    The foe reacted by releasing a Radioactive Pulse that did no actual damage but managed to Trip Colxian, also ripping apart his Reliable Hide. Drew Lunging Strike to replace Trip
    Colxian roared, beginning to pound the enemy leader.

    Elsewhere the other two mutants had gotten close enough to the women to use another Radioactive Pulse, hurting Dawnshield as well as the mutants themselves. No Adaptable yet!
    Dawnshield thought about marching in and attacking with a Weak Chop but dropped the plan as it felt too much of an Obvious Maneuver.
    Mizana leveled her staff, shooting a Chilling Rime at the second mutant who immediately seemed very Frightened and managed swing its blade at its own leg. Ouch!

    Colxian kept attacking the leader mutant with a Strong Bash but the foe suddenly changed its stance and hit Colxian back with an identical blow, causing the fighter to slide back. Again the nimbus around Colxian prevented any actual damage.
    Colxian still has Lunging Strike but can't use it because of Trip.

    The cunning mutant then unleashed an Unstable Bolt at the human, still without results.

    "I'm going now," Mizana barked, turning to Run along the other passage as one more gunshot echoed from Colxian's battle.
    The mutant leader finally realized it couldn't harm Colxian yet and turned to run to the corner.

    Immediately the secbot in the other corner hummed to life again, apparently starting to Charge Up its lasers.
    And only now I notice the glowy machine squares near the edges don't block line of sight which means the secbot can actually see Colxian. Also I can now verify that the range of Charged Laser Barrage doesn't quite reach the other corners. Oh well, at least Colxian still has that nimbus. The laser barrage hit Colxian, but did just as little damage as the leaders attacks had done.

    And Cardotron gains VP from holding two corners.


    Having got up again Colxian broke into a Run again, heading after the mutant leader. As he entered the side passage the secbot began another Charge Up but the fighter slipped past the corner, hitting the mutant at the same time with a Lunging Strike, followed up by a Trained Bludgeon which proved enought to crush the mutant's chest. With Colxian now in safety, the Charged Laser Barrage from the secbot hit only walls.

    Hearing their leader fall the two remaining mutants roared and turned to Run towards Colxian.


    I could use Vicious Thrust to slip away from the mutant and claim the corner but if the secbot moves closer, Colxian would then eat multiple laser barrages. And if I move the others first Colxian would probably get hit with Paralytic Poison and lose that attack/move card completely. So it's better to just attack.

    As the stronger mutant reached Colxian the fighter spun around, hitting the ugly foe with a Vicious Thrust. The mutant's skin seemed to change Adaptable! and the foe struck back with a Powerful Bludgeon.

    Seeing Colxian in trouble Dawnshield continued towards her ally. Before she could reach the battle the mutant behind the wall
    attacked with a Radioactive Pulse, turning Colxian suddenly very Frightened and causing Dawnshield's Dropped Guard. AAArgh. Polearm Slash is an Armor card as well so there goes that attack! Had I gotten to use it the mutant would have fallen.

    Mizana was running along the other passage but Dawnshield's sudden cursing prompted her to stop by the next doorway, intending to distract the closer mutant with her spells. Her face fell as the secbot suddenly marched into view on the other side of the room.
    Double AARRGH! I totally forgot that the secbot still had that Walk card! I could have easily stopped short of the doorway but I wanted to shoot at the mutant and now Mizana's going to die and for what? For getting to use single damage Force Bolt!
    I doubt I'll get lucky enough to see a random Pass at this point...


    Flinging the Force Bolt at the mutant heading towards Colxian Mizana realized there was no way for her to reach safety before the secbot could fire a Charged Laser Barrage - but to her surprise the barrage blasted towards Dawnshield instead, hurting the dwarf and wiping the weaker mutant out!
    Triple AARRGH! I again forget that the glowy machine squares do not block line of sight. I could have moved Dawnshield to safety easily but I didn't notice the secbot hadn't turned and I just clicked Pass in order to get Mizana's death over with.
    Hmm. Actually my second mistake was not a bad thing after all, as I may now still be able to save both women!

    As the secbot began another Charge Up Dawnshield quickly found her feet again, fleeing to safety behind the earlier pillar just before another Charged Laser Barrage hit the spot she had been in earlier.
    The secbot just turned and fired another barrage at Mizana instead, hurting her badly but not badly enough to take her out.

    No VPs from squares this time.


    Before the secbot could shoot again Mizana flung a Surging Bolt towards the remaining mutant. The foe groaned in pain but as its skin began adapting against the magical damage it had just received the mutant tried to hit Colxian with Paralytic Poison - only to hit a successful Parry. Too bad Colxian fails to draw an attack, instead getting Hard To Pin Down.

    I click Pass, waiting to see what the secbot tries next.

    The secbot began charging its lasers once more, prompting Mizana to Run for safety. I can't enter the corner yet as the secbot could then move the side and gun Mizana down.

    The secbot unleashed its Charged Laser Barrage at empty walls. With all enemies now out of sight it clambered back to the corner, prompting Colxian to do the same.

    No VPs for either side.

    The remaining mutant wasn't about to let Colxian get away though and it went after him.


    "-top following me!"
    Colxian suddenly whirled around, striking the mutant with a Raging Strike. The surprised foe stared at Colxian for a moment and then fell to its knees. Colxian gave it a disgusted shove and it collapsed backwards.

    Meanwhile Mizana had entered the opposite square.

    Cardotron passes, giving me a VP. Well, trying to go after either other corner wouldn't really succeed as both heroes still have move cards left and Cardotron would just lose the only VP square it has. But staying is an even more certain way to lose.

    New turn, and Cardotron passes again. Ok, fine with me.

    Another VP, giving me the victory!

    "Umm... did that metal thing fall asleep or something," Dawnshield shouted, peering at the inactive foe from behind the pillars.
    "I think Colxian's odor knocked it out," came Mizana's reply.
    "-m strong everywhere," the fighter yelled back.
    "Everywhere? Watch out or I'll come check," Dawnshield replied.
    Let's go before that thing wakes up again," Mizana cut off the conversation.


    Loot: Goblin-Hide Boots, Winged Track Shoes.

    To be continued...
  18. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle III


    More eggs, this time producing flying enemies. And both eggs are in hard to reach locations, at least for melee.

    Dawnshield began singing again, this time accompanied by a little dance that seemed to provide plenty of Inspiration for Colxian.

    From the other end of the room a buzzing sound could be heard but the source of that sound was nowhere to be seen:


    Oh, yay...

    Another swarm of insects burst out of the second egg, this swarm clearly visible though. I pass, waiting to see where the enemies move first. And another swarm, this time from the first egg.

    The cunning mutant suddenly moved closer but everyone was still waiting.

    I pass again, waiting for the swarms to move first - and Cardotron does the same. Darn, I was hoping for Colxian to slip past the swarms to attack the eggs but with that Fly card saved for next turn it may prove difficult.


    Dawnshield had switched from singing to a different kind of chanting, intending to drive everyone into a Mass Frenzy.
    As the new swarms again disappeared into the strange clouds near the top of the room, the cunning mutant shot at Colxian, hitting harder than normal against the now raging human.
    "Hold still a moment," Dawnshield commanded, casting a Healing Blessing at the fighter.

    "Walk, Team! We need to get moving before those swarms will block us off," Mizana hissed, pushing the others into moving. The cloud of insects flew closer - and swooped down between Colxian and Dawnshield.
    This provided Colxian a free path to his first opponent - the mutant leader.

    The insects instead targeted Dawnshield, hitting the dwarf with a Radioactive Bite which caused her Brain Burn.

    As he reached the mutant Colxian struck out with a Raging Strike. And the mutant leader doesn't have Retaliatory Mutation yet. The foe countered with a Shotgun Slug but Colxian rampage had only begun. Powerful Hack, followed by a Vicious Thrust and the cunning mutant was no more.

    Once again the swarms took flight, this time splitting up so that Mizana and Dawnshield got one swarm each after them and the remaining three flew to attack Colxian - who promptly ran away towards the closer egg.

    As the swarm of insects bit Dawnshield again she turned to aid Mizana with her chants despite the Demonic Feedback.

    To Colxian's surprise the egg he was closing in on suddenly attacked by releasing a Toxic Pulse.

    Mizana cursed at the invisible insects buzzing near her.
    "Well, there's always one solution for annoying little buggers."
    She raised her staff and suddenly two Hot Spots appeared.
    "Let's see if they can handle the heat!"

    I pass and only after doing so I realize I was actually in range to use Freeze against the first egg.

    Mizana's idea seemed to bear fruit as dead bugs began falling - well, like flies from the air.


    Another swarm flew out from the egg Colxian was closing in on. The fighter ignored the bugs and instead assaulted the source of the critters, hitting the egg with a frenzied Dancing Cut. And the egg again has Leathery Hide so even if I had saved the Hot Spots I couldn't have used them against the eggs.

    The newest swarm quickly attacked the human threat, hitting the fighter with a Radioactive Bite that drove him into a Blind Rage. Heh. Too bad it also forced Mass Frenzy out as the oldest attachment. Colxian just went into full berserk mode, crushing the egg completely with a Trained Bludgeon followed by a Vicious Thrust.

    As if sensing the danger from the fighter the other swarms again took flight, four out of five now going after Colxian.

    On the other side of the room Mizana launched a Freeze spell at the remaining egg. Then she quickly Scampered past the invisible swarm in the way, heading towards the egg - but one of the swarms suddenly flew to block off her path.
    As this swarm was fully visible Dawnshield attacked it with a Demonic Miasma. The swarm's Mutated Chitin reduced some of the damage but the dwarf just marched closer, cutting the swarm down with a frenzied but Weak Chop. This left Mizana free to run next to the remaining egg and spray it with acid despite the egg's Toxic Pulse attack.

    Colxian however wasn't faring as well against the greater number of insects against him and some of them nearly brought him down with an Infected Bite. With the poison running through his veins he quickly succumbed, the insects now free to go defend the remaining egg that again popped out a new swarm.


    Not much in the way of attacks. But the situation is still looking ok as the egg only has 9 hp.

    Dawnshield began another chant, protecting herself with an Impenetrable Nimbus. I actually meant to cast that on Mizana but accidentally click on it instead of Walk first and thus didn't have line of sight on Mizana. Oh well.

    The swarms managed to hit Mizana with an Infected Bite but she ignored the pain and instead cast an Ember Spray at the egg, but failed to do any damage thanks to the egg's Leathery Hide. Oh well, it was worth a try in case it hadn't had that card.

    As the remaining swarms flew closer to the battle Dawnshield marched closer, planning to hit two of the swarms with a raging Weak Chop. The insects proved faster and managed to hit first with a Radioactive Bite.
    "Stop that, you damn buggers!"
    Dawnshield's yell was accompanied by a murderous stare that worked like a Laser Spray, cutting down one of the swarms and hurting three more. Even Mizana felt shocked as she happened to glance at the angry dwarf.

    Dawnshield suddenly calmed down, using a Boosted Heal on Mizana as the egg spawned another swarm to replace the one that had fallen.

    Acid removes the old Leathery Hide. But looks like I don't need to care whether the eggs drew a new one this time.


    "I'm going to blast this damn egg away once and for all," Mizana yelled, leveling her staff once more at the buzzing egg.
    A Mighty Spark jumped from the tip, hitting the weakened egg - and the results were rather explosive. Not to mention disgusting as bits of egg immediately covered the walls and both women.

    Adventure Complete!


    Loot: ManMelter, treasure, Martyr's Shifting Plate, Knoll's Laser Rifle. And Dual Optimum D-45 as the club reward.
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  19. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    In the Belly of the Beast


    "I was going to ask if these guys were more of your exes but even you have more standards than that," Dawnshield noted as she surveyed the new group of mutants coming their way. "These guys look like walking d-"
    "Eww, thanks for that mental image", Mizana interrupted. "Ok Colxian, up and at 'em!"

    Dawnshield grinned, beginning a new protective chant to help Colxian. The fighter squared his shoulders and broke into a run towards the enemies as one the armed mutants shoved the others towards the intruders.


    One of the big Rumbling Mutants suddenly disappeared, teleporting to a new location in front of Colxian, clearly preparing to charge at the fighter.
    Behind Colxian Mizana also sprang into action, hitting the closest gun-toting mutant with a Surging Bolt.

    The first big mutant came in with a Rumbling Charge, barrelling right towards Colxian but hitting only the Impenetrable Nimbus protecting him. The mutant made a confused sound which turned into a roar of pain as Colxian's Powerful Bludgeon hit it right above its mouth. The fighter followed with a Vicious Thrust which prompted the ugly beast to release a Radioactive Pulse that caused Mizana to start foaming at her mouth. Mizana just draws Scamper to replace the handicap and Colxian just got Drained Battery. Neither's going to help much.
    I also can't use Hot Spot quite yet as both mutants still have move cards remaining.

    Seeing Mizana hurt by the attack Dawnshield switched chants, calling for a Healing Blessing on the sorceress.

    As the first Rumbling Mutant began howling like a Mad Dog, the second suddenly came rumbling in, hitting both its ally and Colxian but hurting only the former.

    I pass, waiting for a better opportunity.

    The newer foe then promptly vanished, its Phase Shift teleporting it to the side of the room.

    I pass again and this time Cardotron does the same.

    Damn. I probably can't avoid getting hit by that 10 damage from the weaker mutant's Mad Dog but with luck I may get to damage the second mutant with it as well.

    I pass to see what the foes do.

    As Colxian was forced to go on the defensive one against the big mutant, one of the smaller ones shot at them, hitting both with a Shotgun Spray. The large mutant roared in mad pain, hitting Colxian one last time before falling over dead. The mutant also played two Retaliatory Mutations that didn't help it much at this point.

    "We need to get closer! If they can't gather speed their charges won't do much," Mizana yelled, Running towards the remaining mutant but stopping a little outside its reach.

    The second gunner fired again at Colxian, the Shotgun Slug slipping past both layers of Thick Hide Armor.

    I pass.

    The big mutant finally noticed Mizana, going for a Rumbling Charge against her but the short range left the attack lacking in strength.

    "Team Shift," Mizana commanded, darting towards the gunners in the back as Colxian stepped in as the new front line against the Rumbling Mutant.
    Seeing the incoming sorceress the gunners quickly dispersed, each one hiding behind a different fleshy pillar.

    I pass again, waiting for one of the enemies to run out of moves.

    Again the big mutant charged, this time towards Colxian but again the short range combined with the fighter's armor made the attack useless.
    Directing the combat Mizana ordered the others to dash, Colxian retreating only minimally but Dawnshield was running like crazy towards the right gunner. The gun-wielding mutant tried to slip past the dwarf along the wall but the priestess whacked it with a Polearm Slash.

    Right as Mizana was about to cast more lava, the big mutant roared, unleashing a Radioactive Pulse that made the sorceress lose concentration and caused her spellcasting to Fumble. Argh! Lost one Hot Spot to the Radioactive Pulse and then happened to get Fumble that forced a discard of the other one! O Lady Luck, you and your temper...
    Mizana does however get Acid Blast as replacement.

    Colxian gets hit as well, but draws Cowardly which doesn't do much as he has no attacks.

    Mizana cursed, switching plans and instead flung an Acid Blast at the gunner Dawnshield had hit. The other gunner retaliated with a Shotgun Spray that hit all three heroes as the acid began eating away at the first gunner's legs.


    Ignoring the sharp pain Mizana leveled her staff again, blasting the weaker gunner away with a Mighty Spark.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield launched into a dirty little ditty, providing Inspiration for Colxian just as the big mutant again charged uselessly at the fighter.
    Colxian did draw a Powerful Bash from the Inspiration but there's a pillar right behind the mutant and I'd rather not eat all the attacks the mutant has in hand.

    "Go take care of that gunner," Dawnshield shouted to Colxian who feinted and then ran past Mizana. The big mutant however again vanished, this time appearing right by the wall.

    The mutant is preparing to charge at Mizana but if I move her, the charge will hit Colxian instead. So the best option is to cut off the charge path.

    "The big one's mine," Dawnshield roared, marching to intercept the big foe. The mutant went for the expected Rumbling Charge - but suddenly stopped, as if unsure whether to attack the short enemy or not. Huh? Why did the enemy charge just one square? Is it planning to use Radioactive Pulse or something?

    "If he shoots, you block," Colxian told Mizana, prompting an eye roll from the sorceress.Cardotron passes finally.
    "I'd rather do this," Mizana replied, turning the ground underneath the gunner mutant into a Hot Spot.

    I'm having trouble deciding what to discard from Colxian's hand at the end of the turn. I'd hate to discard Powerful Bash or Dash, Team but with Colxian only having 7 hp he'd be way too weak without Reliable Hide and Thick Hide Armor.
    And since he'd be completely useless dead I pretty much have to keep those armor cards. Sigh.

    With the molten rock eating away at its legs, the mutant gunner shot at Mizana with a Shotgun Slug.


    Well, Colxian's safe but with that draw I really miss that Powerful Bash.

    Dawnshield returned to chanting once more, this time going for the darker ones and Mizana soon felt the painful surge of the Unholy Wellspring from the dwarf's chant.
    The mutant gunner seemed to sense it was in trouble and turned to flee - only to get hit in the back with a frenzied Long Spark.

    Dawnshield's chanting was cut short by the bigger mutant who once again came in with a Rumbling Charge. The big one still has Retaliatory Mutation active so I don't want to attack it until I preferably have enough attack cards to kill it.

    Mizana finished the fleeing gunner off with a Chilling Rime and moved to a safer location as the big mutant bit Dawnshield twice, the second hit Tripping her.

    The mutant suddenly vanished once more, this time prompting Colxian to run closer to cut of its charge path. The foe instead barreled towards Dawnshield, hitting the dwarf in the back before scoring another Radioactive Bite which somehow made Dawnshield a lot more Squishy.
    I draw Boosted Heal as replacement but passing first is more important than healing right now.


    And now we're talking! No more Retaliatory Mutation and good attacks for Colxian. Although that Raging Strike may prove dangerous for himself as well.

    Dawnshield started another bawdy song for Mizana's Inspiration. The mutant didn't seem to care for the words much and instead bit the dwarf but the priestess' Boosted Heal prevented most of the damage.
    "So it's biting you like, huh," Dawnshield growled - and suddenly dived in to bite the big foe right back, her Draining Touch sucking energy from the oversized enemy.

    With the enemy's attention on the dwarf Mizana began using her magic in earnest. Frenzied Long Spark.
    The mutant reacted by going for a Rumbling Charge towards the sorceress but hitting only Dawnshield and Colxian.

    The fighter groaned in pain but quickly retaliated with a Powerful Hack, followed by a Raging Strike as the mutant was too slow to attack itself. Or more precisely Cardotron happens to pass.
    As Dawnshield was still hanging from the uglier enemy the mutant luckily ignored Colxian and instead aimed another Bite at Dawnshield who promptly used her healing magic to undo most of the hurt.

    The beast roared once more - but its voice was finally cut short by Mizana's Surging Bolt, ending the mutant's fight for good.


    Loot: Meteor Mail and Intrepid Spacesuit.

    To be continued...
  20. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle II


    So I can either park one guy in the middle and use the other two to keep the enemies occupied or just take care of the foes first.
    Considering my lack of attacks I'll have to start with the 'keep them busy' plan. Especially since Mizana just draws Scamper to replace Spark Inductor.

    "Just two of those walking meatsticks? This should be easy," Dawnshield grinned, beginning a familiar chant to create a Mass Frenzy.

    Just as the frenzy effect began to take place the first mutant phased in, appearing right next to Mizana and Dawnshield. Mizana hopped back, hitting the mutant with a Surging Bolt as it turned to Bite Dawnshield.
    "Come on, Colxian! You're missing in on all of the FUN," the priestess growled at the fighter who was still facing the wrong way, kicking the guy's butt with her stubby leg.
    "-someone say FUN," Colxian roared with an Unholy Wellspring as the second mutant teleported in - and for some reason right behind the first one.


    Colxian moved closer to engage the first foe. The other Rumbling Mutant behind it was having trouble figuring out the tricky concept of moving *around* the pillar and just managed to hurt its ally as it moved a little to the side. The wounded mutant growled and did so even harder as Colxian whacked it with a Trained Bludgeon, the double-frenzied blow doing heavy damage to the fleshy foe.

    The first mutant didn't seem to rank much higher on the brains department as it tried a Rumbling Charge of its own - by just turning around.

    "I know these guys are blind since they have no eyes but this is just getting silly," Dawnshield shook her head, moving to the other side of Colxian.

    As if finally remembering what it was supposed to do the closer mutant vanished, its Phase In teleporting it to Mizana's side of the room.
    "Oh no you're not," Mizana shouted, Running to close up the distance. The mutant looked somehow shocked, its Rumbling Charge once again leading it absolutely nowhere.

    I still have Impenetrable Nimbus but it's probably better to save it for next turn so I just pass.

    The second mutant, finally having a free path to its foes rumbled happily forward, hitting Dawnshield and Colxian but doing little damage. It then targeted Dawnshield with a Radioactive Bite (darn, looks like I should have cast that nimbus anyway) which Slowed the dwarf down for a moment.
    After the bite had connected the mutant disappeared once more, appearing in a spot where it could charge at either Mizana or at Colxian and Dawnshield.

    The pair looked at each other.
    "Wanna do a contest who kills that one? The loser has to make breakfast," Dawnshield suggested, getting a nod from Colxian.
    The mutant however turned and went for a Rumbling Charge at Mizana instead.

    I get to pass first, I gain a VP from holding the middle.


    Two unrevealed cards on each mutant's hand. I wonder if they're attacks or more Phase Ins.

    Despite the large brute that had barrelled at her back Mizana nevertheless attacked the other one first, slowing it down with a Freeze spell. It countered the attack with a Bite and both mutants suddenly began going through a Retaliatory Mutation.

    That will make attacking harder but the weaker one does have only 9 hp left.

    "Or were you hoping for a bigger reward from this contest," Dawnshield asked Colxian, raising her eyebrows suggestively.
    Colxian's grin was more than enough of an answer and his stance changed, clearly with renewed Inspiration. Drew Powerful Bludgeon!

    Meanwhile Mizana had gotten bitten again, this time forcing Mizana to scamper to safety. The stronger mutant turned to pursue, charging right after the sorceress but doing only little damage.
    Mizana once again danced away from the brute.

    The weaker mutant's Rumbling Charge hit Dawnshield who promptly leaped at the unlucky foe, her frenzied teeth's Invigorating Touch draining the last of the mutant's life.


    Well, this is a tempting situation. Colxian has two good attacks and both Mass Frenzy and Unholy Wellspring still active. Using both attacks would mean a total of 30 damage which combined with Hot Spot would be enough to kill the mutant.
    However Retaliatory Mutation would also give those same attacks to the enemy and Vicious Thrust would allow the mutant to reach Mizana again and since the foe probably has two attack cards in hand it would mean losing Mizana. Or maybe not since I can maneuver Colxian between Mizana and the mutant!

    "Stop talking and help me out here," Mizana commanded.
    Colxian immediately dashed towards the remaining enemy, assaulting it with a double-frenzied Powerful Bludgeon. As the foe retaliated with a similar but weaker blow Colxian continued with a Vicious Thrust. Again the enemy countered in kind, again with lesser results as Colxian's Thick Hide Armor layers also softened the blows.

    With no more immediate openings available Colxian pulled back while Dawnshield moved to the middle of the room to keep it occupied as the remaining mutant suddenly teleported to ready itself for a new charge.


    "-can run but you can't hide," Colxian yelled, Running on the other side of the pillar to cut off the mutant's attack paths to either woman.
    The rumbling enemy tried a charge nevertheless, but with little to show for it.

    Meanwhile Mizana was far from inactive either. As the mutant's charge stopped thanks to Colxian's surprise she quickly used her magic to turn the ground underneath the foe into a Hot Spot.

    Unable to flee in time, the mutant burned to death.

    "Looks like I won the contest," Mizana laughed, looking at Dawnshield. "Does that mean I get the reward then?"
    "Whoops, looks like the fun isn't over quite yet!"


    Ah. No wonder this felt too easy. Oh well, I did get a second VP though. But had I known this earlier I wouldn't have killed the second mutant and just concentrated on slowing its charges.

    Two new mutants had suddenly appeared, one of them immediately teleporting next to Mizana.


    Mizana cursed, retreating from the new enemy closer to her allies. The mutant tried to follow, but slower as its movement consisted of short, straight charges.

    And since both foes again have Retaliatory Mutation up it's best not to attack at all.

    With the new foe now pursuing the weaker Mizana Colxian stepped forward to cut off the pursuit. The mutant managed to land a Radioactive Bite on the fighter, ripping off one section of his Thick Hide Armor. Drew Demonic Revenge for extra 4 of damage - and drew another Thick Hide Armor as replacement. Whee.
    Still no point in attacking, I just pass.

    The mutant was again too close for its Rumbling Charge to do little more than cause the foe to shuffle sideways, uselessly bumping against the fighter's Thick Hide Armor.

    Third VP. I just need to survive two more rounds and keep Dawnshield in the middle.
    And although I hate discarding good attacks, this time keeping those armors is more important for victory.


    I pass, waiting for the foes to act first.

    The mutant hounding Colxian roared, unleashing a Radioactive Pulse that Colxian managed to somehow block while Mizana got hit by it.

    The other mutant suddenly teleported to the other end of the passage Mizana was standing on.
    "Don't even think about it," Mizana shouted, spraying the floor between her and the foe with acid to keep the enemy from approaching.

    Another Radioactive Pulse from the first mutant hit both Colxian and Mizana, leaving Mizana barely standing and howling like a Mad Dog from the pain.
    Argh. Mizana's right next to Colxian, the second mutant has two Rumbling Charges left and there's no way to move Mizana. And moving Colxian is a bit dangerous thanks to that Unstable Bolt. Oh well.

    After one look at the howling sorceress next to him Colxian began retreating, luckily managing to do so without further mishaps. Made the saving roll for Unstable Bolt!

    The second mutant moved a little closer with a charge, clearly uncertain how to deal with the acid-filled floor.

    I pass - and Cardotron does the same! Fourth VP, now I just need to keep Dawnshield alive for one more round!


    Impenetrable Nimbus!

    Seeing Mizana's situation Dawnshield began another chant, surrounding the sorceress with a protective nimbus.
    "I wouldn't want you to miss out on your reward," Dawnshield shouted, providing a little extra Inspiration for the human before noticing the second mutant approaching from the side.
    "You're not invited," the priestess yelled at the rumbling foe who looked shocked - and promptly teleported to where it had been before, eyeing at Mizana over the acid-filled floor.
    Yeesh. The AI just can't decide who to attack. Or more likely it can't calculate the Phase In / acid floors combination properly.
    The mutant looked at Mizana, then at the floors - and once again started charging towards Dawnshield and the middle of the room.
    Back and forth. And I'm just sitting here clicking Pass.

    The first mutant suddenly vanished as well - and appeared right where second mutant had been earlier.


    Yeah, this is getting silly really fast.
    It definitely seems like the Phase In calculations pick Mizana as the ideal target and choose the farthest available square with a direct line towards her - but fail to take into account the acid squares.
    Then after the teleport the Rumbling Charge calculations notice the acid cuts off the charge lane and the enemy instead decides to move towards Dawnshield.
    Which means an easy victory for me.

    Mizana looked at disbelief as the second mutant seemed to also sense the acid-filled floor and moved after the first mutant - and crashed right in its back. And then teleported back again to stare at Mizana before rumbling a little forwards again.

    Cardotron finally passes, giving me the last VP and victory!

    "Let's just get out of here and let those two keep bumping each other," Mizana muttered.


    Loot: Reactive Spacecloak, Dual Optimum D-10 (and Multifunction Laser Baton as club reward)

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