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    Hehe, now you're getting to the really hard stuff...
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    Battle 2

    Sorry, didn't have time to post anything yesterday but here I go again!


    And time to prepare for the trolls.

    Level 18 Human Warrior

    Level 18 Human Wizard

    Level 18 Dwarf Priest


    Mizana went for a Dangerous Maneuver planning to slow down the southern troll. Ignoring the rust creatures approaching from the west she ran around the corner, hitting her hairy target with a Frost Jolt that effectively locked the slow foe in place.

    Dawnshield moved past Colxian to intercept the rust creatures, chanting a battle hymn that would drive the heroes into a Mass Frenzy.
    And no Troll Regeneration yet for either troll. Good.

    After freezing the troll's legs the sorceress had followed up with an Ember Spray that hit the hairy beast's upper body.

    Meanwhile Colxian had picked his target and ran to ambush the northern troll that was slowly approaching the group from the narrow passage.


    The first enemies to get into battle were the rust creatures, the first one running towards Mizana and the other one running straight into Dawnshield's frenzied raging Punishing Strike. 20 damage! The foe roared in pain and retaliated with a Corrosive Touch, the priestess backing away from the angry foe.

    With Dawnshield's Inspirational song for support Colxian waited for the northern troll to emerge from the passage. As it finally did so Colxian went for an All Out Attack, smashing the troll's crotch with a Mighty Bludgeon. 31 damage! The hairy foe's eyes bulged and it doubled over - only for Colxian's Powerful Hack to cleave out half of its neck. The foe fell down lifeless. Hah, after my first attack Melvin tried to move the other troll first! And couldn't even do that, thanks to the attached Frost Jolt.

    With the first foe cut down Colxian turned around to speed towards the next opponent, running past Dawnshield to surprise the rust creature coming after the dwarf. The fighter's first frenzied Stab nearly killed the foe outright.

    Hearing the rust creature approaching from behind and realizing the previous ice spell would soon end Mizana fled, slipping past her allies to a safe area as Dawnshield healed some of her wounds.

    The new turn begins and the southern troll draws Troll Regeneration. Two of them just to make sure.

    With the embers still eating away at its Combustible fur the southern troll marched to engage its foes.


    Dawnshield quickly retreated from the raging troll, leaving Colxian to deal with it and the rust creatures.
    Colxian just grinned and his Reaching Swing cut the already badly wounded rust beast down.

    The troll next to him tried to hit him with a raging Mighty Bludgeon but the strong fighter managed so somehow Parry the dangerous blow. Colxian hopped backwards, trying to keep the troll busy with a quick Vicious Thrust.

    The second rust creature pushed after the fighter but was immediately shoved back by Mizana's Force Bolt.

    And Melvin again makes a dumb move by wasting the troll's Walk card to move between Colxian and the rust creature. Or maybe it only has Charges left it its hand?


    As the remaining troll emerged into view Mizana again leveled her staff, her Freeze slowing the hairy foe once again.

    With Dawnshield's chant again causing a Mass Frenzy Colxian struck at the troll before retreating as everyone took new positions.


    The rust creature had darted around its frozen ally and came in at Dawnshield snarling. The dwarf was ready though and her Touch Of Death struck the beast before it had time to retaliate with a Corrosive Touch.

    Mizana was also ready and her Wings Of War sent both enemies hurtling back along the tunnel.

    As Dawnshield turned around and leaned forward to provide Mizana with a little Inspiration the rust creature had managed to escape the previous gust and came back running. Dawnshield shook her head and both women stepped away, the sorceress stopping the rampaging foe with another Freeze spell.


    With the frozen rust creature unable to reach him Colxian struck it with a Reaching Swing.

    Unfortunately the troll also proved faster than expected and the group suddenly saw it charging out of the tunnel right into Dawnshield. The priestess tried to slip into safety but the foe's Staggering Blow kept her from getting away. Damn. I knew the trolls have Charge in their decks but I failed to take the necessary precautions anyway.
    And I can't even use Boosted Heal on Dawnshield as it can't be self-targetted and the other heroes still have full health...

    Mizana's Mighty Spark blasted the last rust creature into smithereens and she then turned to use a Chilling Rime against the troll. And Melvin passes for some reason. Twice in a row. Despite the Staggering BlowI can see in the troll's hand...

    New turn - and Melvin passes AGAIN? Whaa?


    And the Troll Renegation expired. Ooh yes...

    Using Mizana's spell as a diversion Dawnshield tried to pull away from the troll. The hairy beast wasn't about to let its prey get away and clambered after the dwarf despite the cold slowing it down. The priestess grit her teeth and spun around, hitting the big foe with a Punishing Strike.

    And the foe still doesn't attack? Is Melvin falling asleep or something?

    Dawnshield struck again, this time with a Draining Touch. The troll just stood there, staring at the dwarf as if trying to decide on a suitable recipe.

    Taking advantage of the troll's lack of action Colxian moved behind it, his Strong Stab hitting its unprotected back. And still no attack. I must have hit a bug or something...

    As Mizana joined in on the fun by casting lava under the foe it finally broke out of its reverie and turned, charging towards the humans. But it still doesn't use the actual attack.


    The troll soon found out it had chosen a worse target. Colxian struck, his Powerful Bludgeon leaving the troll barely standing before the fighter retreated.

    The hairy beast marched towards Mizana next but the sorceress followed Colxian's lead and as the foe proved too slow to keep up she turned to cast more lava underneath it.
    This time it wasn't fast enough to escape the molten rock and soon burned to death.

    Victory! And this time on the first attempt!


    Loot: Superb Rifthopping, Acrobat's Aegis
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    Ditto. Same observation, last card revealed by Blind Rage doesn't get used and its always been Staggering Blow for me as well.
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    And since it'll be the storges next, I'm rebuilding my decks again.

    Colxian: Chops and armor.
    Mizana: Arcane spells and terrain effects. The foes had Resistant Hide so some acid is a good idea and Wall Of Stone will limit the amount of enemies getting close.

    Level 18 Human Warrior

    Level 18 Human Wizard

    Level 18 Dwarf Priest

    Battle 3


    "Quick! In there!"

    As the first storges flew into view from the south Dawnshield slapped Colxian into Unholy Frenzy, slipping past the fighter to the passage behind him. Mizana followed her lead, passing the slower dwarf and Colxian soon did the same.

    Another group of storges flew in from the east, the first two meeting Colxian's Weak Chop. One of them managed to dart under the fighter's Parry attempt and sucked enough blood from the fighter to regain its health.
    The second storge wasn't as fast and as the fighter easily stopped its attack, Mizana added insult to injury by hitting the winged annoyance with a Sorcerous Bolt, followed up by an Acid Blast.

    The biggest problem is that one of the storges is standing right where I had planned to move one of my heroes to. But I didn't draw enough moves anyway yet so it doesn't matter that much yet.
    This storge group hasn't drawn Resistant Hide yet but as I need still need to capture that particular square, I don't want to use Wall Of Fire yet.


    As the storges swooped in the middle of the group Dawnshield unleashed her axe, hitting two of the winged foes with a raging Massive Chop - or would have, if the game hadn't completely frozen at this point. But rejoining did work just fine luckily. The weaker storge proved Hard To Pin Down and managed to evade the blow.

    As the raging Dawnshield stopped to inspire herself by imagining a giant flyswatter the barely saved storge used the opportunity to attack Colxian. His multiple layers of armor caused some difficulties for the winged critter and Dawnshield struck again with a Clumsy Chop, wounding one storge and killing another one.

    Another storge attacked the priestess, sucking away some of her health but the dwarf's Boosted Heal undid the rest of the damage her Reliable Mail couldn't stop.

    Colxian wasn't about to just stand there and be bit either. His frenzied Chop cut down Dawnshield's earlier target and wounded another one but this just allowed another storge to swoop in and claim its place.


    My plan was to get all 3 heroes lined up against the wall but with the third one where the 8 hp storge currently is. But Colxian hasn't drawn enough attacks yet for me to clear that square...
    Much much later I realized an even better idea would have been to position Colxian right behind Dawnshield's current position instead of trying to fit everyone against the wall. Oh well.

    Annoyed by the oversized mosquitoes Mizana raised her arm and a Wall Of Fire appeared right below two of the flying foes. One of them ignored the blistering heat and attacked Dawnshield from behind with a Sneaky Bloodsuck but the dwarf just cursed and turned back, unwilling to give the other group the same opportunity.


    As the flames began eating at the storge behind Dawnshield Colxian swung again, hitting both that storge as well as the other one nearby. The first one turned to retaliate against the fighter but failed to do anything thanks to his Solid Mails.

    I could cut both foes down now but another one would just fly to the square I'm trying to clear. So I'll use attacks first and hope the enemies will waste their moves.

    Dawnshield began another Mass Frenzy chant, parrying an attack from another one of the bat-like fiends. Another Vicious Bite, partially saved by Boosted Heal.

    Pass. Pass. First visible Fly used.

    A third storge moved to bite Dawnshield. the penetrating attack puncturing her armor.

    I pass again - and this time Melvin does the same.

    The flames engulfed the storge flapping about behind Dawnshield.


    Dawnshield's Chop dealt wounds to the storges harassing her, the second one retaliating with an Invigorating Touch. Another winged foe did the same and again Dawnshield's armor and Boosted Heal helped her take only minimal damage. And I keep clicking pass as I wait for the remaining storges to move.

    Another group of storges finally swooped close enough for Colxian to use his Slicer skills. His frenzied Chop cut down the weaker foe and dealt a nasty wound to the other one who countered with a Sneaky Bloodsuck that barely made it past the human's Solid Mails.

    Colxian moved forward to take the fallen foe's place to make room for Dawnshield to retreat - but another storge proved faster and swooped down between Colxian and Mizana. Colxian quickly spun around to face this new foe.

    The winged fiend ignored the fighter and instead turned to attack Mizana with a Vicious Bite.

    "Aagh, these things are worse than the tax collectors!"

    The sorceress Bludgeoned the storge as another swooped in next to her, forcing Dawnshield to whirl around to keep it from attacking her from behind.
    Except that Melvin passes instead of attacking. So I'm forced to pass second, giving Melvin the first turn on the next round.

    The newly arrived storge wasn't ready to attack yet. It realized it had landed in lava and screeched in pain as the rapidly cooling rock burned at the winged foe's fur.
    Instead another storge took the opportunity and struck at Dawnshield who was still facing the other way, the winged critter's Consuming Touch sucking away part of the dwarf's health.


    And no attacks for Colxian.

    Dawnshield struck, her Chop hitting two enemies and left her facing away from the hopefully weakest one of the surrounding foes. (The one with only one unrevealed card in hand).

    As the storges again took flight and the one between Colxian and and Mizana took flight, the fighter immediately ordered his allies to move. Mizana and Dawnshield quickly moved to better positions, the flying critters moving closely behind.

    And another Walk, Team from Mizana and both Colxian and Dawnshield are now facing correctly as well. Phew.

    Another storge dived in towards Colxian, managing to strike between his Solid Mails, sucking away the fighter's health with Invigorating Touch.

    "Get off him," Mizana snarled and her Acid Spray hit the storge, killing another one and filling the floor in front of the troup with acid.
    Yet another storge struck at Colxian, this time doing little damage.

    The corrosive goo forced the targetted storge to retreat.


    Mizana zapped one of the enemies with a Sorcerous Bolt. Before the foe had time to recover from the blow Colxian's Chop hit it in the chest. The other nearby storge was too Hard To Pin Down and evaded the blow.

    Yet another group of the flying critters swooped in despite the acid-covered floor. And got to to taste Mizana's Fire Spray. And promptly retreated.

    Colxian's Able Bludgeon hit another foe as its Sneaky Bloodsuck failed completely to get past his Solid Mails from the front.


    "Just how many of these damn things do we need to squash," Dawnshield roared, her Raging Strike striking a deep gash into the flank of another storge.
    "-ll of them," Colxian replied, crushing two more with an Obliterating Chop followed by a normal Chop.

    The winged critters were each in turn trying to get past the fighter's layers of armor and one of them finally succeeded just as Mizana's Acid Spray struck, forcing the winged fiends to spread out once more.


    Colxian's running a bit low on health but there's only 5 enemies left.

    Once again Colxian struck, leaving another storge weak enough for Mizana's Big Zap to drop it from the air.

    The winged foes continued their futile assault, with one of them failing to get past Colxian's Unreliable Block and another one getting stopped by Dawnshield's Parry.
    The dwarf just laughed and knocked the already weak foe down with a Simple Bash.


    Another storge swooped in, managing just barely to evade Dawnshield's Raging Strike. It couldn't however do the same against Colxian's sword as his two consecutive attacks cut it down. The other storge proved a little too Hard To Pin Down though - until Mizana and Dawnshield joined in on the fray.

    The dwarven priestess' attacks quickly turned the winged foe into ground mush. Mizana tried to trap the other one with a Hot Spot but the flying foe proved too fast.
    But even it couldn't get away from Dawnshield's Invigorating Touch.

    "I'm not going to lose a sucking contest against something as ugly as you..."


    One more battle left and I still have all my attempts left. And I still have a troll king to smash.


    Loot: Demon Charm Of The 7th Circle, Bec De Corbin
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    And since the next fight should include the Troll King, I'm again switching equipment.

    Level 18 Human Warrior

    Level 18 Human Wizard

    Level 18 Dwarf Priest

    Battle 4


    "Huh? Are you telling me it's the staff that's giving the orders there?"
    "Yeah, looks like it is," Mizana muttered an answer to Dawnshield's question who shook her head.
    "After all we've had to go through because of that thing I'm going to grab it and shove it up the troll king's - "
    '-lobbering time,' Colxian's yell interrupted the priestess, alerting the enemies to the hostile presence.

    Inspiring Colxian with a little song Dawnshield got zapped by the sentient staff. Meanwhile the flock of storges swooped in, forcing Mizana to slip away.
    Dawnshield however was in no mood to retreat and instead whacked the nearest critter with a Punishing Strike, followed by a Touch Of Death that left the foe nothing but a lifeless husk.

    Despite having slipped out of the storge's reach Mizana found herself face to pole with the sentient staff Whorl who promptly whacked the sorceress with a Punishing Bludgeon. Mizana cursed but instead attacked the troll king with a Chilling Rime.

    The storges moved again, swooping en masse behind the heroes. Colxian saw the maneuver and immediately ordered his allies to step away but got hit from behind himself. His retaliation came in the form of a Strong Chop but then he also backed away after getting bitten again.
    The storges swooped after them.


    Damn, again there's a storge behind everyone and I have no team moves. And very little in the way of attacks.

    Mizana was the first to get to safety as the winged fiends tried to attack Colxian, failing to get past his protective gear.
    Dawnshield also spun around before the storges had time to target her and began a Mass Frenzy chant to aid Colxian in his battle. With the Whorl also joining in the battle with a Powerful Spark Colxian decided to retreat as well.


    Before the storges had time to close in on the fighter he spun around, whacking the weakest of the winged foes down with a frenzied Reaching Swing. The other two nearby seemed distracted and Colxian quickly struck again, hitting another one with a Strong Stab.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield had moved to aid Mizana and the priestess' Touch Of Death stole a part of another storge's health. This gave Mizana time to concentrate on the other foes and as Whorl tried to attack her with a Mighty Spark she Counterspelled it. A roll of 6. And this was the one time when failing the roll would have actually been better since she also had Resistant Hide. It would have taken all the damage anyway and I could have then used Counterspell offensively.

    The winged critters had finally recovered from the earlier setback and slipped past Colxian who whirled around to face the bat-winged foes.

    Unfazed by its earlier failure Whorl struck again, this time with a Punishing Beam that proved too much for the sorceress. Argh. And this is why losing the Counterspell earlier was bad...

    Dawnshield grit her teeth as she saw her ally fell and turned to whack another storge with a frenzied Purging Strike as another one struck Colxian.


    Colxian roared and hit the flying foe back with a Devastating Blow. Another one latched onto the fighter, its Invigorating Touch managing to again slip past his Solid Mail.

    Dawnshield yanked Colxian's previous target out from the sky, draining its health with an Invigorating Touch.

    Both heroes then assaulted the next weakest foe, Colxian's Lunging Hack failing to get past its Resistant Hide and Dawnshield's Draining Touch doing only marginally better.

    Another Powerful Spark hit Colxian, this time dissipating harmlessly as the blast hit his armor. A Punishing Beam followed, leaving the human barely standing.


    Colxian had time to hit the storge next to him one more time with a Feinting Strike before a lucky Surging Bolt slipped past his armor, knocking him out of the fight.

    Dawnshield snarled, whacking the other winged foe dead with a Simple Bash. The other one tried to slip behind the dwarf but she just turned to face the enemy.


    A Touch Of Death later and the last storge was no more.

    Meanwhile Whorl had floated closer to gain a line of sight on Dawnshield but the priestess just slipped around the corner, the sentient weapon in pursuit. She turned, purging the staff's Spark Genetator spell but failed to Parry its Polearm Slash. Whorl quickly followed up with a Mighty Spark.
    Another Polearm Slash, this time with a successful Parry.

    Unfortunately Whorl's attacks had given the troll king enough time to reach Dawnshield and strike her down with two Mighty Bludgeons.
    Blah. Didn't get enough attacks to take the storges out quickly and Whorl's melee attacks took me by surprise. And the bad luck with the Counterspell was just icing on the cake.

    Oh well, good thing I still have my attempts left.
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    For the next go Colxian switches Trickster's Maquah to another Simple Axe and Mizana switches Blister Stone to Spellbane Scepter.

    Attempt 2


    Too bad I forgot to switch Mizana's staffs as well, the ice spells don't really help against the king as it has Scuttle as the default move...
    As Whorl flew to meet the intruding heroes, Dawnshield quickly protected herself with an Impenetrable Nimbus and the magical aura sprang up just before the sentient staff struck her with a Punishing Bludgeon.

    "Sorry, little staff. You're just not big enough for me," Mizana quipped and zapped the floating enemy with a Mighty Spark as it countered with a Powerful Spark of its own, this time directed at Colxian.
    "Liitttle? I am the miiightiest staff that has ever liiiived! I am invincible!"
    '-ou're a looney,' Colxian replied, joining the fight with a Lunging Hack. His effortless Parry stopped the second Punishing Bludgeon from the staff.

    The storges had finally reached the fight as well, but the first one just met Colxian's Chop as it sliced through the air after hitting Whorl. The sentient staff screeched and unleashed a Punishing Beam at the fighter but just ended up in the middle of Mizana's Hot Spot.

    The storges swooped down in the middle of the heroes and Colxian quickly spun around to keep the flying critters from hitting him from behind.
    Another one struck at Dawnshield, failing to get past the priestess' protective nimbus and another one managed to hit Colxian.

    Whorl's screeches picked up volume as the heat from the lava was starting to weaken its magical energies.


    Colxian whirled around, hitting the sentient staff with a Reaching Swing but the foe easily parried the attack.
    Ignoring another storge biting at her Dawnshield joined up with Colxian, whacking at the floating foe with a Punishing Strike that the staff failed to Parry. It fell down, turning from a spell-slinging danger into an inert stick.

    By now King Grendel was also getting dangerously close to the fight. Mizana does have Dash, Team but there's no room to actually move that much yet. Hopefully the troll king doesn't have any more moves in hand, otherwise Dawnshield and Colxian are in big trouble.

    Mizana tried to scare the flying horde away with an Ember Spray but the spell did nothing against the foes' Resistant Hide and one of them struck Colxian with a Sneaky Bloodsuck. The fighter spun around, trying to keep another one from hitting his back. Melvin passes.

    Dawnshield leaned forward to provide her ally with a little Inspiration and her show had the desired result as Colxian's Chop immediately hit two of the bat-winged critters. Melvin passes again.

    Dawnshield then turned around, trying to make her way further away from the troll king before she'd get trapped between it and the flock of storges. One of them managed to hit her with a Vicious Bite.


    Colxian's axe sung its deadly song again, the Strong Chop cutting down one foe and wounding another one. This caused the storges to take flight again, this time taking them over Colxian and Dawnshield to form a line behind them - conveniently placing them in the way of the troll king.

    Following Mizana's orders Colxian spun around to face the foes and Dawnshield retreated but the winged critters just swooped around again, forcing the heroes to do a quick Team Shift.

    One of the foes struck at Mizana, its Invigorating Touch sucking away some of Mizana's blood. The sorceress cursed, her Bungled Bolt barely scratching another storge.

    The troll king moved to engage Colxian but luckily it tried to be sneaky and cut off Colxian's retreat route to the west. This left the human fighter the path to go east instead, leaving the king staring the wrong way.
    The horde of storges was quicker to react and again swarmed behind the fighter.

    I could move Mizana and Dawnshield away from the storge behind them but then the foes would get to start the next turn and Colxian would probably be dead. Better to pass first.


    And no attacks for Colxian. Nice armor selection though. Hopefully they're enough.

    One of the storges had tried to surprise the women from behind but Dawnshield was not that easy to sneak up on and turned to slam the winged foe with a Punishing Strike. And Melvin tries to move King Grendel first, accomplishing nothing. Dawnshield struck again, but the enemy's Resistant Hide managed to keep it alive, if only barely.

    Another storge attacked Colxian from behind, and unfortunately managed to find an unprotected spot in the fighter's armor, taking him down. Noooo. Three armors, two failed armor rolls. And naturally it was Sneaky Bloodsuck. This time my little gamble didn't work out...

    With Colxian out of the fight Dawnshield turned her attention on the troll king, casting a Purge to stop the hulking foe's Troll Regeneration as Mizana got bit by the nearest storge. The sorceress wasn't about to let the winged annoyances win though and turned to Freeze another one of them.

    The flying foes turned to fly towards the remaining heroes, forcing Mizana to retreat for a few steps. Then she however turned, casting a Wall Of Fire to slow down King Grendel's progress.
    Unfortunately its Toughness allowed it to withstand the molten stone and it seemed to quickly regain its regenerative abilities.


    Oh boy. Without Colxian it will be much harder to kill the storges. And I really need to get rid of them fast if I want to win this one.

    Mizana spun around again, targetting one of the storges with a Force Bolt but its Resistant Hide managed to protect it from the blast. Damn. Dawnshield also turned, hitting another winged foe with a Touch Of Death which had a lot more effect, wiping one of the enemies out.

    Mizana's staff lashed out again, this time hitting the severely wounded storge with a Chilling Rime but again the critter weathered the spell. Double damn.

    Mizana turned to retreat but as the troll king proved surprisingly fast and was threatening to pin Mizana against the wall she quickly turned back.
    Meanwhile Dawnshield had taken Mizana's earlier position, her Purging Strike finally doing what Mizana's spells had failed to do earlier and crushing the annoyingly resilient storge.

    The troll king continued its march, momentarily catching up with Mizana.


    "Oh no you don't, " Mizana growled , pushing the massive troll back with Winds Of War. The gust also flung one of the storges backwards but the winged critter flew right back. Good thing the storges are out of attacks, otherwise they'd have gotten to hit one of my remaining heroes from behind.

    Mizana quickly hopped behind the wall to evade the danger caused by the troll king and Dawnshield stepped in to aid her with a Boosted Heal.

    The storges moved closer waiting for a chance to attack but one of them just met Dawnshield's Draining Touch. And Mizana uses Counterspell just to turn to face the storge.

    The storge fighting Dawnshield struck again but barely managed to get past the dwarf's Reliable Mail.


    Still two storges and the troll king left. And killing any of the foes is tricky as Resistant Hide and Troll Regeneration will make most spells ineffective and Dawnshield doesn't really do that much damage to surpass the storges' life leeching.

    Mizana's Frost Jolt hit the weaker storge, again doing only partial damage thanks to its Resistant Hide.

    The troll king moved to attack Dawnshield but the dwarf just retreated, instead opting to use her Touch Of Death against Mizana's opponent.

    As the troll king moved around Mizana slipped around the side in order cast a Hot Spot under the hulking troll. The sneaky creature proved much faster than the sorceress had expected and Scuttled quickly over the lava, catching Mizana by surprise. She barely had time to hit King Grendel with a Mighty Spark before a Mighty Bludgeon slammed into her midriff, nearly knocking her out with a single blow.
    AAAARGH! Melvin had passed already so I assumed the troll king was out of moves! Sneaky...

    Mizana managed to blink away before the troll king had time to strike again.


    Once again Mizana hit the nearest storge, this time with a Cold Snap. The other winged critter was too fast for Dawnshield's Parry but its attack did only minimal damage due to the dwarf's armor.

    New turn, Mizana drew Brain Burn. Good thing she hadn't drawn any attacks though...


    Dawnshield's Punishing Strike finally took out one of the storges.

    The troll king quickly pushed in to threaten Mizana but Dawnshield's prayer created an Impenetrable Nimbus around her that was even enough to stop Grendel's Almighty Bludgeon:


    Whew. Now that was truly the perfect timing for the nimbus...

    "What's the matter, little king? Your miserable excuse for a stick didn't work? You can't even harm a weak little woman like me?"

    The troll king roared at Mizana's gloating and struck again, this time with a Powerful Bludgeon that did equally little damage.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield's opponent tried to hit the priestess but the dwarf's Parry stopped the blow and she quickly struck back with a Punishing Strike in her Blind Rage.

    Again the troll king struck, again an Obliterating Bludgeon did absolutely nothing.

    And Melvin passes instead of moving the storge. Even though it's probally just random it definitely feels like Melvin's trying to block the women from escaping with that annoying little critter.


    As the nimbus around her began to fade Mizana quickly retreated away from the rampaging king. The troll wasn't about to let its prey get away so easily and it scuttled after the sorceress, forcing her to do a Quick Step away.

    Dawnshield cursed, trying to find Inspiration in order to clear their path away from the dangerous troll king and as it failed, beginning a chant for Mass Frenzy.

    Mizana was also getting desperate and and summoned an Illusion Wall in front of the troll. Mostly in the hope that the damn storge would finally decide to move. Nope.

    The troll moved again, this time deciding to go after Dawnshield, as if it was toying with its prey.


    Despite the looming threat of King Grendel Dawnshield again struck at the storge, her Draining Touch finally taking out last winged annoyance. As the critter fell, the troll king struck with a Mighty Bludgeon, Dawnshield barely managing to Parry the heavy blow.

    Tough situation. Dawnshield can easily retreat but Mizana's in a worse spot. She does have Maze but will it move the troll king in a safe direction? And should I take the risk and use that Touch Of Death now? Nah, too risky.
    Dawnshield retreated, not wanting to get hit by ferocious troll king. The huge foe marched after her, trapping Mizana in the corner. Thick Hide Armor used as a move card. Will I get lucky with Maze?

    Mizana gritted her teeth and unleashed another spell, hoping to drive the troll away with a Maze incantation. The troll king looked confused, took one step to the side - and then hit Mizana with an Obliterating Bludgeon. Oh Lady Luck, what a temperamental woman...

    So now it's 27hp Dawnshield against a 48hp King Grendel. And Dawnshield has no ranged attacks whatsoever.


    And the troll king ends the fight even faster than I'd hoped as he manages to draw a whole bunch of moves in a row - along with an Almighty Bludgeon.

    Defeated again.
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    For the last attempt Mizana switches her staffs to Short Blasting Staff and a Viridian Staff.
    Attempt 3


    As Dawnshield tried to inspire Colxian for the combat, the sentient staff blasted her with a Punishing Beam. 12 damage, ouch.

    Everyone waited for the incoming flock of storges and as the first two arrived in biting distance Mizana's Winds Of War forced them backwards. The third one managed to wound Dawnshield. And again failed the Boosted Heal roll. The priestess countered with a Purging Strike.

    Whorl flew a little closer, cackling with an eerie voice and Mizana turned to slam it with a Sorcerous Bolt.

    With the storges still scattered around Colxian charged against the pair Mizana had earlier pushed. One of the flying foes went for a less Sneaky Bloodsuck but the fighter was too battle-hungry to be stopped and assaulted the storges repeatedly. Strong Chop. Reaching Swing. Stab. Another Stab.

    Meanwhile Whorl had arrived even closer and struck at Dawnshield again with a Polearm Slash. And again Boosted Heal fails, leaving the dwarf at 4 hp. Yeesh. She quickly retreated to prevent the winged critter behind her from attacking and healed Colxian. Might as well get some use out of the card before she falls.

    Colxian's rampage had killed the storge but the other was still fighting fit, having regained some of its strength after a Consuming Touch.

    The flying horde took flight again, surrounding Mizana.


    Dawnshield quickly smacked the nearest critter with a rage-fueled Punishing Strike, nearly felling the flying foe.

    Another storge had taken advantage of the chaos and struck Colxian with a Sneaky Blooksuck but the fighter immediately countered with a Chop that wounded the previous assailant and killed the one Dawnshield had wounded.

    This gave Mizana room to retreat from the other storges and she quickly stepped back, zapping Whorl with a Surging Bolt at the same time.

    The staff cackled again, doing a flying cartwheel that landed it behind Colxian who quickly ran out of the way.

    The staff ignored the fleeing fighter and instead turned to retaliate against Mizana, returning the earlier favor with an identical Surging Bolt.

    "Eeehe-e-e-heee," the crazed staff laughed but it's voice took a more pained timbre as Dawnshield tried to grab it. The magical weapon just parried her Invigorating Touch and then zapped Mizana again with a Powerful Spark. Grr, I should have guessed it had a Parry in hand...

    The sorceress' eyes narrowed and she flung a Sorcerous Bolt at Whorl who immediately countered with a Punishing Bludgeon. Aargh. 12 damage. I could have moved her instead of attacking but the staff would have taken Dawnshield out instead. And I was hoping it might be out of attacks by now.

    Mizana with 1 hp, Dawnshield with 4 hp and the staff still has one card left. And I've only killed two of the enemies...
    I pass and luckily Melvin does the same.


    Parry! Both women have a Parry! There's still hope! Now if only Whorl happens to use a melee attack first...

    As Dawnshield Healed herself a little the storges swooped closer again, two of them landing right behind Mizana and the third one moving to a similar position between Dawnshield and Colxian. Mizana stepped away from the foes, zapping Whorl with a Surging Bolt and the sentient staff decided to fly behind Dawnshield as well.

    Gah. Both Colxian and Dawnshield are in danger of getting struck from behind. But I have to move the priestess first, she's in greater danger.

    As Dawnshield slipped away from the hungry storges one of them turned to attack Colxian instead. The fighter ignored the annoying critter and instead struck at Whorl who was still facing the other way after its previous maneuver.

    The staff retaliated immediately with a Punishing Beam that took Colxian out of the fight. 12 damage again.

    After cackling some more the staff suddenly zipped sideways and flung a Surging Bolt at Mizana who fell as well and as Dawnshield turned to face this sudden threat she also got hit by a Long Spark.


    While Dawnshield might be able to take out Whorl and possibly even the storges there's little hope of taking out the king as well.

    Dawnshield looked at the approaching wall of enemies and aimed a Punishing Strike at Whorl. The cackling staff's Parry stopped her attack and the staff countered with a Polearm Slash that proved just a little too fast for the dwarf to Parry herself.

    Whee. Spend a little too long admiring Lady Luck's curves and this is what you get...

    And out of retries again.
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  8. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Since I'd prefer to write about new adventures and I have no idea now many tries it's going to take for me to win this adventure, I'm switching to minimal writeups until I finally beat Whorl and the troll king.

    Troll Tyrant, 3rd run

    Battle 1

    My luck with Boosted Heal is still horrible. I failed every roll during the battle, I think there were like 7 on them...

    Colxian falls but Dawnshield takes down two rust creatures before falling.

    Mizana draws Resistant Hide just in time and manages to take out one fire sprite but finally falls to Brain Burn before accomplishing anything more.

    Battle 1, again

    Again Colxian falls first as the rust creatures draw too many moves.

    Dawnshield's attacks take out two rust creatures and one fire sprite. Mizana kills one fire sprite and draws Resistant Hide early enough to laugh at their fire spells. Dawnshield does the same after drawing Reliable Mail & Reliable Hide.

    Mizana kills the third rust creature and the women chase down the last two fire sprites and kill them.

    Loot: Spellbane Scepter, Staff Of Burning Ice.

    Battle 2

    Everyone splits up, Mizana taking care of the southern troll by outrunning it and eventually freezing it in lava.

    Dawnshield keeps the rust creatures tied up with Impenetrable Nimbus.

    Colxian keeps the northern troll away with bashes and stabs.

    Colxian cuts down first rust creature.

    Dawnshield wears down second rust creature down to 2 hp before falling to poison.

    Mizana wears down northern troll down to 4 hp and kills the rust creature with fire but gets caught by charges and beaten flat.

    Colxian's retreating stab fight causes weaker troll to fall to Blind Rage and the other one finally gets cut down as well.

    Loot: treasure, Healing Ring Of The Inner Light

    Battle 3

    The group takes up defensive formation in the corner to the west of the starting point and Mizana fills the hallway with acid and lava.

    Colxian cuts down the enemies one by one before finally falling to my mistake, leaving Dawnshield only one storge to kill and two for Mizana.

    Loot: Superb Tactics, Superb Mobility

    Battle 4

    With the help of two Impenetrable Nimbuses Colxian plays lure and helps take down two storges but falls when the spells end and Punishing Beams start raining in.

    Mizana takes out another one but falls to Punishing Bludgeon after a failed Block roll.

    Dawnshield cuts down one more storge but falls to Mighty Spark.

    Attempt 2

    Colxian chops down two storges before falling to Punishing Beam and a Vicious Bite.

    Mizana fails to draw enough attacks to do much anything and falls to Whorl's spells.

    Dawnshield has an even worse draw and falls to Punishing Beam with a hand full of cards.

    Attempt 3

    The heroes split up.

    Colxian manages to kill one storge but fails to Parry a crucial Punishing Bludgeon and falls against the flying foes.

    Dawnshield weathers a barrage of blows with the help of Impenetrable Nimbus and kills two more storges but then draws only armor.

    Mizana fails a Block roll and falls to Punishing Beam.

    Dawnshield does finally draw enough attacks to take out the remaining storges but falls to repeated Punishing Beams.

    Troll Tyrant, 4th run

    Battle 1

    Mizana and Colxian squash first rust creature and the fighter goes on a rampage against the fire sprites, killing two.
    Third one falls to Brain Burn.

    Colxian finally falls to Unholy Energy.

    Mizana finishes off first rust creature before falling to enemy fire spells.

    Dawnshield fails to draw attacks and falls finally as well.

    Battle 1, again

    Rust creatures get too lucky with their draw and take out Mizana.

    Colxian does little better and only kills one fire sprite before falling to the barrage of fire spells as he draws no armor.

    Outnumbered, Dawnshield falls soon enough as well.

    Battle 1, once more

    AI foolishly starts with a weak attack instead of Corrosive Touch and everyone jointly beats the foolish rust creature up.

    Dawnshield's rampage kills one rust creature and Colxian's Powerful Bashes finish another one.

    Colxian fails a crucial Parry roll, loses his armor and gets burned alive by the fire sprites.

    Mizana's lava kills last rust creature, another falls to Mighty Spark and the last one gets trapped in the corner and won't escape alive.

    Loot: treasure, Wand Of Confusion

    Battle 2

    The trolls have too much luck drawing move cards but Mizana manages to fry one of them with lava.

    The enemies manage to trap everyone near the corner and Mizana gets flattened by trolls.

    Dawnshield can't defend against the rust creatures for long and falls to poison.

    Alone in the corner Colxian almost kills the second troll but falls as well.

    Attempt 2

    Dawnshield gets trapped between rust creatures and the southern troll and falls.

    Colxian takes out the weaker rust creature.

    After a lot of maneuvering the trolls brave lava and get to whack Mizana but the second rust creature burns to death.

    Colxian runs away from the weakened trolls and finally whacks the first one with a Powerful Hack. The second one is also weak enough to soon fall to a Powerful Bash.

    Loot: Robe Of Auras, Exceptional Sparking

    Battle 3

    The group tries to reach the safe corner to the west but gets bogged down by the storges.

    Colxian and Dawnshield fall along with roughly half of the storges.

    Mizana fails to draw good attacks for several turns in a row and falls as well.

    Attempt 2

    The group tries a new position, taking up a formation in the chokepoint in the middle, Dawnshield standing in the narrow point guarding the back and Colxian and Mizana facing forward.

    The formation works and Dawnshield and Colxian compete on who gets to kill more storges, ending up with roughly equal score.

    Loot: treasure, Superb Bashing

    Battle 4

    I switch Mizana to a more direct damage build and with some luck in draw she takes out Whorl on the second round.

    Colxian and Dawnshield take out two storges but get a bad draw on the same round with Colxian failing two consecutive Parry rolls against the troll king and falling. Head, meet desk.

    Mizana and Dawnshield hole up in separate corners but Dawnshield fails to draw useful attacks for several turns and finally falls.

    The storges finally make the mistake of discarding Resistant Hide and Mizana gets to take out one but her luck doesn't hold and the two remaining storges eat her alive.
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  9. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Troll Tyrant, 5th run

    Battle 1

    The heroes attacks heavily wound two rust creatures and kill two fire sprites but multiple Corrosive Touches take down Dawnshield.

    The rust creatures also manage to take down Mizana but the fight leaves them weak enough that Colxian wipes all three out with two attacks.

    Protected by two Solid Mails, the fire sprites can do little to stop the fighter. His horrible armor rolls leave him at 1 hp in the end though.

    Loot: Acrobat's Shield, Sizzlespark Staff

    Battle 2

    With semi-successful maneuvering and heavy ice spell use the group manages to take out first rust creature despite Dawnshield taking heavy wounds.

    The dwarf nearly falls soon after but Melvin luckily chooses to move a troll first and Dawnshield gets to whack the dangerous rust creature first.
    Soon afterwards I get lucky with Parry as Dawnshield draws a Team Shift as replacement allowing her to escape from the trolls.
    And a little later my usual luck returns as Colxian fails his first Parry roll. He falls soon afterwards.

    Dawnshield also falls when the trolls manage to catch her thanks to my little mistake.

    The weaker troll dies to Mizana's spells and she leads the other one on a lava-filled chase that ends with the trolls death.

    Loot: Jaguar Mace, Superb Ablution

    Battle 3

    As I know already where to place everyone, the defensive formation is ready before the storges arrive.


    The formation works, and storges begin to die but Colxian's first armor card takes a long time to show up his health drops despite Dawnshield's healing. With his luck with armor rolls still between bad and horrible, he falls when half of the storges are still left.
    As Mizana's health is not much better she soon gets eaten as well.

    Despite being alone against five storges, Dawnshield perseveres and takes down the flying foes one after one.

    Loot: treasure, Superb Impaling
    Battle 4

    With the help of Counterspell to neutralize Whorl for the first round, Shredding Strike to remove the storges' Resistant Hide and two Wall Of Fire spells, the battle begins better than ever before.

    Unfortunately the next turn Mizana's the only one to draw attacks. Nevertheless two of the storges soon end up dead.

    And since it's now looking like I could actually finally win, I'm returning to normal report mode:


    As Whorl swooped closer cackling like mad, Colxian quickly ran in the other direction, intending to take out the weakened storges first.
    As the flying suckers flew over his head he spun around, killing one with his Chop and wounding the other one even more.

    Whorl had lost his first target but this just allowed it to target Dawnshield with a Mighty Spark. Ignoring the sting the dwarf crushed the storge instead with a Punishing Strike.

    Again the sentient staff struck as the dwarf was facing the wrong way to Parry his Polearm Slash.

    As Mizana turned to pull away from the last storge, the troll king came running in to engage the heroes. The sorceress reacted by summoning a Wall Of Fire in its path.

    King Grendel struck, targetting Dawnshield with a Powerful Bludgeon but the dwarf's Parry protected her from the blow and she promptly retreated.

    Melvin passes.

    Again Mizana's magic spoke, trying to trap Whorl in a Hot Spot but the sentient staff just laughed and landed right in front of the sorceress who went for a Wild Run.

    Melvin passes again.

    Dawnshield promptly reversed direction and using the magical foe's momentum against it he slipped behind it, drawing away some of its life force with a Consuming Touch. The foe screeched, retaliating against Colxian with two Punishing Bludgeons that luckily did little against the fighter's heavy armors.

    The troll king roared, its unhuman Toughness allowing it to ignore the molten rock underneath its foot.


    Dawnshield grabbed Whorl's haft again, her Touch Of Death weakening the foe.

    King Grendel moved sideways avoiding the lava pools and finally got close enough to force Colxian to retreat.

    Whorl took advantage of this diversion and blasted Colxian with a Punishing Beam (ouch, 13 damage) but the fighter's counter came in the form of a Chop that smacked the annoying staff out of the sky.

    The troll king had looked at the fighter who was slipping away but had turned to chase after Mizana instead. This proved futile as the sorceress just slipped into a narrow tunnel where the troll king's bulk wouldn't be able to follow.

    Meanwhile the last storge had joined the fight, swooping down at Dawnshield and Colxian but ran straight into Colxian's Strong Chop. It retaliated with an Invigorating Touch but by then Dawnshield was also ready and another raging Strong Chop struck the bat-like fiend, the blade sinking deep into the critter's head.


    Whoa. All three heroes still alive and just the troll king left. I didn't really pick Colxian ranged attacks for this fight so I'll have to use Mizana's spells and wait for Dawnshield to draw Impenetrable Nimbus.
    In theory I could also try to get single attacks in with the help of Parry but I really don't trust my luck on that front...

    As the troll king lumbered closer both Dawnshield and Colxian pulled back, keeping themselves just out of the huge foe's reach.
    This left Mizana free to harry King Grendel with her spells: Mighty Spark. Hot Spot.

    "Stop. Maggots. Crush. Cannot. Escape," the huge king barked with a barely understandable voice.


    Got the nimbus. But I'll still need better attacks or a Purge.

    "You couldn't catch a cold," Dawnshield laughed at the slower foe as it once again found itself in a Hot Spot.


    Round and round the pillar they went with more spells from Mizana hitting the big foe. Sizzling Bolt. Mighty Spark.


    Finally the Troll Regeneration wore off and King Grendel didn't draw another one!

    As Dawnshield's prayers surrounded Colxian with an Impenetrable Nimbus the fighter turned to face the big foe.

    "-an't touch this," the fighter yelled as King Grendel's Almighty Bludgeon hit the fighter, the huge blow stopped by the protective shell.

    Mizana's Mighty Spark hit the troll king but wasn't able to overcome the enemy's Toughness.

    And what does he draw to replace Toughness? Troll Renegeration! Grrh.

    Colxian ran away from the huge foe, leaving it raging at the elusive foes.

    "Crush. Like bugs. Eat. Smush. "

    Hmm. Mass Frenzy. That would help me do some actual damage...

    Again Dawnshield's prayers created the protective shell around Colxian but this time the priestess continued with a chant that drove the group into a Mass Frenzy.

    King Grendel was unleashing its frustrations at Colxian but its heavy attacks were as useless as if it was wielding a feather.

    "-his is how you hit," Colxian yelled, striking at the bigger foe with a Chop. And again.
    As the troll king paused its attacks it found itself standing in another Hot Spot - and also saw an even smaller foe charging towards it.


    "Die already, you waste of a head!"

    Dawnshield's words were punctuated with a raging, frenzied Simple Bash that was still enough to make the big foe tumble backwards - and the lava underneath it finally made the troll's Combustible skin catch on fire.

    "-roll king. Now torch king," Colxian muttered, sheathing his weapon as the huge foe's roars finally ended.

    Adventure Complete! Finally!

    And a level up for each hero!


    Loot: Acrobat's Shield, treasure, Superb Command, Whorl (the treasure hunt reward)

    The next time: Secret of the Elder Mind.
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  10. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    The King is dead! Long live the King!
  11. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Secret of the Elder Mind

    I have no idea what I'll be facing so I'll just pick something general. Plus I want to give Whorl a try, just for curiosity's sake.

    Level 19 Human Warrior

    Level 19 Human Wizard

    Level 19 Dwarf Priest

    Battle 1


    "And the company just keeps getting uglier," Dawnshield mumbled.

    Mizana quickly zapped the thought munchers with a Counterspell before they'd get to cast something against her.

    The first of the carrion scuttlers reached Dawnshield who pulled back, disgusted by the approaching creature. Or more precisely since she doesn't have any attacks and I have little idea what kind of attacks the carrion scuttlers have in their deck. Well, except for two cards they already discarded thanks to Coward - Infected Bite and Paralytic Poison.

    As the thought munchers dispersed to guard the mystical altars nearest to the doorway Dawnshield began a chant that would drive Colxian into Righteous Frenzy.
    The fighter grinned and drove his spear into the ugly scuttler approaching from the other side, the frenzied Impaling Stab doing heavy damage against the foe.

    Despite two of the carrion-eating critters converging on Dawnshield she kept up her chanting, piling more divine assistance on Colxian. Accelerated Thought. Inspiration.

    Again the fighter's spear struck, the Puncturing Stab creating a new deep wound in the carrion scuttler.
    Mizana also joined in on the fun, spraying the weakened foe with fire and a burst of arcane energy.

    One VP for Melvin for holding the VP squares.

    The first carrion scuttler let out a long moan and collapsed, the flames finally taking its life.


    With two foes trying to get at him Colxian showed no sign of worry, hitting the carrion scuttlers repeatedly. Weak Chop. Strong Stab. The foes countered with a Small Pseudopod Strike, followed by Paralytic Poison but this just gave Mizana the freedom to use her spells and the weaker scuttler got a taste of the sorceress' Unstable Bolt.

    Meanwhile another scuttler had managed to surprise Dawnshield with a Stunning Blow that left her momentarily unable to retaliate. But it also did little damage and I get to pass first now. Nevertheless Melvin scores another VP.


    Mizana had yet to notice the scuttler creeping in from behind her as she unleashed a Jumspark at the weaker foe fighting Colxian. The scuttler fell, but the one behind her hit the sorceress with Paralytic Poison.

    Colxian turned to aid his ally, lunging at the newer foe with a Vicious Thrust and then turning to Stab the original opponent.

    Dawnshield had read Colxian's plan and came in roaring, her rampage making short work of the ugly critter. Powerful Bludgeon. Strong Chop. The beast fell while the other one managed to hit Colxian with another Small Pseudopod Strike.

    Again I get to pass first but Melvin scores another VP.

    The carrion scuttler fighting Colxian was still under the delusion that its foe would soon succumb to the poison running through his veins and it struck again, injecting another dose of Paralytic Poison. And forced a discard of Nimble Strike along with Run cards.


    The scuttler would soon realize its mistake though as both Colxian and Dawnshield assaulted it. Shredding Strike. Impaling Stab. Bludgeon. The ugly critter fell with one last gurgle.

    With the immediate threats taken care of Mizana was already moving to engage the thought munchers. With a Quick Step to bring one of them in her sights she flung a Counterspell at the foe before it retaliated with a Mind Munch. Unfazed, the sorceress continued by casting a Perplexing Ray at the strange foe and this time got a Sorcerous Bolt in return.

    "You keep it busy, I'll give it something better to munch on," Dawnshield yelled at the sorceress, moving to slip behind the ugly foe.

    Another VP for Melvin but the scuttlers left their positions and Dawnshield will get to attack next turn.


    Mizana immediately flung another Perplexing Ray at the thought muncher who countered with a Memory Loss spell. This had already provided Dawnshield all the distraction she needed and although the carrion scuttler managed to hit her with a dose of Paralytic Poison which weakened her Frenzy Aura, she was now close enough to swing her axe. Chop. Chop.

    The last carrion scuttler reached Mizana who quickly summoned a Wall Of Fire in front of her before the foe hit her with a Stunning Blow.
    Colxian quickly ran to Mizana's aid, Stabbing the ugly foe.


    Hmm. Melvin's getting pretty close to winning. Both Colxian and Mizana are at 5 hp so I really can't let either one fall. Too bad neither Colxian or Dawnshield drew much on the way of attacks...
    The big question is: Would the carrion scuttler attack first or retreat from the lava? Oh well, I'll need to gamble a bit if I still want to win...

    Mizana leveled her staff at the scuttler next to her, a Sorcerous Blast leaping from the tip to hit the critter. The foe struck back, felling Mizana with Paralytic Poison.

    Drat. And that's enough VPs for Melvin to win.
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  12. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Before the next attempt, Colxian switches his Lochaber Axe to Ztoli Branch and Cheap Fencer's Boots to Skipping Boots. (Step attacks aren't that good thanks to Paralytic Poison)

    Mizana switches her Brainfire Orb to Wand Of Rapid Air and Spellbane Scepter to Wand Of Hot Winds. (Whirlwind Enemies)

    Battle 1, again

    As the the thought munchers appeared in her sights Mizana immediately zapped one of them with a Sorcerous Blast.
    This show of deadly force seemed to make the nearest carrion scuttlers Cowardly, giving Dawnshield time to provide Mizana with whispered Inspiration.

    The scuttlers finally gathered enough courage to approach - and this time Whorl itself was the one to react. Unfortunately this took the shape of Impetious Blast. Which naturally happened _after_ the scuttlers had lost most of their cards to Cowardly and of course happened to take out Dawnshield's Frenzy Aura. Yeesh.

    Ignoring the crawlers approaching her Dawnshield ordered a Team Shift, running towards the thought munchers ahead. The other scuttler moved to engage Mizana and Colxian before they'd get away but was too late to stop Mizana who quickly overtook Dawnshield, moving to stop the thought munchers from getting to the eastern altar.

    The other muncher tried to distract Colxian with a Sorcerous Bolt but the fighter was already in mid-swing and hit the nearest carrion scuttler with an Unnerving Strike and a Stab. The ugly foe tried to retaliate with its Paralytic Poison but hit only the human's Parry.

    As the thought munchers paused their panicky run Mizana was already in control of one altar and unleashed a Wall Of Fire over the other one. The scuttler guarding that altar quickly hopped out of the lava but the sorceress just cast another one as the flesh-eating worm spewed its Paralytic Poison at Dawnshield.

    I control one VP square and a Carrion scuttler controls another one, no VP for either one. And I got to pass first.


    As all three previously targeted foes screeched thanks to the heat of the molten rock below them, Mizana's Force Blast hit the scuttler that had bitten Dawnshield, flinging it backwards away from the dwarf. Once again the foe proved too Cowardly to try anything but the sorceress did get her mind munched on by the fishier enemy. The sorceress shrugged and flung an Arcane Burst at her previous target, blasting apart the weaker mind muncher at the same time.

    Melvin passes. Well, since there are currently two enemies standing in lava, this suits me just fine and I pass as well. This does give Melvin one VP from holding two of the squares but it's still a worthwhile exchange.


    As the lava claimed the second mind muncher and severely hurt the carrion scuttler guarding the altar, its allies finally sprang into action, moving to threaten both Mizana and Colxian.

    The fighter ran past Dawnshield to aid Mizana and as the foe hit the woman with its Paralytic Poison, Dawnshield also joined in, driving Colxian into Unholy Frenzy. The scuttlers moved closer forcing Dawnshield to back away. The nearest scuttler just moved forward to engage Colxian instead but met a Strong Stab from the frenzied human.

    As another one of the worm-like foes moved away from her path Dawnshield turned to cast a Martyr Blessing over Colxian. Then the priestess smacked the scuttler next to her before retreating to capture a second altar behind the corner.

    As other scuttlers moved closer to pressure the heroic duo Colxian got hit by a Small Pseudopod Strike. Mizana however was ready for this and first hit the nearest foes with a Fire Spray, then quickly turning to fry the weaker foe approaching from northwest with a Mighty Spark.

    This time I control two VP squares and thus gain a VP.

    Another scuttler swatted Mizana with a Small Pseudopod Strike.


    As Dawnshield's divine song drove everyone to a Mass Frenzy the scuttlers also hit Colxian, the Paralytic Poison stopping the fighter. Discarded Run but he hardly needs to move now anyway. And Martyr Blessing did give him a a card.

    Colxian's weapon leapt at the foes, its frenzied Weak Chop cutting down the weaker scuttler and wounded the other one. The fighter pressed his advantage, driving his sword at the second foe and the Unnerving Strike left it quite dead.

    A new worm-like foe shuffled towards Colxian from behind and as the fighter's legs were still paralyzed by the earlier attack, it also managed to hit him with an Infected Bite.
    Colxian growled in anger and turned to hit the foe with a Puncturing Stab which made the foe retreat. The worm-like enemy didn't get very far before getting a Sorcerous Bolt in the back from Mizana. The other one found itself right in the middle of a new Hot Spot.

    Again a VP for me as I control two squares against Melvin's one.


    Despite being barely able to stand with all the poisons running through his veins, Colxian still struck at the nearest scuttler with an Impaling Stab and parried its attempt to retaliate.

    Dawnshield peeked around the corner to yell a few words of Inspiration to Mizana before slipping back. Although the words didn't quite have the desired effect (drew only moves) she did still summon another Wall Of Fire over the other altar.

    Another VP, now I'm just one short of winning.

    The poisons finally proved too much for Colxian and the fighter collapsed.


    Mizana's Arcane Burst turned the nearest scuttler into mush and the others finally crawled away from the scene, leaving the heroes free to advance.


    Loot: Commander's Cap, Winged Track Shoes
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  13. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Battle 2


    "Is it me or are the foes just getting uglier and uglier," Dawnshield muttered.
    "-ore fun to kill," Colxian replied, trying to evaluate which foe would be the greatest threat.
    "Besides, any foe's going to look ugly when compared to Miz," Dawnshield, her compliment providing Inspiration for the sorceress.


    Ah, interesting. This makes this battle the exact opposite of the fight with Whorl. There having cards increased the enemy damage, here it's the other way around.

    One of the mind flensers blasted Dawnshield with a Psychic Blast while Mizana's Counterspell hit another one of them.
    The mind munchers also joined in on the fun, causing Memory Loss on the dwarf who let out a Dwarven Cry.

    The group ran towards the foes on the southeast side and as one flenser moved to engage Colxian, it got to taste the human's Unnerving Strike - and the foe tried to hit him with a Mental Flensing:


    Ah. Now that's a nasty surprise. And it's going to make this first attempt difficult since I didn't really prepare enough ranged melee attacks.

    Colxian wasn't about to get the thing suck out his brains though and his Parry stopped the flenser's attack. He retaliated with a Strong Stab.

    Another flenser came after Mizana but the sorceress' Quick Step took him out the creature's melee range.

    I could retreat with Colxian but I'd rather pass first and keep the extra card.

    The frustrated flenser let out a Psychic Blast, hitting Colxian. Hah, good thing I did pass. The mind-eating foe just continued its advance, forcing Mizana to fling it backwards with a Force Blast as Colxian also retreated from the other flenser.

    I couldn't leave both Mizana and Colxian in melee range and Melvin got to pass first after Mizana's attack so I had to move Colxian as well.
    But for some reason Melvin decided to move the thought munchers afterwards so I did get to pass first anyway.


    All Out Attack - and a Stab. Oh how useful...

    Providing Inspiration to Colxian with a little song Dawnshield could hear that her melody wasn't quite as well liked by the mind flensers and was clearly causing Brain Burn to one of them.

    Mizana turned to fling a Counterspell at the squid-for-brains approaching from the south just as Colxian got Mind Munched.

    "-iet food," Colxian laughed at the feeble attack.

    Hmm. Unnerving Strike would be a better candidate for All Out Attack but the mind flensers are too dangerous a target. The mind munchers would be better but the northern flenser is standing in the way a bit. Maybe I can get them to move though...

    The fighter ran towards the northern group, hoping to lure the flensers closer as one of the mind munchers hit Mizana with a Perplexing Ray.
    As the foes still have plenty of cards in hand, I pass, hoping for the enemies to move. Unfortunately Melvin does the same. And thanks to Mind Munch he has to discard all his attacks. Bah.


    Dawnshield turned again to her divine magic, providing Mizana with Accelerated Thought just as the sorceress got hit by a Sorcerous Bolt. Ignoring the attack from the mind muncher she instead turned to fling her own at the weaker mind flenser behind the women. The creature growled and marched closer but Dawnshield's Strong Bludgeon turned its head into paste as its Weak Parry failed. Ah, so they have Weak Parry. That'll make melee attacks even harder.

    Another mind flenser attacked the sorceress with a Psychic Blast, doing relatively little damage to her strong mind.

    As they saw the humans getting closer the mind munchers quickly retreated over the bridge to the east.

    Mizana decided to try a Dangerous Move and darted to the other side of the wall to get at the retreating munchers.

    Meanwhile another flenser tried to Dawnshield but the Psychic Blast just met the priestess' Absorbing Block and only made the dwarf feel better.

    Colxian broke into a Run as well, reversing his earlier direction and heading after Mizana whose Reflexive Teleport helped her evade a Memory Loss spell from the munchers.
    Colxian's Chop hit the flenser as he sped by but the tentacle-faced foe just marched towards Dawnshield instead who was forced to retreat, the flensers following doggedly behind.

    Hmm, decisions... I could now hit either two flensers or both munchers with Wall Of Fire. The munchers don't really seem to much of a danger though.

    As Mizana moved around the wall she saw the western mind flenser marching in to cut off Dawnshield's path. Aargh, so that one also had an extra Walk in hand? And it hasn't even used its action point yet unlike the other two! Now I can only hope that he foe uses something other than Mental Flensing...

    Mizana cursed and summoned a Wall Of Fire against the other two flensers but it was no use, the newest one was already close enough to hit the priestess with Mental Flensing. Yep, not exactly a surprise.

    I pass first anyway.

    The thought of what was soon to happen to Dawnshield caused Mizana Brain Burn.


    Colxian had also seen the flenser's attack and he roared, lifting his weapon for a Violent Swing that squashed the nearest mind flenser.

    Dawnshield herself wasn't about to go down without a fight and her raging Chop wounded both remaining flensers.
    One of them got promptly hit by Mizana's Unstable Bolt. It ran towards the sorceress, hoping to get to taste the sorceress' mind next but the woman's fury took it by surprise and an Obliterating Spark splattered it against the wall. Before she had a chance to cast a third spell, the mind muncher behind her managed to hit her with a Short Perplexing Ray before the pair again fled to the west, zapping Colxian with a Sorcerous Bolt as they ran.

    But I did get to pass first and there's only one flenser left now.


    Mizana's attention was still on the last mind flenser and she cast another Counterspell against it (got rid of two Psychic Blasts) as Dawnshield began a Mass Frenzy chant. The sorceress' staff spoke again, this time casting a Sorcerous Blast at the flenser.
    The flenser has 8 hp. Which means Colxian could take it out but the foe still has two unrevealed cards which could unfortunately contain Mental Flensing or a Weak Parry. He does have a Parry himself but it's still risky...

    Mizana cast one more time, creating a Hot Spot underneath the squiddy creature's feet. The foe wasn't about to be surprised that easily though and it hopped aside. Hah, and it moved to the wrong direction! This was enough distraction for Colxian though and he ran after the flenser just as Mizana got hit by a Sorcerous Bolt.

    Dawnshield looked at her weakened ally and cast an Impenetrable Nimbus around the sorceress just as Colxian struck the flenser from behind, his frenzied Shredding Strike cutting the dangerous foe down for good.
    Protected by the nimbus Mizana ran after the thought munchers.

    And at this point I realize I really should have cast the nimbus on Dawnshield herself! Although it wouldn't have protected against the Mental Flensing effect directly, it would have been a new attached card and since she already had three, it would have forced the oldest one out. And in this case the oldest one was none other than Mental Flensing!
    Oh well, I can probably win this one without Dawnshield anyway.

    Dawnshield finally fell, her mind shut down by the earlier Mental Flensing.

    Mizana took a hit from a Force Bolt, sliding her backwards.


    Well, I'll need a little more attacks than this to win though...

    Feeling a little too weak to fight right now, Mizana went for a Wild Run to get safely behind the wall to the south.

    "-hark bait, oo ha ha," Colxian yelled, running towards the remaining enemies and got hit by a Perplexing Ray, causing him to accidentally drop his Reliable Hide Armor.


    Colxian's charge managed to surprise the thought munchers and despite their attempts to eat his thoughts, they got an All Out Attack for desert, before a Force Bolt flung him backwards.
    I pass, hoping for the second muncher to use its attack so Mizana can attack safely.

    The other muncher attacked as well, hitting Colxian with a Short Perplexing Ray.

    By then Mizana had again popped out from beneath the wall and her spells assaulted the munchers as well. Sorcerous Blast. Arcane Burst.


    Despite getting hit by another Memory Loss inducing attack, Colxian wasn't about to let the psychic fish get away that easily. He struck the nearest one with a Puncturing Stab and got hit by a Sorcerous Bolt while Mizana moved closer to spray the other one with fire.


    Mizana's opponent turned to flee but the sorceress was relentless, hitting the retreating foe from behind with an Arcane Burst before retreating to a safer distance.

    The other muncher was still occupied with Colxian and although it hit the human with another Sorcerous Bolt, the fighter's Impaling Stab wounded it severely and his next attack would have brought it down, had it's ally not distracted the fighter just in time with a Perplexing Ray.

    I pass first.


    "Why is it taking this loooong..." Whorl suddenly moaned. "I'll take them out for you!"

    Before Mizana had time to react, the sentient staff's Impatient Blast hit both remaining foes, killing them both in the blink of an eye.
    Mizana stared at her staff for a moment. "Thanks, I guess."


    Loot: Aureate Mace, Ancient Runed Breastplate
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  14. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    For the next fight Colxian picks up more ranged attacks by switching his Dragonslayer Sword and Ztoli Branch to pair of Sturdy Rapiers. Too bad I only had one Militiaman's Pike...

    Dawnshield switches her Superb Cleansing for Advanced Cleansing, []Mail of the Martyr[/item] for Hide Of The Frenzied and St. Xarol's Axe to Healer's Spear.

    Mizana switches her Cerulean Robe for Boltswap Robes, Wand Of Rapid Air for Spellbane Scepter and Boots Of The Foolish for Muscle Boots.

    Battle 3


    "You know, I've brained more than a few enemies by now... but this is going to get graphical," Dawnshield said as they saw a glimpse of the elder mind waiting for the intruders.
    Colxian's answer was just a wide grin.

    With the help of Dawnshield's Inspiration Mizana prepared for the flensers' approach. The elder mind had already sensed the intruders and attacked the whole group with Brainhook twice:


    Ah. This will make things a bit more tricky.

    Mizana ran closer to get a line of sight on the first flenser but the foe slipped behind the wall, running to engage Colxian instead. The fighter pulled back and although the foe hit him with a Psychic Blast, he returned the favor with a Puncturing Stab before going on a Healing Dash towards the other flenser.

    Mizana followed the first squiddy foe, luckily managing to maintain her Unstable Bolt long enough to fling it at the enemy. The first spell was followed up with a Sorcerous Blast which left the foe weak enough for Dawnshield to slip behind it and put it down with a Powerful Bludgeon.

    The second flenser moved closer to assault Colxian.


    Heh. Mystical Wyrmhide. Even if I probably fail, I so want to try using that against Mental Flensing...

    Colxian quickly slipped out of the flenser's melee range.

    By now the party could hear Riptide flying closer, singing. And badly out of tone.

    "When I was juuust a liiitttle kniiiife, I aaasked my wieelder, who shouuulld I maiiiiim..."

    Mizana ran forward again, almost crashing into the mind flenser waiting behind the corner. The foe blasted her with a Psychic Blast but Dawnshield was now close enough to heal the sorceress with Healing Rays. Mizana then cast an Arcane Burst behind the enemy, hitting the incoming Riptide as well.

    I still don't know whether the elder mind has any direct attacks or if its hand is just full of blocks and stuff. But I'm keeping out of its line of sight just in case, at least until I can finish off the other two foes.


    Hmm. It would be better to cast Mass Frenzy before attacking with Colxian but that would increase the damage of any Brainhooks the elder mind might be casting. So I'll take a risk and just pass first.

    The flenser attempted to use Mental Flensing against Mizana but to its horror the sorceress' Mystical Wyrmhide reflected the psychic attack against itself! The sorceress then continued by casting an Illusion Wall to block the elder mind from seeing Colxian who was now free to advance, handily slipping out of the approaching Riptide's path. The sentient axe turned to follow but Colxian's lunges kept him out of its range.

    Another Brainhook from the elder mind hit the heroes, followed up by a Team Heal.

    Ignoring the already doomed foe next to her Mizana summoned a Wall Of Fire, partially clearing the illusionary wall in order to trap Riptide as well in the molten rock. The flenser fled but the sorceress' attention was on the flying axe and she hit the sentient weapon with a Jumpspark.

    Melvin finally passes so I'm free to act.

    Dawnshield's Mass Frenzy chant gave Colxian the incentive to turn and hit Riptide with a frenzied Strong Stab. Riptide's facing the wrong way so there's no danger or Riptide using any block cards and escaping the lava. The fighter then retreated with a surprising lunge backwards.

    Another Brainhook assaulted the heroes, nearly taking out Mizana as Riptide screamed and sang in the middle of the lava.

    "Aaah... and it buuurrnnss buuurnnss buuurnssss..... the square of laaava, the squaare of laava..."


    "Stop that," Mizana snapped, zapping Riptide down from the sky with a Mighty Spark. Unfortunately this gave the mind flenser enough time to blast her with a Psychic Blast that knocked the sorceress out as well.

    With the axe out of the way Dawnshield set out to follow Colxian, protecting herself with an Impenetrable Nimbus just to be sure.

    The elder mind used another Team Heal to aid its lesser ally but it proved not that useful as its earlier failure with the Mental Flensing finally took full effect, blanking the squid-faced creature's mind. Ha!


    Just the elder mind left. Will I get to the center before getting worn down by Brainhooks?

    Colxian and Dawnshield raced towards the center, following the narrow corridor.

    No attacks this round from the elder mind.

    The next turn begins - and Dawnshield draws Blind Rage. Not good in this situation.

    Another Brainhook assaulted the pair's minds as they ran forward.


    Another turn, some damage from Blind Rage.

    As yet another Brainhook hit the pair Dawnshield broke into a naughty song to provide herself with Inspiration as Colxian was just a little too far to hear the words properly. The song did have the desired effect and the priestess sped up, the Team Shift allowing her to keep up somewhat with the faster Colxian.

    Turn ends, no damage from Blind Rage after discard.


    Colxian's run took him past the last little pond, drawing him even closer to the brainy foe as it struck out with another Brainhook. Colxian succeeds with his armor roll, Dawnshield fails both that and the Boosted Heal roll. Too bad Boosted Heal can't be self-targeted and she's too far behind to use it on Colxian either.

    At the end of turn I decide to take a risk and discard Mail and Strong Stab, leaving Impaling Stab and All Out Attack in Colxian's hand. If the foe doesn't have a strong attack or a good block card in hand, it will fall fast next turn.

    Yet another Brainhook came in but the elder minds attacks seemed to now have trouble getting past Colxian's armor and even Dawnshield was able to stop the blast with an Absorbing Block.


    And now for the moment of truth. What kind of cards does the elder mind have at hand?

    Colxian rounded the corner, finally coming into range of the elder mind.
    "-avity search!"

    The elder mind froze, unable to comprehend just what the human was intending. Melvin passed!

    As the brainy foe stared at Colxian, the fighter launched his All Out Attack, his Impaling Stab targetting the enemy's neck - but the elder mind sprang into action at the final moment:


    Noooooo...... I didn't have quite enough move to get behind the elder mind so it could still use block cards and the damn thing rolled just barely enough for the block to succeed.

    The tip of Colxian's sword vanished into a black portal a thumb's width away from the elder mind's neck - and appeared again from another one right beside Colxian, sinking deep inside Colxian's own body. The dumbfounded fighter's eyes went wide open - and then he collapsed, leaving the elder mind gloating at the foolish foe.

    Yep. Had I known the elder mind has that kind of a card in its deck, I'd have just maneuvered behind it and waited for Dawnshield to join in as well. And frankly I can't even be mad at this point, it was such an epic fail!

    Alone against the elder mind Dawnshield marched on, healing herself as she went. Another Brainhook assaulted her mind. And again she fails both her armor roll and her Boosted Heal roll. And that Holy Presence just gives the Brainhooks additional damage.


    Before the next Brainhook came Dawnshield had protected herself with an Impenetrable Nimbus, allowing her time to inspire herself by coming up with decorational uses for the elder mind's head.
    As she rounded the corner, the elder mind was ready and tried to hit her with a Bludgeon that did nothing against the protective nimbus around the priestess.

    Two Tricky Stabs. Those should give good enough odds...

    Dawnshield's spear struck out, hitting the elder mind who uselessly tried to counter with an Able Bludgeon. Hah, the foe didn't even have any blocks anymore! Another Tricky Stab, another deep wound in the creature's flesh.

    As the nimbus faded, the elder mind's next Bludgeon finally connected, hitting the dwarf's shoulder.


    So, the question goes: did the enemy just draw another block or not? Oh well, with Dawnshield's health running out I'll just have to find it out the hard way...

    "Eat steel," Dawnshield roared, targetting the elder mind with a Strong Stab. Her attack succeeded where Colxian had failed earlier and impaled the brainy foe.

    "Time to heal everyone else. And give Riptide some singing lessons..."

    Adventure Complete!


    Loot: treasure, Black Iron Boots,Medallion Of St. Vigus,Riptide. And the club reward tempts me with legendary boots (Pergop's Slippers).

    Next time: Black Plume Mountain!
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  15. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Black Plume Mountain

    Again I have little idea what I'll be facing so I'll just keep my previous equipment for now and make changes later.

    Battle 1


    "Finally some normal enemies," Mizana remarked as the foes first came into sight.
    "Enemies! Where," Whorl woke up, its Impetious Blast hitting three of the foes - as well as Colxian and Dawnshield. And the spell also showed that the umber bulks have Resistant Hide.

    Mizana shook her head, quickly following Whorl's attack with a Counterspell, but it seemed to have little effect.

    One of the strange statues flung lava at Mizana's feet as Dawnshield began singing everyone into Mass Frenzy.
    Mizana's Obliterating Spark hit the lava spitter just as another Hot Spot appeared under Dawnshield. The sorceress hopped out of the lava, breaking into a Run towards the weakened statue but the umber bulks' Maze Of The Mind just made her end up right where she had started from.

    Colxian broke into a run as well, but also ended up bumping into a wall midway instead of reaching his original target and another lava spitter hit him with a Sizzling Bolt.

    Dawnshield yelled for everyone to move and the others followed the Team Shift instinctively, saving Mizana from the lava as the priestess ran towards the weakest lava spitter. But soon she also ended up running the wrong way.

    As Colxian's advance had slowed down, the lava spitter he had been moving towards created a Wall Of Fire to prevent the fighter from advancing.


    Annoying. Maze Of The Mind isn't even magic so I can't get rid of them with Counterspells. I'll clearly need to stock up on team moves for the next attempt.

    "These guys stink!"

    Trying to clear her head Dawnshield switched to another song which would drive Colxian into Righteous Frenzy. As she did so another stream of lava flew in. The priestess pushed on nevertheless and this time she even made progress.

    On the other side Colxian's run had finally allowed him to reach the other umber bulk accompanied by a lava spitter. The fighter's Chop hit, wounding both foes and the bulkier foe retaliated with a Path Of Knives curse. The fighter ignored this, instead destroying the weakened statue with a double-frenzied Lunging Thrust.

    As another lava spitter that was fleeing from Dawnshield entered Mizana's line of sight the sorceress cast a Counterspell at it. Good, it discarded Lava Pool and Wall Of Fire.


    Mizana flung another Counterspell at the previous foe to keep it from flinging more magma.

    The umber bulk Colxian was fighting hit him with a Powerful Hack but the fighter wasn't about to give in that easily and returned the favor with multiple stabs.

    Despite Mizana's attempts to distract the lava spitter the sorceress found herself in another Wall Of Fire. She tried to hop to the side but the umber hulks' presence caused her to stumble into the wrong direction. Cursing the fiery statues she summoned a Wall Of Illusion to stop additional lava bursts and tried moving again, but with similarly bad results.

    By now the other umber bulk had reached Dawnshield but the dwarf had heard the beast's approach and turned, hitting the confusing foe with a frenzied Strong Stab right before it struck her with a Shredding Strike.

    Well, now the umber bulks only have Resistant Hide left so I know it's safe to move.

    Mizana regained her footing and finally reached a safe spot, moving close enough to the next lava spitter to distract its actions.


    Dawnshield healed herself and turned to pursue the weakest lava spitter.

    As the Wall Of Illusion had finally faded, Mizana promptly got a Fire Spray in her face as the strange statue forgot its previous Defensiveness. Ignoring the statues for a moment the sorceress turned, flinging a Sorcerous Bolt at the umber bulk Colxian was fighting against but the spell didn't do much damage thanks to the beast's protective layers.

    Colxian was far from idle as well. He struck at his bulky opponent with a Strong Stab, followed up with a Lunging Thrust but got a Strong Hack in his thigh in response.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield's advance halted as the pursuing umber bulk cast a Path Of Knives curse on her. She shrugged, stopping to inspire herself a little, letting out a Dwarven Cry and then turned to move - but decided to stay where she was anyway. I used Walk to see if the bulks still have Maze Of The Mind in hand. Nope, they don't so I can safely move the others.

    Colxian decided to pull back from the umber foe as he waited for a better opportunity to attack.

    Mizana on the other hand was finally ready to attack, despite having been hit by a Glob Of Flame. Fighting fire with fire she created a Hot Spot under one of the lava spitters. Unfortunately the other one seemed to have the same idea and Mizana found herself in a Lava Pool.


    Colxian won't be doing much with those cards this turn...

    Mizana had once again switched targets, hitting the weaker umber bulk with an Arcane Burst. Then she ran after the retreating lava spitter. She had two Runs so it was safest to move her first. No mind mazes this time so it's safe to move the others.

    The weaker umber bulk tried in vain to catch up with Colxian but the fighter was too fast. As the fighter reached the center of the cavern where Dawnshield could see him, the priestess quickly used her Healing Rays to heal him.

    Meanwhile Mizana was forced to pull back from another Lava Pool, but as she reached normal stone she turned around to cast some lava of her own, trying to trap one of the fiery statues in the molten stone. Couldn't target the other one from her new position. But it was still better than the other square she could have chosen as the umber bulks' latest move would have left her right in the closer one's melee range.

    As the northern lava spitter flung another stream of molten rock at Colxian, Dawnshield stepped out from behind the wall to attack it. Ignoring the pain from Path Of Knives she struck, the Tricky Stab dislodging the center of the statue, turning it into a useless pile of stone.

    To Mizana's annoyance the lava spitters proved too fast and escaped her lava trap but Colxian did the same in the middle at the same time.


    Yes, I'll be sure to win this fight with these great attacks...

    Colxian's Stab hit the closer umber hulk but failed to get past its hide.

    I just keep clicking Pass as I have little else to do and don't want to use my moves before the lava spitters attack.

    The lava-flinging statues apparently decided to leave the human sorceress to burn and began marching towards the next threat - Dawnshield.


    Well, All Out Attack is technically a little better than the previous Stab...

    Mizana's Sorcerous Blast hit one of the retreating statues in the back.

    "Hey, rock face! Your mom's a lawn ornament!"

    The lava spitter turned, flinging another helping of magma at Mizana.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield attempted to move towards the statues herself but ended walking the opposite way.

    One of the umber bulks had finally reached Colxian and its Powerful Hack came roaring in towards the fighter's head - but the human was faster and turned the blow aside with a skillful Parry. And Colxian draws Dash, Team. Useful yes, but it also means I can't use All Out Attack yet.

    Colxian broke into a Run but failed to make much progress thanks to the mind-twisting stench of the umber bulks. Three Maze Of The Minds already this turn. Just how many of them does the enemy have?

    Again Dawnshield tried to Scamper towards the statues and again she ended up crashing against the wall. Four.

    "Somebody bring me nose plugs..."

    Mizana looked at the statues on the other side of the lava and gritting her teeth dashed to the other side. The weaker lava spitter tried to attack her but its lava flinging was ruined by its Defensiveness. Mizana grinned as her move had already fulfilled its main objective - to distract the statues enough for Dawnshield to slip behind them, following Colxian's yelled orders.

    Before the statues had time to react, the dwarf had toppled the weaker one with another Tricky Stab and as Dawnshield began barking orders as well, Colxian also slipped to safety from the looming umber bulks.


    Well NOW we're talking!

    Mizana turned around to blast the remaining lava spitter with a Mighty Spark as it fled to get away from Dawnshield who took advantage of the opportunity to inspire herself a little. The statue came to a stop, only to fling more lava at Mizana.

    Dawnshield tried to move closer to heal Mizana but once again found herself walking the wrong way. She shrugged, instead using the Healing Blessing on herself.

    Mizana cast another Counterspell at the statue, leaving it no other choice but to march loomingly towards the sorceress.

    I don't want to waste All Out Attack by hitting the 5 hp foe first so I'll need to move closer to the other one. The big question is: Do the umber bulks still have more Maze Of The Minds in hand?

    Evaluating the remaining foes with a quick glance Colxian ran to engage the strongest foe and this time her path was true. The umber bulk barely had time to grin one last foolish smile before the fighter's All Out Attack in the form of an Impaling Stab pierced its heart, turning the umber bulk into a dead bulk. Another Impaling Stab - and the other bulk fell.


    With the confusing stench of the umber bulks finally abating, the remaining lava spitter found itself hopelessly outmatched. It tried to fling lava at Colxian but the fighter just ran past the lava, hitting the statue with a Weak Chop. The statue took one look at the madly grinning fighter - and hopped face first in the lava pool it had created earlier. Yes, the lava spitter used its last move card to step in the lava and then died there. Dumb AI or Melvin wanting to deprive the heroes the pleasure of getting the last blow?


    Loot: Saint's Tooth, Solid Rock
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  16. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    The text for next battle mentions statues possibly using electrical strikes so Colxian switches to Spellthwart Shield, Mail Of Absorption, two Lochaber Axes and Rageblood Dagger.

    Mizana switches to Surging Staff,Smoke Pin, Box Of Smoke, Boots Of The Foolish and Cerulean Robe.

    Battle 2


    Oh yay. VP squares and more Umber Bulks.

    "I don't think they've spotted us yet," Mizana whispered. "Here's the plan: let's sneak a little closer and -"
    "-rush them all," Colxian yelled, his Nimble Strike taking him around the corner to attack the nearest enemy.

    Dawnshield shrugged. "Plan's a plan. You go that way, I'll follow Leeroy here."

    Hmm, so the idols have Totem Charge that allows them to draw more cards? Should have brought Punishing Strikes then...

    Colxian's wild rampage had certainly taken the first idol by surprise, if that could really be said of an animated statue. Another Nimble Strike struck the idol which finally managed to turn to face the fighter and unleashed a powerful blast:


    29 damage. Well, that was certainly a little more than I expected.
    Which means that for the next attempt I'll need to make a lot more changes to my deck. The easiest solution is probably Volcano but other useful cards would be Punishing Strike, blocks, Whirlwind Enemies and stuff like that.

    Oh well, I'll consider this attempt a scouting run to find out what else those idols have in their decks...

    Despite the nearly lethal blast he had just suffered, Colxian's Dancing Cut took out the first idol.

    Dawnshield and Mizana split up, the priestess heading to save the foolhardy fighter and Mizana going the other way.

    Turn ends, VP for Melvin. The discards allow me to see what the idols have in their decks though: apart from the Totem Blasts they mostly have various weak spark cards.


    Dawnshield quickly caught up with the badly hurt Colxian. Shaking her head she used a Heal spell on the human.

    Meanwhile Mizana was running towards the easternmost idol, hoping to take advantage of its Defensiveness. As she was still only halfway there the horrid smell of the umber bulks assaulted her mind but luckily she ended up right where she was planning to go anyway. The strange statue turned towards her but seemed to consider the sorceress too close. Hah. Used up one Maze Of The Mind, got where I wanted and the enemy failed its Defensiveness roll.

    Mizana took full advantage of the opportunity and zapped the foe with a Sorcerous Blast.

    On the other side Colxian, supported by an Impenetrable Nimbus tried to reach the next idol. Dawnshield looked with amusement as the confused fighter first ran one way, then another until finally reaching his target with a Nimble Strike. The idols tried blasting the human but their spells just fizzled on the protective shell around him.

    Putting her mirth aside Dawnshield dashed after Colxian, her Strong Stab hitting the idol as well.

    Another VP for Melvin.


    As the nearest totem was still charging for the next attack, Dawnshield managed to break it with a well-aimed Tricky Stab.

    On the other side of the maze Mizana kept up the pressure against her target, hitting it with an Unstable Bolt as it kept charging and charging. As this left her out of suitable spells for the moment she wisely retreated. I may survive this turn thanks to Defensiveness but it'll expire soon so it's better to move now.

    As the sorceress reached a safer area she quickly threw a Smoke Bomb on the next passage to provide her allies a safer route for approach.

    There's still the big problem caused by the umber bulks. I consider trying to waste their mind mazes by using the other moves first but this would probably just cause Dawnshield and Mizana to get hit. So I decide to pass and wait for better cards.


    With the umber bulks approaching Dawnshield quickly used a Boosted Heal on Colxian before turning to hit one of the bulky foes with a Tricky Stab. She then tried to move but the smell nearly caused her to bump into the walls. Somehow she did manage to find the right direction. Again the AI chooses the same destination I had selected. It clearly didn't check that the smoke prevented the idols from shooting at the target square.

    The previously wounded umber bulk came roaring towards Colxian. Despite getting hit with a Simple Strike the fighter was now in his element, driving deep gashes in the bulky foe's chest with his Vicious Thrusts.

    Meanwhile Mizana had taken another calculated risk and ran to the edge of the smoke cloud in order to attack the defensive foe in the corner. Unfortunately this time her luck didn't hold and before she had time to cast her Hot Spot the idol's Totem Blast hit her, flinging her at the wall like a pebble. Yeesh.

    And without Mizana the only safe way to attack the three lightning idols standing in row is to wait for Impenetrable Nimbus or Grounded Plate..

    Ignoring the wounded umber bulk for a moment Colxian slipped past Dawnshield, starting to make his way towards the lightning idols. The malodorous foes weren't about to let him go that easily though and the fighter found himself cursed with Path Of Knives.

    Another VP for Melvin. He now needs only 4 more.


    Colxian draws Grounded Plate. Too bad he can't advance thanks to Path Of Knives and neither does he have any attacks.
    I decide to just pass and wait for the next turn.

    With the umber bulks again approaching Dawnshield tried to reach Colxian but the enemy odor once again sent her careening into walls. The second attempt unfortunately also left him in full sight of one of the lightning idols who promptly zapped her with a Totem Blast, knocking the poor priestess out with one blow. Failed the roll for Absorbing Block, suffered 30 damage as a result. And now Melvin only needs one more VP to win and there's no way to prevent him from getting it. Especially since the umber bulks turn out to have a third Maze Of The Mind in hand so Colxian can't even reach the idols this turn.

    And the turn ends meaning I lose.
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  17. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Too bad I only have one item with Volcano in it. Oh well, Firestorm should also do the trick.

    For the next attempt Mizana picks up Xipil Ring, two Staff Of Inferno, Wand Of Hot Winds, Superb Pyromancy and Heavy Dashing Boots.

    Dawnshield chooses Trained Stoutness, Neophyte Cleansing, Rusted Angel Mail, Wrathful Club and Deathtouch Maul.

    Colxian switches to Superb Tactics.

    Attempt 2


    "I don't think they've spotted us yet," Mizana whispered. "Here's the plan - " The sorceress cut off her words, lifting the end of her staff right in front of Colxian's eyes. " - let's SNEAK a little closer. Or I'll burn off your eyebrows. Got it?"
    Colxian nodded, causing Dawnshield to chuckle out loud.
    "Pretty legs and smart," the priestess noted, her words providing Inspiration to Mizana.

    Well, no safe way to attack the idols with these cards. Even Inspiration only drew Fire Spray.

    Following Mizana's plan the group silently moved along the passage, determined to get past the first idols without getting zapped by them. Or actually I'm just hoping to get some better cards by the time I get close enough to the separate VP square.

    VP for Melvin.


    "Time to give those idols something to keep them occupied," Mizana suddenly announced, raising her staff that began to glow. "It might get a little hot in here..."
    "Just how hot..." Dawnshield began to ask but her words were cut off by the sorceress' Firestorm. The hallways were suddenly filled with a curtain of flames, hitting friend and foe alike.
    Colxian stared at the sorceress, his cloak in flames.
    "They didn't see us yet, did they?"

    The group continued their advance, Colxian much faster than the others.
    "-neak attack!"

    The fighter's yell was accompanied by a Vicious Thrust that took him around the corner and his sword struck the idol waiting there. The statue tried to Totem Blast him but its Defensiveness didn't allow it to attack fast enough and Colxian's Chop toppled it.

    Another VP for Melvin but one of the VP square guardians is dead and the others are on fire.


    Hmm, I may get to fry another idol after this turn unless the umber bulks get in the way...

    Dawnshield's prayer surrounded Mizana with an Impenetrable Nimbus. The sorceress smiled, and realizing the opportunities the protective spell allowed, ran to the next passage. This allowed to get the next lightning idol in her sights and she quickly cast a Wall Of Fire underneath the statue. The immobile foe countered with a Totem Blast but the strong blow dissipated harmlessly upon hitting the nimbus around the woman. And a good thing it did, it would have done 49 damage!

    Both Colxian and Dawnshield moved closer to the enemies as well, making sure to stay safe.

    The umber bulks finally lumbered into sight, forcing Mizana to spin around and hit the first one with a Boiling Armor spell. Which did nothing. Cool, no Resistant Hide then. Mizana quickly followed up with an Ember Burst against the same foe.
    Third VP for Melvin.

    The molten rock underneath the lightning idol Mizana had targetted finally caused the statue to melt.


    Mizana has no direct attacks and I can't move anyone safely so I just pass.

    The horny foe in front of Mizana grinned a nasty smile at the sorceress and inflicted her with a Path Of Knives curse that the sorceress failed to Counterspell in time. The bulky beasts then moved closer.

    Drat. I could in theory move Colxian as he does have that Missile Block in hand. But the umber bulks may well have multiple mind mazes and a second Totem Blast would surely be lethal. And the same situation would apply with Mizana and her Counterspell.
    Another option would be to attack the bulks with Wall of Fire but they may have already drawn Resistant Hide. Still, it's probably the best alternative right now so...

    Mizana looked at the approaching fiends and shook her head.
    "Sorry boys, I'm too hot for you..."
    The umber fiends' grin began to slip as they felt the ground underneath them turn into lava.

    Another VP for Melvin.

    The umber bulks roared in pain as the lava began to eat at their feet. Yes, no Resistant Hide then!


    Mizana's smile had rapidly went past dangerous and straight into 'slightly insane'. She raised her staff again and before Colxian could even blink another Firestorm roared from the sorceress' staff.
    The umber bulks looked at the human in horror and fled into the side passage.

    "They're trying to get to that altar in the corner, stop them," Mizana barked, waving Colxian to dash there first.

    The fighter did as ordered. Meanwhile Dawnshield was arriving to the scene, blocking the umber bulks' path from the other side.


    One more VP for Melvin.

    The remaining flames from Mizana's previous inferno finally caused the remaining idols to melt. The umber bulks and the heroes hadn't exactly escaped unscathed from the flames either but by now it was three heroes against two heavily wounded umber bulks so the scales had clearly tipped to favour the adventurers.

    The umber bulks looked around. On one side was lava with a mad sorceress behind it. On another side was a priestess with an equally disturbing grin on her face. The bulky beasts looked at each other - and promptly fled in the third direction.

    "-o for the eyes, Boo!"

    The yell was accompanied by a ferocious fighter whose Vicious Thrust impaled the first bulk's neck. The other roared, retaliating against the human with a Strong Hack.


    The fighter just laughed and two more Nimble Strikes cut the beast down.


    Loot: Inspiring Chain Shirt, Black Iron Boots.
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  18. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    And since the next fight will include the dragon, I switch equipment again.

    Colxian chooses Superb Command,Dependable Mail, Angry Attacker, Heavy Wooden Shield and Dragonslayer Sword.

    Mizana chooses Subzero Staff, Chillwood Staff, Firebrand Mantle, Electroporter Novice, Akon's Amulet x 2 and Boots Of The Foolish.

    Dawnshield chooses Trained Cleansing, Heavy Wooden Shield, Medallion Of St. Vigus, White Halberd and Axe Of The Dark Soul.

    Battle 3


    Dawnshield looked at the alabaster dragon Blizkenripper on the other side of the frozen volcano, then turned to smile at Colxian.
    "All yours, big boy!"
    As Dawnshield's prayer surrounded the fighter with an Impenetrable Nimbus the fighter ran forwards, roaring a challenge at the oversized wyrm.
    Blizkenripper turned its head, launching Ice Bolts at Colxian and Mizana.

    The sorceress looked at the mighty dragon and its thick scales and launched a spell to boil off its armor, but the invocation seemed to have no visible effect.

    Meanwhile Blackhammer, the third sentient weapon they had been tracking had reached the intruders. Colxian spun around and his move turned fluidly into a Vicious Thrust, the All Out Attack hitting the living hammer with a heavy thud.
    The foe tried to counter with an Unnerving Strike but the hit bounced harmlessly from the nimbus around the fighter.

    Mizana had also noticed the incoming Blackhammer and a Mighty Spark leaped from her staff, hitting the hammer who had managed to Bash Colxian away.


    Another Mighty Spark from Mizana hit Blackhammer, blowing it out of the sky.

    Meanwhile Blizkenripper had finally reached the fight. As it landed next to Colxian, the fighter launched a Violent Swing towards the dragon. The dragon's Alabaster Wyrmhide wasn't enough to stop the blow completely but the Toughness of the creature was still too much and the heavy hit seemed to have no actual effect on the enemy.

    The beast's Massive Jaws darted towards Colxian's head but the quick fighter managed to Parry the attack, giving the fighter time to retreat despite the cold slowing his movement.

    Another barrage of Ice Bolts appeared from the dragon's maw, hitting Colxian and Dawnshield.


    Dawnshield turned to look at Mizana and cast Unholy Wellspring over Mizana.

    As Blizkenripper used its Dragon Claw to swipe at Colxian, the sorceress decided to let the mighty wyrm taste its own medicine and flung a Cold Snap at the dragonic foe. The beast tried to reflect the spell back with its wing but failed. Instead it launced more Ice Bolts at the heroes.

    The dragon has three unrevealed cards plus that Reflecting Block so it's probably not safe to go for melee just yet.

    Despite the magical cold weakening its wings, Blizkenripper again took flight, trying to reach Colxian. Mizana's yelled order sent the fighter dashing back towards safety, Dawnshield following right behind him. The dragon followed the pair with its eyes and turned to assault them with Blizzard Breath.


    Hmm. I'd need another Impenetrable Nimbus for any kind of a melee assault and I can't use any direct attack spells except from behind while that Reflecting Block is still there. So I'm just playing a waiting game, hoping for the dragon to make a mistake.

    Another Blizzard Breath came in and forced Dawnshield to Hit The Deck to get out of the way. Colxian instead got hit but his Mail protected him from most of the damage. The dragon just stood there, launching yet another Blizzard Breath at the pair.

    Finally the dragon finally took flight, its powerful wings taking it behind Mizana who was forced to run forward to escape Blizkenripper's claws. The sorceress then turned, casting a Wall Of Fire in front of the dragon.

    The mighty wyrm shrieked as the lava burned its hind legs and it quickly swooped past Mizana to land again behind her.


    With the dragon following at her heels Mizana ran, managing to keep a step ahead of the dragon despite the cold.

    "-un, you fools," Colxian roared and finally Mizana found the strength to flee properly. The yelled command had also launced Dawnshield into action and she ran just closer to the dragon, stopping right inside spear range.

    As the dragon paused to consider its options, the rapidly fleeing sorceress suddenly stopped, turning around to cast another Boiling Armor spell at the dragon. This time the wyrm was faster and it managed to reflect the spell with its wing right back at Mizana and the magic boiled away her Resistant Hide. Blizkenripper also had Perfect Block in hand but Melvin failed the roll for it. Mizana grit her teeth and launched another spell. The magical acid met the dragon's Perfect Block and the wyrm suddenly began to Hover again, slowly beating its strong wings to keep it aloft.

    Mizana's spells had created enough diversion for Dawnshield to act and the priestess hit Blizkenripper with a Polearm Slash. The blow failed to get fully past the dragon's Alabaster Wyrmhide though. Too bad neither anti-armor spell got through...

    Even though Dawnshield was too far for the dragon's jaws to reach her, the same could not be said of its claws that raked the dwarf, slipping past her Rusty Armor.


    I could really use more Impenetrable Nimbuses...

    Yet another Blizzard Breath hit Dawnshield. The dragon then took flight once more and flew over the dwarf, forcing her to Scamper to a safer location again.

    Blizkenripper had already forgotten the priestess though as it attacked Colxian, hitting the fighter with a sharp Dragon Claw. Colxian grit his teeth and retaliated, hitting the dragon with a Strong Stab that unfortunately did little damage through the tough hide.
    The dragon then turned to pursue Dawnshield once more.


    Both Colxian and Dawnshield are at half health and I've only brought Blizkenripper down to 50 hp. Dawnshield should still have three more nimbuses in her deck though.

    To Blizkenripper's surprise the tiny priestess suddenly stopped and turned to hit the dragon with an Invigorating Touch. The dragon did manage to reflect the attack and then spit more Ice Bolts at the nearby foes.

    Following Mizana's orders both Colxian and Dawnshield retreated, the priestess then beginning a song to inspire herself as yet more Ice Bolts hit them.


    Finally a nimbus! But not much in the way of attacks.

    Blizkenripper once again took flight, landing next to Colxian who had to retreat. The cold kept him from getting away though (as I forget he has two cards attached and is too slow to get away with just a Run). As a Dragon Claw hit his back the fighter spun around, retaliating with a Shredding Strike that cleared away the multiple layers of Alabaster Wyrmhide protecting the dragon's chest. The mighty wyrm roared and and bit Colxian with its Massive Jaws, the fighter falling like a leaf.

    Mizana cursed and used a Freeze spell to slow down the big foe, followed with a Maze to turn the beast around. The dragon shook its mighty head and flew right back.

    Mizana's anger wasn't still cooling off though and she went for a Dangerous Move closer to the dragon, allowing her to hit the huge foe with a Fire Spray.


    I wonder if the dragon drew any armor...

    With Dawnshield providing Inspiration in the form of a naughty song Mizana was nevertheless forced to retreat as the mighty dragon advanced once more. As the wyrm failed to follow fast enough, Mizana cast a Hot Spot underneath it just before it hit her with more Ice Bolts.

    Unfortunately the dragon's Toughness allowed it to ignore the molten rock.


    Duck! Now that would be fun to use against Massive Jaws...

    Mizana leveled her staff once more at the dragon, casting a Counterspell at the huge foe before it had a chance to attack. The dragon growled and took flight once more, landing next to the sorceress.
    Before Mizana had time to retreat she recognized the familiar sight of an Impenetrable Nimbus around her. The sorceress grinned and threw back her hair.

    "Come at me, you miserable insect!"

    The dragon roared and tried to crush the puny human with an Obliterating Hack. The nimbus around Mizana held though.

    Taking advantage of the opportunity Dawnshield hit Blizkenripper in the back with a Polearm Slash, the dragon's Toughness once again proving too much for the dwarf's weapon to cut through. Again the huge wyrm struck at Mizana, again doing nothing. The sorceress countered with a Dissolve Armor spell as the huge foe clawed at the sorceress, its rage futile.

    Mizana raised her staff once more, summoning a Wall Of Fire underneath the dragon.

    Melvin passed. Do I take the risk and and move Dawnshield to attack?

    As she realized the protective nimbus would soon expire Mizana started to retreat. Blizkenripper wasn't about to let her get away so easily though and flew after the sorceress, forcing her to cast another Wall Of Fire. Bah, it still had a move card left.

    As the molten rock ate away at Blizkenripper's feet the mighty dragon unleashed its Blizzard Breath once more, hitting Dawnshield with the freezing cold.


    Now this is a problem. Mizana has only one Run so if the dragon follows her, she may well fall this turn...

    With the ferocious dragon looming right in front of her Mizana ran. The dragon however had its eyes set on Dawnshield and it launced another Blizzard Breath towards the dwarf. This time the priestess was faster and she managed to Duck.

    Out of breath and unable to run further right now Mizana instead turned to attack, casting another Boiling Armor spell at Blizkenripper. The dragon took flight - and landed right behind Mizana.
    Unable to escape, Mizana got bit by the dragon's Massive Jaws.

    "Two can play this game!"

    Mizana had barely heard Dawnshield's words as another freezing cone flew past her - this time coming from the priestess!

    "How did you..."
    "Breath mints."

    The dragon shook its head at the impudent heroes and launched its own Blizzard Breath.


    Although she was barely able to stand Dawnshield once again began a prayer that soon surrounded Mizana with the familiar Impenetrable Nimbus. This was immediately followed by a Healing Blessing.

    This time it seemed that the dragon had wised up on the magical glow around Mizana and instead of attacking it flapped next to her, as if not wanting to waste time attacking the puny human.

    Mizana however was more than willing to attack and she quickly flung a Bungled Bolt at the foe. The attack met the dragon's Perfect Block and the huge wyrm countered with an Obliterating Hack which just clanged harmlessly against the nimbus around the human. Mizana tried again but this time her spell bounced off the dragon's Alabaster Wyrmhide and the Freeze spell hit Mizana instead.

    Ah damn. That pretty much sealed this attempt then. Especially when Melvin got to pass first.

    As the nimbus around Mizana wavered and vanished Blizkenripper was ready and its Massive Jaws enveloped Mizana, leaving Dawnshield alone against the huge wyrm.
    She barely had time to begin a song for her Inspiration before another volley of Ice Bolts hit her, knocking her out.

    Well, this is certainly a tough fight.
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  19. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Ok, time to do some changes to my equipment..

    Colxian picks up Spellthwart Shield, Bejeweled Shortsword, Enormous Mattock and Powerful Sword.

    Mizana picks up Boltswap Robes, Ring Of Appropriation and two Electrum Staffs.
    Dawnshield picks up Novice Ferocity, Healer's Spear, Rapier Of Misfortune and Mail Of The Martyr and Orange Shield.

    Attempt 2


    The starting cards could be a little better...

    The heroes stood their ground, waiting for the foes to move closer. And they had no extra move cards so Melvin passes as well.


    As Blizkenripper finally flew into range Mizana flung a Penetrating Bolt at it but the dragon's Perfect Block was just enough to stop the attack. Gah. Spark Generator subracted 3 from the attack but Melvin naturally happened to roll a 6!

    The alabaster dragon spat Ice Bolts at Dawnshield and Colxian, the dwarf stopping the attack with an Absorbing Block and the fighter's Mail absorbed the botls coming at him.

    Blizkenripper continued closer, prompting Mizana to attempt to fling it back with a Force Bolt. Except I mistakenly read the location wrong and the dragon moves nowhere as it doesn't have an empty square behind it. It did use up the dragon's Toughness card though. As the spell failed to have the desired effect, the dragon hit Colxian with its Dragon Claw, forcing the fighter to retreat with a Healing Dash before turning to whack the mighty wyrm with a Stab. Unfortunately the attack failed to penetrate the dragon's Alabaster Wyrmhide.

    Dawnshield quickly Charged along the wall, wanting to make sure she wouldn't get trapped by the huge dragon and she cast a Martyr Blessing at Colxian while running and Mizana quickly followed her example.

    The dragon has Hover so I can't use Wall Of Fire yet.


    As Blackhammer was also flying closer Dawnshield stopped to cast an Impenetrable Nimbus to protect Colxian and then hopped out of the way as the sentient hammer swooped down towards her. She didn't fully escape though as the living weapon struck her with a Polearm Slash.
    Meanwhile Mizana's Boiling Armor spell hit Blizkenripper, the spell softening the multiple layers of hide protecting the dragon's chest as it failed to reflect the magical attack. The dragon turned, flying towards Dawnshield who promptly retreated with the dragon in tow.

    Colxian saw this a good opportunity and charged in, hitting the mighty dragon with a Powerful Hack. The huge beast roared and turned to bite at the human with its Massive Jaws but even though Colxian failed to Parry the blow the teeth just hit the nimbus around Colxian and stopped, leaving the fighter unharmed. Blizkenripper roared and tried again, this time aiming an Obliterating Hack at the human with no more results. And Parry roll fails again! Bwahahahaaa.... For once it's a good thing I have such horrible luck with Parry cards :D

    I get to pass first and still have that Parry card! And Hover expires so soon it's time for lava...


    The dragon still has that Perfect Block so I can't safely attack yet though.

    As the nimbus around Colxian faded, Dawnshield had backtracked in order to cast another one at the fighter. The dragon however noticed the approach or the shorter enemy and turned to dive towards the priestess instead, forcing her to use the second Impenetrable Nimbus on herself as even Blackhammer swooped in to assault the dwarf.
    With Blizkenripper's attention turned elsewhere Mizana was now free to attack it with a Counterspell.

    Blackhammer's Powerful Bash had sent Dawnshield sliding away from the dragon, but the dwarf recovered instantly and leaped back again, her Nimble Strike hitting the distracted dragon's tail. Unfortunately the foe's Toughness proved too great and the fiendish wyrm hit Dawnshield with a Purging Strike that shattered the nimbus around the dwarf.

    Despite the cold slowing his movements Colxian ran forward to aid his ally, parrying Blizkenripper's claws as it turned to rake at the newer threat. This gave Dawnshield a perfect opportunity to grab the dragon's tail again, her Consuming Touch drawing away some of its lifeforce and providing just enough distraction for Colxian to strike again with a Powerful Hack.

    Blackhammer finally found an opening and its Powerful Bash sent Dawnshield again sliding back.

    Mizana had also ran closer during the fighting and suddenly used Improved Telekinesis to pull Colxian to safety as well as shoving Blackhammer away from Dawnshield. She followed this up by summoning a Wall Of Fire, both to attack Blizkenripper and to prevent it from advancing on her.

    As the alabaster dragon roared in pain from the molten rock, Blackhammer switched targets and flew towards Colxian instead.


    Blizkenripper's now at half health.

    Colxian had seen Blackhammer's approach and suddenly swung around in an All Out Attack, his Potent Stab taking the sentient weapon totally by surpise. Hit it from behind - I wonder how you can tell which side is the front on a sentient weapon?

    Hmm, not good though. Colxian only has one move for himself and if I retreat from the Blackhammer, the dragon can catch up with him and eat him alive. But if I stay there, Blackhammer will be free to use those 5 unrevealed cards against Colxian. Tough choice.

    The weapon roared in pain and Colxian retreated, hoping that Blizkenripper would choose another target for a moment.
    The dragon's attention was luckily on Dawnshield and the dragon swiped at her with a sharp Dragon Claw before the priestess had time to Purge the cold slowing her down.

    Again Blizkenripper switched targets, this time swooping towards Mizana who quickly retreated before turning to summon another Hot Spot under Blackhammer. The sentient weapon screeched in the blistering heat, but barely managed to float out of the lava pool. With just 1 hp left.


    Now, the question goes: does Blackhammer have any Parry cards?

    Colxian quickly struck the sentient weapon, hoping to take it out with one quick All Out Attack. The hit connected and the living hammer collapsed, hitting the frozen ground with a clank.

    Before the fighter had time to recover from the attack Blizkenripper unleashed its Blizzard Breath, hitting all three heroes with the cold. Mizana's Mystical Wyrmhide protected her from the freeze effect (too bad it didn't attach the effect on Blizkenripper even though I succeeded on the roll, probably because the spell was a cone spell).

    Dawnshield was already having difficulties moving after all the beating she had taken from Blackhammer. Determined to aid her allies she nevertheless turned to provide Colxian with a Healing Blessing and then continued with a Mass Frenzy chant. With three attachments this made Ice Bolts attachment fall off from Colxian which was the main goal anyway.

    Blizkenripper saw the priestess' divine magic help her allies and after spitting another volley of Ice Bolts it flew to attack the dwarf. This time Mizana fails the armor roll so still no encumber effects on Blizkenripper.

    As Colxian saw what the alabaster dragon was intending to do he yelled a warning, allowing Dawnshield to dash to safety. She didn't get far enough before the dragon's Blizzard Breath hit again, knocking the priestess out of the fight.


    Dawnshield down so no more Impenetrable Nimbus to help Colxian to attack. The current attacks should be enough to take the dragon out though if I can get rid of that Reflecting Block - and the dragon doesn't have more in its hand.

    Too bad Blizkenripper just drew a Hover so I won't be taking the foe out quite yet anyway.

    Once again the mighty dragon launched a barrage of Ice Bolts, this time at Colxian. Blah, again two encumber effects. Instead of moving towards the frozen fighter the dragon turned to pursue Mizana instead, forcing the woman to pull back. With the cold slowing her down she wasn't quite fast enough to escape the Dragon Claw raking her.

    Well, I could use Telekinesis to flush out that Reflecting Block but if the effect gets reflected, the dragon could then pull Mizana closer and bite her to death.

    Mizana pulled back again, away from the ferocious wyrm as it launched its Blizzard Breath towards Colxian.


    Now I'd just need to flush out those blocks and get the dragon to close in on Colxian...

    Mizana turned to face Blizkenripper once again, leveling her staff at the imposing wyrm. Her Powerful Spark met the beast's Reflecting Block and the blast hit Mizana herself and she was again forced to retreat as the dragon advanced towards her. She then turned again, flinging a Penetrating Bolt at the beast.

    The dragon swooped behind Mizana who turned and used a Telekinesis spell to push the dangerous foe again out of reach but it quickly flew back.


    Atleast one of the encumber effects ran out on both heroes.

    Once again Mizana ran, this time regaining her full speed as the magical cold freezing her joints had vanished. Unfortunately the beast proved just as fast. Grr, it drew an extra Fly just when I have no extra moves myself. Hoping to scare the ferocious foe away Mizana summoned a Wall Of Fire in front of her but the dragon wasn't deterred by the flames and Blizkenripper's Obliterating Hack brough the sorceress down.

    Alone against the mighty dragon Colxian watched as the flying beast landed in front of him.


    Not enough damage to take out the enemy - yet.

    The fighter pulled back but got hit by a Dragon Claw. This time he did manage to block its Blizzard Breath though.


    Still no All Out Attack.

    Colxian struck the mighty dragon, aiming a Puncturing Stab at it but the dragon's Toughness was greater than the strength behind the blow and the huge wyrm just countered with another Blizzard Breath.

    The dragon suddenly flew above Colxian, landing behind him. Its path took it a little too low though and Colxian managed to hit the beast from behind with an Obliterating Bludgeon. Unfortunately the foe immediately countered with an Obliterating Hack that was too much for the weakened fighter.

    Bah. should have retreated again and waited for that All Out Attack...

    Well, out of attempts, time to start over again.
  20. Zalminen

    Zalminen Hydra

    Black Plume Mountain, 2nd try

    To prepare for the umber bulks, I whip up a new list:
    Level 19 Human Warrior

    Level 19 Human Wizard

    Level 19 Dwarf Priest

    Battle 1


    As one of the fiery statues greeted the heroes with a Lava Pool Mizana turned to run towards it, attacking the lava spitter with a Magma Spray before another Lava Pool appeared, coming from another statue approaching from the south.
    Colxian on the other hand had taken the opposite direction, attacking the lava spitter and bashing the umber bulk back as it moved in to aid its ally.

    Meanwhile Dawnshield tried to get away from the molten rock, the retreat made difficult by the hideous stench of the umber bulks. Neither she or Mizana managed to get out of the lava before it began burning at their legs.
    Mizana cursed and cast a quick spell to allow her to Hover above the molten stone.


    Colxian continued in pursuit of the lava spitter as it tried to retreat. Stepping easily aside the Wall Of Fire it used to attack him, his Vicious Thrust hit the statue again before he was forced to pull back to evade another Wall Of Fire. Trying to stop the nimble human the umber bulk cursed him with Path Of Knives.

    As Dawnshield paused to Heal Mizana the umber bulks came roaring in and the sorceress quickly assaulted the ugly beast with an Acid Spray. The horny foe tried to hit the human with a Powerful Hack but hit only Mizana's Block and the sorceress then quickly retreated, running straight into a Hot Spot spat out by the lava spitter in the opposite direction. Not that it mattered, with Mizana Hovering a safe distance above the molten rock. Convection schmonvection.

    Dawnshield noticed the distracted umber bulk and attacked, her Charge hitting the big foe in the flank. She then spun around, retreating from the acid-filled area before it would begin to eat away at her shoes.

    The statues seemed to have went into full panic mode, running around like crazy. Mizana shrugged and hit the one closest to her with an Acid Spray but it also managed to slip away from the trap.


    Dawnshield tried to inspire herself a little with a song but it gave way to a Mass Frenzy chant as the priestess found herself the target of another Wall Of Fire. She tried to slip away from the lava but the stench made her run the wrong way and only Colxian's sudden barked command allowed her to ascertain the correct direction and allow her to get to safety.

    Colxian was also having trouble getting away from the lava attacks of the statues. He eventually did it but with considerable pain from Path Of Knives.

    On the other side of the chamber Mizana had been forced to retreat from the approaching umber bulk. She paused long enough to attack one of the statues with a Hot Spot though, melting the already weakened foe.


    The eastern lava spitter moved to harass Dawnshield with more lava but the dwarf easily slipped away from the trap, closing in on the fiery statue.

    Meanwhile Colxian was hit with another Path Of Knives curse as well as a Glob Of Flame that did little against his Reliable Hide Armor. As another Hot Spot appeared on the ground beneath the fighter's feet he finally sprang into action, ignoring the pain from the earlier curse to chase one of the statues. Roaring in anger he struck the fiery opponent, hurting himself a little more with the Backbiting Strike.

    Mizana quickly ran to aid Colxian, giving the lava spitter a taste of its own medicine in the form of a Hot Spot. The statue evaded the attack however. But I did get to pass first. Hover ended.


    Ignoring the umber bulk behind him Colxian struck out again, hitting the rapidly weakening statue with a Vicious Thrust.
    Dawnshield was trying to get to a position where she could aid her allies with her spells but to her dismay she found out she was still too close to the horrific smell of the umber bulks and ended up running straight into a Wall Of Fire.

    Mizana didn't need much help though as she sprayed more magma at the lava spitter. Colxian's fight wasn't going quite as well though as the molten rock kept him hopping to and fro.

    One of the statues finally fell to the flames from Mizana's earlier spell. Another one flung a Glob Of Flame at Dawnshield.


    The priestess quickly began another song to drive her allies into a Mass Frenzy.

    With her previous target gone, Mizana broke into a run to reach the next statue. The stench of the umber bulks sent her careening straight towards one of them but as it whacked her with a Simple Strike her Sparkling Cloth Armor absorbed some of the force behind the blow and allowed her to turn to the right direction.

    Meanwhile Colxian had gone for a Healing Dash but roared in pain as the curse undid all the additional strength this run had given him and then some. But no more Maze Of The Minds!

    Dawnshield also marched towards Colxian and was finally close enough to bestow a Healing Blessing on the fighter, extinguishing the flames on him. The lava spitter saw the approaching pair and fled.

    Meanwhile Mizana was left to fend off the approaching umber bulk. Her Ember Spray hit the annoying foe and she stepped back before spraying the enemy with more fire. Good, no Resistant Hide.

    Path Of Knives finally expired.


    Mizana hit the closer umber bulk with a Sorcerous Bolt just as the northern lava spitter burped a Wall Of Fire at her.

    Dawnshield leaned forward to provide Colxian with a little Inspiration.

    "-ome here," the fighter yelled (Shuffle, Team!), the priestess instinctively following his command and Mizana instinctively moving away from him.

    The southern lava spitter rewarded Mizana with another Wall Of Fire. The sorceress tried to Run but again the stench sent her crashing straight at the other umber bulk, again getting whacked with a Simple Strike and again finding the right direction thanks to Sparkling Cloth Armor.

    The statues are too far for Colxian to reach and attacking the umber bulk is a little too risky thanks to Raging Strike. So I just pass.

    Ha, the umber bulks discarded Resistant Hide causing the weaker one to take more damage from burning!


    Dawnshield attempted to Charge the nearby umber bulk but again the stench sent her hurtling in the wrong direction. The dwarf tried again but only ended up where she had started from.

    Shaking her head at her useless allies Mizana used Improved Telekinesis to yank the umber bulk into the lava in the middle of the chamber, nearly killing the beastly foe.


    "That's it, time to clear the air," Mizana yelled, raising her glowing staff high.
    "Oh sh-" Dawnshield had time to cry before the familiar sight of a Firestorm filled the air.

    The curtain of flames claimed the weaker umber bulk but also hit everyone else.

    Just as Colxian was about to move out another Path Of Knives curse hit him. Gah. That damn card is causing a lot more pain than all the lava the statues have been flinging about.

    The other bulk marched towards Mizana as well but the sorceress just shrugged and created a Wall Of Fire to greet the beast.

    The western lava spitter had again marched close enough to burp a huge Lava Pool right at Colxian and Dawnshield, causing Mizana to yell at the pair to disperse. They did so.
    Unfortunately the northern lava spitter proved just fast enough to backtrack and fling another Wall Of Fire at Dawnshield who was trying to move around the previous lava to get at the enemies.
    The dwarf fell, exhausted by the heat.


    Mizana tried to retreat from the umber bulk preparing to hit her but the stench of the beast caused her to stumble forwards. The bulky foe hit her with a Shredding Strike and although her Sparkling Cloth Armor failed to absorb any of the blow's damage it did allow her to run to a safer location and blast the weaker statue apart with a Sorcerous Bolt.

    The other statue again burped more lava, forcing Colxian to Run to safety despite the curse making every step painful. Unfortunately the stench of the umber bulks also caused him to run the wrong way and he ended up still in lava. Cursing at the annoying enemies Colxian struck out, falling before being able to actually hit with his Vicious Thrust. Wasn't sure if I'd get to hit first before the curse would take effect but Colxian would have died anyway soon.

    Before Mizana got to do anything more a Sizzling Bolt hit her, ending her fight.


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