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  1. Zacharianthi

    Zacharianthi War Monkey

    Username: Zacharianthi

    Matches so far: 5

    Build was 3 identical human warriors, with full vanguard and lycanthropy. Gameplan was to close distance with step moves and vanguard, and stack enough armor that killing my characters would be too inefficient. Build was identical for all 5 games.

    Level 18 Human Warrior

    Level 18 Human Warrior

    Level 18 Human Warrior

    Game 1: Up against 1/1/1, two humans and a dwarf priest. Loss to ???.
    -Opponent played vanguard, mind muddle, and overall I couldn't quite catch them. Two Enemy characters finished the match with 8 health and 2 health.
    -Sundering Strike really does work as a counter to armor. Vamp Kiss does also, actually.
    -In round 4 the enemy wiz cleaned up a 16 health warrior with two Grudges. I probably should have kept the block I discarded at the end of the previous round. This feels like it's maybe a little high.

    Game 2: Against 1 dwarf wizard 2 dwarven priests. Loss to Karnall?.
    -Opponent starts 2nd round and kills a warrior from 24 hp before I get to even trait up. Works like this. Opponent draws talented healer, and then double Vamp Kisses my warrior, then Quick Runs the wizard over and drops a huge Inquisition Bolt. Definetly a nasty combo, and the match is mostly decided from there.
    -Later in the match one enemy priest Vamp Kisses the other to regain most of their health.
    -Not quite enough movement to deal with things like Force Cone
    -Opponent finishes the match with all three slow dwarves having over twenty hitpoints.

    Game 3: Against 1/1/1, human warrior, dwarf wiz, elf priest. Victory against Robo11500.
    -One warrior drew into vanguard, wolf form, and mighty charge. 2nd warrior drew into Vengeance and Prowl. Together they closed over half the map to be on top of the enemy and put two characters at 10hp and 1 hp by the end of the first round.
    -I don't really know what my opponent was trying to do. They didn't really try to get away, and kinda just died.

    Game 4: Against 1 dwarf wizard 2 dwaren priests. Victory against Karnall.
    -Enemy Walpurgis'd in the first round, and later in the match. Opponent ended up with a lot of zombies, which probably did not help them.
    -On the other hand, this slowed down my armor stacking. Armor never really got there.
    -Again, noticing somewhat low mobility on my end. Couldn't close the gap with a double AoA warrior, got pushed out of arena with force cone.
    -Vengeance finally played a role, and helped me close in for the kill at the end due to a victory point with spike terrain.
    -Overall, it was a longish match (7 rounds) with most everyone low at the end.

    Game 5: against 1/1/1 human warrior dwarf wizard elf priest from Robo11500. Victory on Celestial Temple.
    -My opponent basically fed their characters to me one by one. This set my warriors up for an easy match.
    -One of my warriors drew into some armor, and took a Punishing Bolt in round three while holding 4 cards. Only took 3 damage from it.

    Closing Thoughts:
    -I think the idea of armor stacking deserves some more testing and attention. With just M.Hide and Wolf form, that's 5 average armor value. Lots of attacks start to get really inefficient with armor like that.
    -My deck could use some tweaks. Probably switch to 2 warriors and 1 support priest.
    -I could have used more mobility on the warriors. Maybe a weapon with NS or Dancing Cut is the answer.
    -Wolf form may need more mobility in it's draws, like Leap or something.
    -Spending a token on Vanguard, or any other racial trait, didn't seem to really make sense. Wolf form prevents you from drawing from your deck. It was nice when it came up, but that was rarer than it was worth.
    -Prowl is Good. I don't know if it's too good, but it's Good.
    -Vanguard feels good as well. I like using it, it makes me feel smart to plan it out. Not certain about power level yet.
    -Ancient Grudge felt like it built damage a little too fast. Maybe tie it straight to round count, not discard pile.
    -Inquisitor's Bolt can do a LOT of damage. It can make Obliterating Spark look wimpy.
    -Vamp Kiss currently works as a counter to armor stacking, with it's "discard your hand" effect. In addition to everything else it does.
    -If this was on live, I think it could be a meta-warping deck. As in, you pack counters to armor stacking or your rating is in the ditch. Sundering Strike, Inq. Bolt, Silver damage type, etc. It might be a little slow to get rolling for that, not sure.
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  2. What, you mean that OP lunging bite isn't enough to suit your mobility needs? ;)
    On a more serious note, werewolves have 4 moves in their hand, and they come up pretty often. (Vicious Stab, Lunging Bite, Prowl, and Mighty Charge*) I haven't experienced a lack of mobility on these guys, but I expect that much could depend upon the will of the RNG.

    *I may have forgotten some.
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  3. Flaxative

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    Thanks, I have you at 5 games. We're going to make some changes soon, so you might want to wait to test some more.
  4. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    You are correct they have enough mobility with those cards. If you want to see all the cards forms can give check out here:
  5. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 5 games.

    You will receive 1 Epic Mitternacht chest when this content is released.

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