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Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Magus, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Just to throw it in the mix. I really don't like the sound of PvP being separate. One of the things that makes this game addicting is getting those loot drops. I think I would play a lot less if I had ever item. And I might never play SP. Though I do enjoy the SP content.

    And I have already sunk a significant amount of money into the game for club member ship, basic package, and expansions. If suddenly we only had to spend 20 dollars for all the items in a PvP format I will feel a little cheated.

    As for the shop. Meh. Despite having similar frustrations about not getting the legendaries I want. I have found that items don't matter nearly as much as solid play and experience. I would love to trade in all my unused legendaries for things I want. But if the collection mechanic remains unchanged it is fine by me.
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  2. DunDunDun

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    That's pretty close to my thoughts, Jux :)
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    I definitly agree. If I just play one match per day while I am concentraded and take my time to think my and my opponents next steps through, I have a much much higher win percantage, than the days were I play just to get the next golden chest and play sloppy.

    For me this discussion is on the one hand about having the possibility to try out something new. I would love to spam volcanos. Or to jump around with VP. Or throw some fireballs. The part of the game I enjoy the most is building and optimizing my decks.

    On the other hand regardless how good you play, if your opponent is as good, the items will most often decide who wins.
  4. For trying something new... would it be technically feasible to have a featured "item of the week" of which one (perhaps unsellable, but the prices are so low that it doesn't seem likely to matter) copy temporarily available for everybody's builds, and then removed and replaced the next week?

    It might offer interesting data in terms of answering questions like how useful it seems to be and what people pair it with.
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  5. DunDunDun

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    Well, if it's good enough for LoL. :p

    Main problem with that in this game is, though, we're not swapping out entire builds; we'd be loading up specific items.

    That means basically any new players would flood to use that item, and similarly, the class that item belongs to.

    It'd likely be a very negative impact on pvp dynamics.

    Only real way to do it would be to have something like a list of 5 items, and each player can choose one to use in their party.
    It still narrows down what builds you'd see, but it does maintain some decent versatility [also means players won't feel as bugged if they get an item they already own ;) ].

    I definitely like the concept of temporary items, it's a great way to test builds and avoids the 'bypasses hunting elements' we've had issue with, and has no pay-to-gain elements.

    So yeah, seems a viable way to approach it.
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  6. Magus

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    The issue is there's still no way to actually get the build after your week of playing around with Volcano happened and you no longer have access. Might be good with other things, is bad on its own (imo).
  7. VDZ

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    If the problem is the fact that being able to get any specific item you want would break singleplayer, why not allow for 'multiplayer-only' items? Like, open a special shop where you can buy any item in the game for a high price (higher than usual), but the items you buy there can ONLY be used in multiplayer.
  8. Flaxative

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    I mean, I personally think there should be multiplayer-only items. But it's a lot of work and we don't have an interface for that right now. The "why not" question is almost always answered with "we are essentially a 1-man team."
  9. Sir Veza

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    True dat. I'm one who likes the campaign loot chase, and doesn't like PvP. I can definitely see the value of a pay-to-play PvP game that was all about deck building and head to head competition, and came wth a full loadout of every item.

    Maximizing enjoyment in a game with disparate parts is going to be a challenge, especially when some players only play one side and others enjoy both.
    It could be as simple as a 1 byte code to determine which items appear in the MP deckbuilder, which in the SP deckbuilder, and which in both. Then the hard part would start, and it would be a heck of a lot of work. Still, I believe it's worth thinking about. Possibly with single items behaving differently in each mode. (Confusion to the enemy!) Hmm. Maybe that would be too much.
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  10. VDZ

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    The technical issue of storage/filtering is trivial. It's the interface issues (before we get a ****ton of 'where did my items go' posts) and the creation of a special shop to sell them/other way to distribute them that's a lot of work. And those things lead to further issues themselves - people will inevitably complain it's too hard to filter/sort items when all items in the entire game are available in one shop, for example.
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    I agree

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