Whole team of oozes

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  1. CellaDwella

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    LOL LEVEL 23 CHARACTERS! No wonder it was easy. Its a level 10 encounter........................ I'm level 10/11 obviously you guys can go back and complete it with your over leveled characters and items. How do i complete it AT THE CORRECT LEVEL?
  2. Sir Veza

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    A higher level character is reduced to adventure level +2. You should be able to complete it using the same builds they did, or at least very similar equipment adjusted for your race/class combos.
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  3. CellaDwella

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    I don't have most of those items. Maybe because don't have 24 levels worth of loot? The only slashing weapons I have are rubbish. If I were to recruit 2 more mages and go with 3 mages would I have to level them?
  4. You don't need slashing; piercing will do as well -- or unholy; an awful lot of priestly attacks are unholy melee attacks, which pretty much nothing is immune to (not even skeletons and zombies...). Or, any of the armor-removal methods will work (aside from sundering strike; it's slashing, so it won't actually interact with Amorphous Body).

    If you recruit a character at the initial tavern, he'll start at level 1. There's a later tavern that lets you recruit level 10 characters at 10x the cost, but I don't think it's unlocked by this time. And in any event, the value of doubling up on classes is constrained by the equipment you have available.

    (Actually, by this point, you should have unlocked multiplayer. The first time you enter the multiplayer lobby, you should be offered a free 'starter pack' of level-18 multiplayer characters with decent gear -- but IIRC they're usable in single-player, too.)
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  5. CellaDwella

    CellaDwella Kobold

    If you can use those characters in single player then I cant figure out how.
  6. CellaDwella

    CellaDwella Kobold

    I did it with all 3 characters alive but I feel I was lucky, its almost as if they went out of thier way to NOT surround me. In round 3 There are skeletons which I believe I need crushing for, my old setup should be ok now.

    edit: they were zombies, even easier. round 3 was much easier than 2 got it first try without even adjusting my full slahsiung setup.
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  7. Sir Veza

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    The multiplayer starter pack will show up in you character roster in the keep, but they're level 1 in the campaign. You can use their equipment if it's in your vault (not equipped on a character in the inactive character roster), and you have the tokens for it. All the shops are available to you in multiplayer, so you have a chance to buy any common or uncommon item in the game. (But stick with those you have the tokens to use.)
    The items will cost more if they are more than a level above your renown. If this is a problem, play some MP games (especially if you haven't already). You'll gain 1 renown per 3 wins, and at low elo they're pretty easy. They're also a good source of loot/gold.
    Hefty Choppers and Blister Stones (both common) are usually available in the Goblin Bazaar. They can help a lot in some of the adventures to come.
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  8. Fry

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    Also, if the enemy card flashes by too fast for you to read, in the upper-left corner you can tab over to "Battle Log." Anything that is underlined is a card that was played, and you can mousehover over the underlined words to get a popup of the card in question.

    I think there's also an option you can set to make the game pause on every enemy card played. You probably don't want that on when you're doing multiplayer though, or you'll run out of timer.
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  9. MathuranF

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    loving the gratitude you're showing for the help and suggestions despite your attitude.
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  10. Fifjunior7

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    savage af
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  11. Agree with doing MP.

    Leagues cost 50 gold to enter, but guarantee a reward even if you don't play any games or lose every one you played. I recall doing the math and figuring out that if every item is useless to you (unlikely, early on) their combined resale value is still guaranteed to be a bit over 50 gold, because some of the items are guaranteed to be rare (or rarer). The main gotcha with leagues is that the level range of the items may not be useful to you at the moment -- e.g. if you join a Citadel-themed league, all chests will grant Citadel items, which IIRC are all of high-enough level that you can't really use them until level 15 or so (power token requirement). OTOH, with some leagues being quick-draw and some other leagues being fixed-deck, your own equipment or party builds won't matter for those.

    If you win MP matches, either league or ranked, you also advance on a track that gives you separate rewards -- better ones for 1st, 3rd, 6th, IIRC 10th, 15th, 20th wins per day. Doesn't matter how many you lose getting there, unless you care about your ELO... the more ranked matches you lose, the lower your ELO, the more likely you are to go against opponents who are either quite inexperienced, who refuse to take the game terribly seriously and aren't playing at the top of their game, or so forth, so you should find some equilibrium. Doesn't matter when it comes to reward chests -- a victory against somebody with an ELO of 1200 and a non-trivial blood-alcohol level counts as much as a victory against somebody with an ELO of 1850.
  12. timeracers

    timeracers Guild Leader

    No it is better for 1st, 3rd, 6th, 11th, 20th wins of the day.
  13. doog37

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    Dude the oozes are hard. I hate them, you hate them, we all hate them.
    If you are running with 3 warriors you will have a tough time as you will not get enough items to keep up with the curve as you are essentially ignoring 2/3rds of the items. But I agree within the trash of low level crap bludgeon attacks rule. When I realized that Strong Hack is a rare card (note to self: why?) and only shows up on rare or higher items I saw the difficulty. You probably got by with crap items and crap strategy and now that the oozes won't die from that crap you are feeling down in the dumps.
    The adventures are not hard if you are properly prepared, but a lot of the vets forgot what it is like to have a crap collection and that oozes are high hit points for their level so it might be harder to be prepared. I hit a similar wall at the Astral Adventures (which I found through replay were nerfed) and just had to grind through because I didn't even know there was a wiki or forums and was stubborn about using different tactics.
    You have choices here you can go nuts with Wall of Fire and Chops as Sir Veza advised (P.S. he has likely played the SP adventures more than any other 2 people) try seeing what other items you haven't tried or even try to get a new party member or three to give you more choices. I guarantee you will beat these levels and when you come back to them on a Loot Fairy hunt you will be a lot better at slaughtering slimes.
    But another weapon to look for is Acrobat's Blade. Yes Fumble is wack, but if you want to have a couple of heavy hitting attacks the 2 Mighty Hacks are a great and while stab is weak it is a ranged attack and buffs are a good thing. But I would go with a wizard and use Wall of Fire since you can do 8 damage to up to 3 slimy oozes for 1 card.
  14. doog37

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    You do realize that not everyone who plays is a top 1000 player right? I think a 1200 rating is good for like #800 on the top rankings. Most of the MP players languish somewhere in between 900 and 1200 rating and would aspire to a 1200 ELO.
  15. Happenstance

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    I'm expiring to 1200 at the moment.
  16. timeracers

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    It's easier than I thought to get to 1200, I got to it with my Alt that uses exclusively the EttSC premade.

    PS: The EttSC premade is great!
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  17. doog37

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    Build alone will not get you there. You have much more experience than the typical player.

    I should check out the EttSC pre-made.
    But for the sake of conversation I am certain I could start from 0 with a new login and use one of the pre-mades and hit 1200. But I also know every card in the game. I have seen a wide variety of builds.
    As you get past 1200 maybe now 1250-1300 with the Steam inflation, build matters much more because everyone knows how to play. A theoretical 5%-10% edge in win probability would be huge and can be obtained by the right match up of builds although obviously nearly impossible to quantify with a small enough margin of error. Personally much like my inadequacies in playing chess, I am not deliberate and patient enough to maximize my win rate.
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