What was the pen and paper RPG you have played

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  1. Deadless78

    Deadless78 Mushroom Warrior

    DND Chuthlu are two of my favs. Also what was a memorable moment you had playing
  2. zz_tophat

    zz_tophat Kobold

    A lot of D&D 3.5.

    Also mutants and masterminds.

    Risus holds a special place in my heart for a quicky pick up game. Risus is also my go-to system for any forum or internet chat/game table games because it's so easy to pick up.
  3. Kaltorak

    Kaltorak Kobold

  4. Deadless78

    Deadless78 Mushroom Warrior

  5. Assussanni

    Assussanni Ogre

    D&D (3.5e and 4e) and Exalted. Memorable moments include (3.5e Eberron) interrogating a guy who was on fire (not our fault) by using the "cure wounds" line of spells to prolong his agony and (Exalted) scaling walls by throwing handfuls of sand at them then running up the individual grains.
  6. Deadless78

    Deadless78 Mushroom Warrior

    Nice like the grain travel
  7. IshidaTsuki

    IshidaTsuki Orc Soldier

    I played alot of settings...

    My favorite by far is Earthdawn (3rd Ed.). 500 year-long demonic scourge, everyone locked himself up in so called Kaers (Vaults basically). Now, the scourge seems oveer. Explore zhe World :D Greatest Fantasy Setting I know, quite different from alot of other stuff.

    Another great System is Paranoia. Backstabbing, laughs and of course treacherous Mutant Communists. Must-play imho.

    Cthulhu or Private Eye of course, both kinda the same except the obvious setting differences :D

    Theeeen Pathfinder (or DnD3.5, whatever floats you boat, played'em both)

    All the Warhammer Rulesets, be it Fantasy 2nd Ed. (3rd Ed. isnt really a RP anymore, more like a very open boardgame), as well as most of the 40k Stuff (all but Only war, didnt get to read or paly that yet).

    WoD, Vampires, Werewolves, Changelings, whatever you may like. Great World, fantastic for Roleplaying.

    Dungeonslayers, which is a simple Fantasy-Setting / Ruleset for people woth not that much time. Is availiable for free on their website [insert Link here]

    And alst but not least a very special one: Tenra Bansho Zero, a Hyperjapanese Roleplaying Game that got translated into english recently. I backde the Kickstarter for the distribution and was rewarded with the PDFs. Great Stuff :D
  8. Sharien

    Sharien Mushroom Warrior

    so far ive been playing vampire the masquerade, SLA industries, some homebrew stuff, shadowrun, a little dnd4
    my personal favorites so far among those are SLA and DnD4 a good gm can bring a lot of really cool personal horror to SLA =)
  9. Grombak

    Grombak Orc Soldier

    DnD, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, the last being my favorite. A freind of mine did a really great job as Gamemaster, but didnt continue to, unfortunally.
  10. All editions of D&D, currently trying the beta D&D Next.
  11. Fizbin

    Fizbin Mushroom Warrior

    I have played:
    AD&D 2.5, D&D 3.5 (Settings: Forgotten Realms, Dark Sun, Kara-Tur, Spelljammer and a lil Planescape) , GURPS (many different tech/settings), Paranoia, Vampire: the Masquerade, Shadowrun and D&D Next (beta).

    I can't really give a favorite per-say, as I enjoyed all of them (I avoided D&D 4th like the plague). I think it is more to do with the people I am playing with than the rule-set/setting.
  12. Womble

    Womble Mushroom Warrior

  13. inkBot

    inkBot Kobold

    My favourite game has to be Shadowrun 4e. Pathfinder/D&D3.5, Warhammer FRP and GURPS (as a player) would be second.

    I'm also currently looking at looking at Savage Worlds, Wild Talents, and the third edition of Exalted (when it comes out)
  14. DukeMyers

    DukeMyers Orc Soldier

    It's shorter to list the p&p games I haven't played over the last 26 years. I will always play (still do) D&D but the wildest adventures? Paranoia. Talk about being at the mercy of the GM!
  15. hq27

    hq27 Kobold

    I've played DnD and Call of Cathulu but i got to say my fave is this new one we just started called Hunters Dark its got a great Witch Hunter / Monster Hunter vibe to it and I love the art plus its free check it out here if your interested http://mattcintron.wix.com/huntersdark
  16. Magic Elves

    Magic Elves Thaumaturge

    When I was in 8th grade, I basically dragged some people over and played a badly drawn 2-d version of minecraft, except it was on floating islands. Super fun, and I guess it had RPG elements in it?

    I would play actual games, but the only gaming group in my area is completely full of all my other friends :(
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  17. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    Last PnP RPG I played was AD&D 2nd ed, Forgotten Realms setting, with homemade campaign and special rules. This was when I was in college back in 1996.

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