what else are you playing?

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    Now how many times have I heard that on Youtube?
  2. Did it explode up on youtube or something? I've been avoiding the spoiler videos.
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    Been playing and enjoying Gwent recently.
  5. wereviper

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    I've found a game that has been of interest to me. An Indie game on Steam called Heroes of Dire. The one part I've liked so far is the targeting mechanic which forces you to be facing your opponent when your attempting an attack. Friendly and helpful community and devs that listen to player ideas much like the team here at Cardhunter :)

    "Heroes of Dire is a new (released on Steam Mar 15, 2017) massively-multiplayer tactical role-playing game from Spellbook!

    You are a powerful hero with an army of fighters battling through strategic turn-based combat to win treasure, fame, and glory for your guild!

    Join with friends to defeat challenging deity boss raids, take up quests for epic treasure, invade enemy guild halls, and fight in brutal gladiator arenas as crowd favorites live and die for your amusement!

    Cross-platform servers bring together thousands of players on desktop and mobile devices with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone!"

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    I really struggle to get into these 3d animated digital board games. Not that my PC is lacking <brag>GTX 1080 SLI</brag>. They usually just feel wonky. I'll give Heroes of Dire a go. But I reckon I'll just fall back to 2d games like Duelyst, Faeria, Hero Academy, etc.
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