warning - bad dog card stealing stars and wins

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  1. orlan

    orlan Kobold

    so it was tied for the last star

    op had bad dog on and went to center

    my mage hit him with 4 melee dam and killed him

    so I get 2 stars....

    but I don't get 2 stars

    the game gave him 3

    its not rocket science to see that every game I ever played ranked

    a I or not

    you get 2 stars when you get a kill right away

    theres no waiting till the round is over to see whos on the only control point

    and besides its obvious that he was dead to deal that dam so I get 2 stars before that should proc

    if someone tells me meh the game is open to exploits get over it I will move on to the next mmo in mmos.coms list I don't support turkeys too lazy to update their line of work to be accurate and above board

    I am sooooo disappointed in a turn based game that cant keep up with where you are in a turn and give the win to the winner

    I was alive till I took his dam but its moot I should have got 2 stars then the turn would move on

    I should have won the match fair and square by an extra star

    any dam a dead guy does after that is meaningless

    ok now you know beware of that card

    i have to say in a battlecentric game the fact theres sneaky wins to be had when theres more than enough time to fix cards like that really takes my enthusiasm down 100 percent

    it just sucked the fun right out of the game
  2. Kalin

    Kalin Begat G'zok

    The victory squares weren't counted in this case.

    This is known behavior for this card (and Festering Guts). You dealt fatal damage to a char with Mad Dog, then MD did fatal damage to one or more of your chars, then your chars were removed from the board and stars awarded to your opponent. If your opponent hadn't won, then their char would have been removed and you received two stars.

    This is an unexpected consequence of how the events are handled, and I'm not sure how hard it would be to fix. I do know that bad things can happen if you delete a dead char before its cards are done resolving (it used to be common to have Jarring Block stuck in the middle of the screen after it killed its owner).
  3. First of all, let me tell you that I can understand your frustration. Even for me (with more than a year experience) there are situations where I forget about a single attached card and loose. But giving up a game because of one bad experience doesn't appear as a very rational decision. I guess every game has mechanics that you have to experience at least once to fully understand them. If this means one lost game then you should be very happy that you only needed this one match.

    This game has some minor problems with inaccurate card texts, that isn't new (to those playing for a while). But for the two mentioned cards one could argue that the card exactly says what it does: "When you die, deal xx damage to all characters within y squares." When you die can be interpreted as In the process of dying, it doesn't say After you died and even avoids the ambiguous formulation Before you die which could mean anything. And then you cannot argue for your own win. The char you attacked wasn't really dead yet when he killed you.

    I would rather question the situation that those two cards can make both players loose an MP-match (which is possible as far as I know, but haven't experienced this myself). Either they are resolved before the char dies and the player with them wins or the attacker wins without them being resolved. If you kill the last char of your opponent but would suffer a poison death at the end of the round, you win nevertheless, so why can't you win with Mad Dog but with a lethal poisoning.

    Ever played with Superstitious involved?? This card also triggers before the char gets removed and stars are awarded and it uses the same formulation.

    And in this case the game-changing card even got highlighted, so you know what card fooled you and you can adapt your game play. There are some cards that affect the game without being highlighted (trust me, there are some, although the only cards I can think of at the moment are the form cards that affect your card-drawing without being highlighted - edit: oh, now I remember which cards I originally meant: Bad Luck and the Harnesses affect your rolls without being highlighted).

    To be honest, your post sounds like someone who just registered in order to find a reason to drop the game again and move to the next. With this attitude you wont find a single game that meets your standards. Even if the list of potential games is as long as the mentioned list. In case you really want to play Card Hunter there are plenty of ways to help the developers improving the game that don't involve insulting the devs and calling them lazy. Compared to the devs' man-power I think they did a really great job (and I wouldn't call the game perfect either). Blizzard has way more people involved in Hearthstone and according to your game list Card Hunter has a better score (whatever this means in detail).
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