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  1. Jumped into the games blind, so probably what I'm saying have been said but w/e

    Game 1: Vengeance Warriors + support priest vs Walpurgisnacht priest and inquistion wizard
    Zombie stun is pretty insane when fighting for vp squares
    Inquisition dealing extra from vicious thrust was a bit of a surprise

    Game 2: Vengeance/Vanguard Warriors + support priest vs all human warrior team
    Level 1 Human Warrior

    Level 1 Human Warrior

    Level 1 Human Priest
    Vengeance + Sparkling cloth was insane for repositioning
    Only played vanguard once, but it seems like it was very good at zoning out people from VP squares

    Game 3: Rematch
    Werewolf armor was very strong, and the draws weren't great but neither was it bad enough to offset the armor gain

    Game 4: same build vs Walpurgisnacht priest and inquistion wizard
    Inquisition bolt was pretty ridiculous in terms of damage (12+) alongside walpurgisnacht, especially since some regular warrior attack cards also count toward the bonus
    Daylight was noticeably powerful when paired with walpurgisnacht and purge
    Walpurgisnacht basically killed the deck that I had, which felt pretty bad

    Game 5: same build vs smoke/insiquition
    Nothing of note since barely any new cards were played

    Game 6: same build vs Grudge control wizards
    Despite a lot of control cards, superior mobility from vanguard and vengeance prevailed
    Lack of counterplay regarding holding vengeance in comparison to a disolved sparkling mail was pretty noticeable

    Game 7: same build vs BJSS elves
    The build seems to be able to hold its own against standard BJSS build

    Game 8: same build vs some random 1/1/1 build with shapeshift
    Monstrous hide from werewolf shapeshift was really strong, with 2 stacking being kind of a terror to effectively play against. Seems like armor removal will be mandatory at this rate.

    From a casual perspective, shapeshifting seems like a fun wacky mechanic, and definitely something I would enjoy when I want to mess around. From a builder's perspective though, it was a major headache to figure out the interactions from just the card text themselves. The lack of explanation of what cards each transformation can produce and what counts as bonus for inquisition bolt was aggravating during planning both inside the game and out. Walpurgis Night especially felt extremely disruptive since many decks depend on card synergy that the transformations may or may not provide. The card disadvantage also seems rather irrelevant, since the purge more than makes up for it, as well as it being able to completely disrupt opponent card draw. I really hope this card doesn't become competitive since an early WN is basically pure RNG and there's not much you can do about it.

    Vengeance seem to lack counterplay other than not attacking, which doesn't seem to be a good thing given how many of those you can have. At least you can destroy sparking cloth armor.
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    Thank you, I have you at 8 games.
  3. Game 9: Vampire vs grudge build with pathfinding
    pathfinding discarded the entire deck and killed a character turn 1 with flanking + grudge
    second pathfinding 2 turns later finished off the other character
    overall, a pretty miserable experience

    Game 10: same build vs Grudge wizard + vengeance warrior
    vampire's kiss backfired with bat swarm, though it probably disrupted the wizard enough
    Grudge won the game dealing 17 damage in one go

    Game 11: same build vs vampire's kiss priests + inquisition wizard
    vampire's kiss was disruptive to say the least. Double loner was very devastating, and recovery was difficult due to subpar draws.
    Missed kills due to vampire's kiss discarding important cards. Felt bad to say the least

    Game 12: same build vs grudge wizard
    No pathfinding, no otk, though grudge still did a lot of damage

    Game 13: same build vs vengeance + prowl warriors
    Vengeance did little to help against vampire life gain
    Vampire priests performed as expected against warriors without a lot of devastating attacks

    Game 14: Vampires with Vampire Knight's Embrace and Diamond Moccasins vs Wind dancer step warrior
    Unreliable block was annoying but manageable. It was slightly annoying when they have like 3 unreliable blocks up, but not unmanageable.
    Monstrous Hide was a pain in the ass without removal. Feels a bit too powerful.

    Game 15: same build vs swarm of bats vampire kiss priests
    I found myself discarding vampire's kiss in favor of invigorating touch
    Won with talented healer shenanigans

    Thoughts on Vampire's Kiss: Maybe I'm not using it right, but it never felt particularly satisfying to use it against someone. On the other hand, it felt really frustrating when it is used against me. In other words, it wasn't particularly fun for me to play this card but it was annoying to play against.

    Thoughts on Grudge: Pathfinding + Grudge is bonkers. It feels pretty bad to play against it since it seems the only counterplay I can make as non-wizards is to take down the grudge user ASAP, which can be frustrating if the wizards are building control. At least with punishing bolt I can aim to empty my hand to play around it.

    Thoughts on Vangurd: It wasn't particularly effective for vampires, but it seems to be a very good card. Not particularly frustrating to play against, but quite fun to play with. Overall I like it, and feel it's going to be a very strong card in the future.
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    Got you at 15 games, thanks!
  5. Cut the test for this deck short after reading that a new build is coming. Still posting what I got so far though.

    Game 16: Acid wizards vs vengeance warrior
    Vengeance made a really big difference, where sparkling cloth would get dissolved, nothing could be done about vengeance
    Path of knives really didn't help the situation...
    This build had ethereal form which really didn't do much, so I had it cut

    Game 17: Acid wizards vs grudge wizards
    Dissolution hex was quite strong but it required a lot of setting up. The payoff was extremely high however, with it doing 10+ damage from afar
    Hex's superior range proved to be better than grudge
    Acid leak was quite nice for setting up this match

    Game 18: Acid wizards vs Punishing Bolt/Grudge Wizard
    With proper board set up hex was 2 shotting the enemy human wizards with room to spare (12+ damage per hex)
    Maneuvering was notably difficult due to the small board (Cyber City)

    Thoughts on Hex of Dissolution: The damage is ridiculously high, but it also requires a lot of set up for it to work well. I feel like it can be fine if the damage output was slightly lower or the range be shorter. I think itemization isn't too bad. There were a few situation where I found I only held acid setup cards or I had a hexes but almost no set up, which seems fair, but that may be a problem with my build. This is with the 1 damage/2 square, range 6 edition of hex.
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    Thanks, got you at 18 games. Hex's damage scaling is coming down a bit in the next build, hopefully within a day or so.
  7. If you change the scaling, it would really help if you mention how the number is rounded. I wasn't too sure when it said 1 damage/2 square if 3 squares was 1 damage extra or 2.
  8. Flaxative explained how the damage rounds as of the most recent update. Looks like it's plus one for every full set of three acid tiles.
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    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 18 games.

    You will receive 3 Epic Mitternacht chests when this content is released.

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