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    My Username on test server is vitreo2084

    My first party in that server was unfocused since i used it to study the enviroment inserting some card that seemed strong.Feel free to don't count the game played with this party :)

    Match played with this party: 5

    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 22 Dwarf Priest

    Level 22 Human Wizard

    adajon42 Elf War Elf Wizard Human Priest

    I turned my char in zombie with spark of undeath and my char was much weaker.
    (I hoped that blind rage + zombie form would power him up with the 2 extra card)
    Cause Fumble + Bat turning dodge helped opponent much but it is normal strategy.

    Lucky Dice Elf warrior Human vampire Dwarf Wizard

    My opponent used many regular card like toughness and reliable mail.
    the Silver immunity of his wizard was of little use since i changed target to the warrior with no silver defense.
    His Warrior had heavy armor with lichantrope mail
    Since both wizard and priest had heavy armor i had problem damaging with the vampire since i builded no armor removal.
    Ancient Grudge seemed to me much stronger than punishing bolt even in this weak unfocused party.

    I used traveling curse with ethereal form and my wizard took no damage (but you say in bug that this is not a bug so it is ok)

    Macizo Human Wizard Dwarf warrior Elf Priest

    Ancient Grude proved to be OP when it is about the 4th-5th turn since you can use it like a punishing bolt… but after the blockcheck… so must have some penalty.
    Vampiric Kiss helped me getting rid of a cushion armor from an enemy vampire.
    I had some problem with my dwarf priest slow movement

    About ancient grude: look like a perfect card in an acid wizard deck since you can remove all armor and block and discard more card before using it.Noting this i will try this in another build.
    In a magic silver deck is weaker since you have very little armor removal for card like cushion

    Khyle345 Elf priest 3x

    He had sanctified Shroud 3x on his triple vampire so since i had no armor removal there was no way to do serious damage to him. Often his vampire healed more than the damage take… that silver card armor look like double of reliable mail even with no harness.
    the real problem of my priest now.. is that he has almost no frenzy! there are many card drawing card but no new frenzy card so you need old card to boost damage.

    adajon42 triple wizard acid wizard

    this party created massive pool of acid and then dealed me massive damage.
    I unluckily had no defense.. since my only immunity is from silver.
    i had no defense against this acid wizard hex curse that dealed massive damage.
    simply i had nothing since i had no magic block

    Final consideration on this unfocused deck: i think that my priest was quite weak.
    Spark of undeath working bad and vampiric kiss hard to use.
    Vampiric Kiss is not a card to spam like a punishing bolt.
    So i will continue testing without priest since i think that if a player manage to win with a priest with vampire kiss/spark of undeath he is simply very clever.

    With this second deck i wanted to try a triple warrior build since i think the warrior were stronger in they natural form since there is the prowl card that help the warrior giving them another selfbuff like blind rage and priest have no new frenzy good item or card since as i tested spark of undeath is a bad card to power up your char.And vampiric Kiss require you to deal with the opponent drawing vampire card and attacking you back.

    Match played with this party: 6

    Fanturluche Dwarf wizard 2x + Human Priest
    One of the Wiz used ethereal form
    used the combo with curse of fragility + unholy curse + jim magic missile to deal 7x3 21 damage.
    Match lasted many round since i had to make the triple dwarf warrior approach
    Monstrous hide protected my warrior so much that the only notable damage followed a boil that removed armor.
    Won with 3 char alive but hurt

    Shillelagh Law Dwarf Wiz + Human warrior + Elf priest
    (Acid Wiz /werewolf War /Vampire)

    Won easily with 3 char high life but opponent was just trying card.

    Fanturluche Dwarf wizard 2x + Human Priest
    Teleport team + combo. Human priest with Vampire + Blight

    Losed because of many teleport and path of knife after a Brutal Charge maybe too risky

    Blueotter Dwarf war + human priest + human wiz
    (Dwarf with monstrous hide + humanvampire + human acid wizard with ancient grudge)
    As i remember it was a normal game so nothing useful to signal.
    Simple kill of the opponent warrior attacking heavy thanks to my stolen torch

    Gast86 Dwarf War + Human priest + Human Wiz
    (Warrior with winddance Priest with transform Wiz with Acid )
    This match was of little use for feedback since it ended early because of the werewolf brute force.So i had little time to study my opponent.If i remember well ended early because of a team dash and winddancer was easy to kill.

    Gast86 Dwarf warrior 2x + Human priest
    (Dwarf werewolf?)
    Was a temple tussle battle that worked like the normal Won because opponent was sleeping and with an experimental deck

    Thing to notice with this party is the very high resilience of the warriors since they had monstrous hide + 3x hide strip + the howl card healing. so the warrior were often high life.
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    Thanks, I have you at 11 games played so far :)
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    This third party instead is about ancient grudge the new OP card. I think that many player will forgot to watch at the number of a wizard discard pile for a while.
    For this first series of Grudge Wizard i tried to simply sit back and teleport opponent waiting for my discard pile to grow up.

    Match played with this deck : 6

    Fanturluche Human warrior 3x with little werewolf card
    1st round my opponent helped me passing in a place with no line of sight to my wizard so i simply discarded weaker card to build my discard.
    2nd i had good TK 3rd round and 4th round about instead i Had trouble drawing more teleport card since often i draw dead card like arcane curse.

    Khyle345 2x Elf warrior + 1x Human priest
    I was vulnerable because my TK ended and i needed a good path to use force cannon. I had many bad card to build my discard pile and in some round i had few TK so i had to blockcheck 2-3 time a 3+ block that failed when i used bad card. the block only succeeded when i used my last force cannon.

    Lucky Dice Hum priest + Elf War + Dwarf War Cyberspace Arena
    Nimble Elf + Stepping Dwarf winddancer

    Defeated because of very bad sight and few TK
    blocked by wall and terrain when opponent was full of nimble strike.

    Potato Priest
    Human War + Elf priest + Human priest

    Opponent tried to superbuff a WereWolf with Wellspring but WW had little move
    in the deepforge i saved my TK card focusing on the WW and my force cannon worked very well.

    Potato Priest Human War + Elf priest + Dwarf warrior in one of the Dojo
    the Dwarf warrior was full of vengeance so he can move even if i used force cannon to slide him. TK was of course the blessing and luckily i used no path of knife.
    Interessing thing is using multiple time vengeance to continue moving also in square blocked by enemy character since they count as multiple movement card.It is like moving with multiple quick run.

    Elf Wiz 2x + Elf Priest Heavy Silver Magic

    My wizard got easily killed by inquisition bolt since ancient grudge is a ghost card
    Ancient Grudge is still worth playing but harder to survive

    Special Thanks to Potato Priest that talked about his deck :)
    After my initial feeling of omnipotence with Ancient Grudge i discovered that i need to choose wisely my arcane item since i had to play well force cannon to survive. i will test another Team with a better control maybe but i'm sure that with all these nimble strike and other strong WereWolf card it will be hard to survive just waiting for TK to appear magically in your hand
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    Punishing Grudge

    I builded this deck to build a discard pile with Spell Skill and leadership and to make Ancient Grudge Hard to block with spark generator.
    I added Pushback parry as a counter to nimble strike
    Punishing strike are for me a "blockcheck" since the more valuable card here are the telekinesis that often get parried when there is no spark generator.
    Unfortunately there are no staff with a good amount of TK.

    Match Played with this deck: 10

    TestingAccess Human Priest + Elf Warrior + Dwarf Warrior Cyberspace arena
    Unknown priest.Opponent say he had many non CM card.

    Easy Win.
    Killed priest 2nd turn using punishing bolt to send him low life. He had wounded block but with my spark generator the killing shot has -3 to block roll so his wounded block could block only with 6+
    I had to defend myself from the couple of warrior and of course a laser whip on a wizard with no block damaged him hard. i had to hid the wizard for the rest of the match from the 2 warrior step attack. I had to think about a disorienting block since only 1 of my wizard drawer the spark generator. I managed to control the 2 warrior with success.
    Used a couple of Leadership to help myself build discard pile and a single spell skill that discarded me only 2 card.
    Round 4 14 damage from Grudge to kill the last warrior.
    I managed to use well 2 time the force cannon with full effect.
    Nice thing that my opponent discarded a lunging bash since the lava pool blocked the square to go.

    KKarma Cyberspace City 2X Dwarf Wiz + 1 Human Priest
    My opponent played some punishing bolt

    Almost easy win.I had to think well since opponent wizard could damage me.
    Round 2 Killed 1 Wiz and almost killed 2nd Wiz. One of my wiz was low life.
    Round 3 Killed 2nd wizard
    Round 4 opponent conceded with a 12 life priest with only cushion as defense.
    As a lucky result i managed to win with no wizard killed in a Wiz VS Wiz Battle.
    My opponent didn't knew that his ghost form may prevent also damage from terrain attachment. I have still to test on attachment :D

    tmzerozero 2 Dwarf Priest + 1 Dwarf Wizard Gladius Wall
    Opponent was playing an old build. (by Macisto i think)
    Opponent Had Dwarf wizard with spark and 2 priest with card drawing.

    Lost because played with a big strategical error
    I moved my wizard to damage opponent ignoring my main strategy of staying hidden until grudge grow up and my opponent teleported me near his priest out of sight of the other 2 wizard.
    I also attacked the wizard with martyr blessing making him deal more damage.
    Turn 4 i loosed even with my 13 damage Grudge since opponent had control of victory point.

    tmzerozero Cyberspace Temple 2X Elf Warrior + Human Priest
    Used basic card i think other than flat foot

    I Used Leadership a couple of time… and i also made an error playing slowed instead of discarding it with leadership
    Round 2 i Killed 1st warrior and almost killed 2nd
    1 of my wizard survived with 1 life
    Because of my big advantage on opponent i used a grudge to deal only a few damage.
    Round 3 opponent resigned.
    No char lost for me and no VP star for oppo.

    Lucky Dice Won by Round 6 Cyberspace Temple 2 Dwarf Warrior + Human Priest
    My opponent has Cushion Armor with Both his warrior and priest with big healing.

    So my lack of armor removal was a big problem.

    Round 2 about opponent killed 1 of my wizard with a charge since i was not expecting it. I had Pushback parry on the other wizard so in that game Pushback parry could not save my wiz.
    After my opponent drew cushion of both his warrior and healed them my opponent needed to take Victory Point to force me to made a suicidal move.
    Cushion + Healing of course played a big role on this match so of course it is not a wise idea playing such a deck in league where Cushion is played often.

    VermillionOcean Cyberspace City Triple Human Wizard
    Acid and TK deck + Illusion.

    Killed me by round 5.
    Used Hex of dissolution to kill my wizard.
    I damaged 2 of his wizard to 1-2 life point after that he hid his wizard VS my last wizard and i had to expose myself to take the VP so last wizard played many card and at last one wizard killed me hidden behind an illusion wall.
    So it was a fight OP deck VS OP deck :)

    MelanctonhIronDragon Temple Tussle 2x Dwarf Warrior + 1X Human Priest
    Opponent had Nimble Strike on his dwarf. I think was VP + Troll's Ire old build.

    Lost, but i did big strategical error
    I discarded all my move card with leadership in the 1st round. So i had bad position.
    i used Spell Skill when my opponent was in melee fight so he killed my 1st wizard.
    i managed to kill a dwarf warrior before he approached me but i was Forced to stay in the Victory Point in 1VS1 VS the priest so i was drawing leadership and slowed as dead card.

    Fanturluche Triple Dwarf Priest Cyberspace City
    Triple vampire i think

    2 Dwarf had swarm of bat and was able to dodge many of my attack it was a nuisance the 3rd dwarf instead used cause fumble to block attack when i get transformed in bat.
    Managed to win in 7 round but it was very hard since we got 4 star for player and victory point was forced.
    Ancient Grudge still builded a good discard pile even losing one of the wizard for leadership.

    Frostguard Triple Warrior Temple Tussle
    Has vengeance wind dancer and Vanguard.

    I was surrounded by 3 warrior and lost
    My force cannon was avoided by a vengeance that allowed the warrior to move in a place where force cannon can't work.
    Vanguard helped opponent since in the small arena my wizard were often range 2.

    Frostguard Triple Warrior Stream of blood.
    I had a problem using punishing bolt even in this open field since for every punishing bolt i got punished by vengeance. i had to discover that 1 of his warrior had not drawn vengeance to attack it but it was to late.
    Attacking 1 warrior with vengeance is fine but attacking 2 can often result 1 wizard loss. so force cannon is hardly playable.

    Overall won only 4 of 10 games but my opponent had other OP deck or i played very bad.The deck has some weakeness for leadership that is a dead card if i lose 1 or 2 character.

    Final Consideration:

    This Ancient Grudge deck show some problem in control because many card have short range and need sight. To use item with both Grudge and TK i have to include in deck a force cannon that is hard to play in some map especially against opponent with tricky moves.
    The punishing bolt encourage me to approach opponent in the first round so i almost never respected my own rules: avoid fight in the first 2-3 round using leadership to build discard pile.
    Another problem is dealing with Vengeance and acid magic since vengeance make much harder to use well card like force cannon and reduce much the effectiveness of gusts/wind of war.
    Having no armor and no armor removal also is a big strategical problem since my wizard can be killed easily by any hit and good armor like cushion can make the full deck almost useless.
    Is of course nice to deal so big damage but often that happen when one of the wizard is already dead and you have to control the VP.
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    Thanks for your feedback! I have you at 27 games.
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    I read about your work in progress only after i builded this last deck and did this last im writing them quickly.

    WereWolf deck
    Stupid Wolf

    Match with this deck : 3

    This deck of warrior is a bit crazy since is about blind rage.
    i read on the forum that blind rage should not selfbuff the warrior too much and now there is also prowl that make priest useless.
    So i tried to give the full power of cycle even with a bad mobility and in my test i had a proof that this team is not very good.

    Temple Tussle Frostguard Triple Human Warrior
    Almost easy win Won by round 7
    Round 1 and Round 2 give him a star. Then my Dwarf survived all.
    Of course taking 2 round to approach in a small arena mean that VS wizard will be harder.

    Celestrial Dojo Frostguard Triple Human Warrior
    Round 1 Quick assault thanks to Prowl. sent 1 human warrior to 11 life
    The dwarf team had problem in mobility since with 3 victory zone it is hard to conquer them all.

    Celestrial Dojo Frostguard Triple Human Warrior
    My opponent equipped troll's ire to sunder my warrior :)

    I lost again since vengeance allowed my opponent also to escape from my warrior so it was harder to get lower life opponent warrior.

    Consideration on this party Match:
    This team is good only in close arena like temple tussle and even in a dojo the lesser mobility compared to other warrior make this a weak team.

    Match with this deck : 2

    Smoke on the Water Grudge

    Here i tried to exploit with full power Bimson's Death Moat using all the flood possible. Unluckyly since the high token cost of the staff i can't afford to use racial and class skill to support grudge.

    Lucky Dice Haunted Hall Elf warrior + Dwarf Wizard + Human priest Haunted Hall
    Builded a Paesant deck
    Lost by round 10 both because of time out both because opponent managed to invade my zone with no card able to bypass flash flood.Since i have no small damaging card a single toughness helped the dwarf wizard to survive to 3 ancient grudge preventing 1st and healing other with priest.My Wizard with no armor are very easy to damage.
    Martyr give big problem since i have no purge and no card to attach on opponent.

    Founder Crypt feast Triple Dwarf wizard.
    Acid Wizard
    Lost in a few round.
    I have a problem at facing these wizard when they get closer range.

    Since this deck is a total failure i think that there is no need to nerf it.Maybe the Bimson's Death Moat can be used well with a more balanced control deck but so much spamming will hardly help grudge.

    Avenger Grudge

    Match with this deck prebalance : 1

    I builded this deck with a single wizard full of grudge thanks to Wym's Spiteful Bucket since a single wizard can avenge the other 2 if one of them die.
    Other wizard can help with encumber or armor removal.

    Fanturluche CyberSpace Temple Triple Dwarf.
    I had to face an immovable Dwarf but it was not a problem.
    my mass of TK did all the work needed. so the Ancient Grudge was not really needed but it was used to kill a 4 life character.

    All this testing with the deck center on the Ancient Grudge make me thing that a player need to be smart to win with ancient Grudge with deck like mine with no pathfinding. when a Grudge deal 8 damage is fine and a few time only 4 more damage is needed to kill a character and the staff are good to lower opponent life if there is little healing. So a Grudge that can easily do 4 damage and deal 8 damage if well charged maybe 10 with a full deck in discard pile would be a good cost/effect ratio.
    Maybe i will do some test to hunt some bug but i will write new feedback only after the work you are now doing :)
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    This Match are all after the change.

    Silver Flood AG

    Match played with this deck : 4

    Another deck trying to abuse of Bimson's Death Moat this time with a warrior to close the Moat :)
    The silver warrior have little move card since he is moat guard.

    Galvatron Crypt Feast HuWar 3x
    Lost after some stalling.
    First turn i passed without do nothing behind my opponent to exploit his error to build my discard pile :)
    Was too hard to use flood since it is a bad map for flood and lead my warrior to attack the right opponent since of the parry that opponent saved.

    FrostGuard DwWiz 2x + DwPrie Forest
    Draw no smoke round 1 and only a single smoke round 2.
    My Elven warrior was killed since the priest cleansed the smoke and the opponent party focused on him.

    FrostGuard HuWar Forest
    Oppent played all war with vengeance + vanguard at least one of them has winddancer
    Won with end Game Grudge.
    I Killed a warrior then i lost my elf warrior and opponent Took Victory terrain. i had no TK to take terrain back. So i killed one of the warrior with low life with about 13 damage grudge since opponent allowed me to discard useless card like smoke.
    Since the 2 warrior were on the VP using only normal good armor the grudge still killed the 2 last warrior.

    FrostGuard HuWar Gladius Single
    Oppent played all war with vengeance + vanguard at least one of them has winddancer

    Lost after a long stalling.
    My opponent was very bored of my Flooding of the zone.
    I Losed since i send my warrior to the VP at the beginning then i had to retreat my low life warrior and i sent my wizard to take the VP. Then my wizard get killed because of flood end.

    This deck have some problem because of elf warrior's weakness since often his hard attack are blocked and sometime the inquisitor strike hit when opponent had no attached card.
    The Inquisition look like an important weapon.
    The other problem is that the killing of the warrior give opponent 2 star so the wizard has less time to stall and need to rush to victory terrain.
    Sometime i failed to use Grudge doing only 2 damage and only when the opponent stall to the VP the grudge is useful.

    This deck focus on a single wizard with many grudge and the other 2 wizard with more control/armor removal.
    This time the item im trying to abuse of is Wym's Spiteful Bucket and the deck is built around it.

    Avenger Grudge Post Balance
    Match played with this deck : 2

    FrostGuard HuWar Crypt Chamber
    Oppent played all war with vengeance + vanguard at least one of them has winddancer

    Lost after a few round.
    Had some problem with line of sight but at least encumber helped defend the wizard for the first 2 round.
    I managed to kill no warrior since when i was killing the 2 life warrior there was a bad sight for my wizard.

    FrostGuard HuWar Celestrial Dojo
    Oppent played all war with vengeance + vanguard at least one of them has winddancer
    Lost after a few round.
    i tried to counter vengeance with encumber but since my opponent had vanguard his warrior were helped with some extra move.
    Of course using these damaging staff i managed to deal some damage with no need of Grudge in the first round.
    The wizard with more Grudge in deck died with 2 unused grudge in hand since of the little discard.
    Since i had a medium amount of TK vanguard allowed opponent to avoid damage from lavapool. Of course i m not interessed in saving lava pool since my wizard need to save Grudge
    i Get 2 of my wizard killed before killing the first than the last wizard had no chance.

    with this deck look like that the wizard with more grudge need more protection since having grudge in hand leave him with little defense.i will make some little change to the deck.

    About the Item:
    The inquisition is the only weapon with more than 2 Inquisition strike so this item is almost mandatory to built with this card. But it is not so different from the card with bashing after all.
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    Day 2

    Avenger Grudge 1.1

    Match played with this deck : 4

    Changed a little the wizard with more grudge to draw more card for himself with the human skill

    Testing Access Cyberspace Dojo 3x HuWar
    Werewolf + vanguard + step + Defender block + inspiring armor
    I Did no damage with Grudge since match ended early and of course encumbered helped me little to stall since with the vanguard + step i had little place to flee.

    Testing Access 3x HuWar Forest
    Werewolf + vanguard + step + Defender block + inspiring armor
    In the Forest the warrior were very nimble first turn since they reached my wizard easily.
    Encumber helped little

    Lucky Dice 3x Elf Priest Celestial Temple
    Triple Vampire With Parry + sacred shroud
    Won by round 6
    I had to focus on the vampire with no armor until i draw an armor removal
    in the final round i used 2 time 10 damage grudge from the wizard with Wym's Bucket.
    Lava Pool also helped since the elven vampire move much slower than vanguard warrior.

    Lucky Dice 3x Hu Priest Celestial Temple
    Triple Vampire With Parry + sacred shroud + Talented Healer.
    Only time that my Grudge deck really helped is when my opponent is spamming healing or is camping at the victory point.
    Of course since vampire have few move card i can TK them away so i didn't even remember if they had vanguard or step since it changed very little the match.

    Illusion Control Grudge

    Match played with this deck : 3

    This time i tried to abuse of the Bimson's using the more easy to play illusion for general purpose and using the flood only in good square often in the victory square.This deck has as only damage the Grudge.

    Lucky Dice 3x Hu Priest Dungeon of Decay
    Won by round 9
    First round i approached to victory terrain that was reached by opponent
    First kill by round 7 Lost a wizard by round 9 second kill by round 9
    2 Wizard last alive and victory point taken i had only 6 minute remaining and a single swarm of bat treated me hard.
    The Grudge allowed me to retreat from the Victory terrain since i had a chance to kill opponent and win without taking the VP using the few grudge

    Crypt Feast Macizo 2x HuWar + 1X HuPriest
    Priest used Martyr blessing Warrior used vanguard
    Using Flash flood on this map to deny VP is hard so it is hard for the grudge wizard to simply run away from the warrior.
    i Get 2 of my wizard killed by round 6 and opponent took victory terrain for a fail.

    Lucky Dice Lost City 2x HuWiz + 1x Elf war
    Acid wizard
    Lost by round 6
    Line of sight played a big role since i slowly took damage from the acid wizard when they managed to avoid my illusory barrier.
    Maybe smoke is better since the acid wizard can use acid to break illusion wall easily.

    i Think i will stop playing since look like that such deck have the only real benefit of having a few card that can help break a stall but it is too hard to get so much control on a random map.
    I think that of course we will see many ultracontrol deck in many league.

    Half Illusion

    Match played with this deck : 5

    i builded this deck adding one damaging staff for each wizard since i noticed that full control deck have a low winning rate so there is no reason to nerf again them.

    Testing access Triple HuWar Cyberspace Temple
    Werewolf + vanguard + step + Defender block + inspiring armor
    Lost after a few round.
    i was surrounded early on since there was little space to run away. thing that against a triple vampire deck doesn't happen.
    The defender block blocked my important TK allowing him to take VP after 1 of my wizard died.

    Frostguard Forest DwWar 2x + DwPriest
    Warrior were werewolf with howling pain and priest used martyr and triple healing to support
    I lost one of my wizard early so my little control was easily broken.
    I had no way to denie opponent VP and my wizard was forced to retreat to avoid killing.

    Frostguard Crundyup's Bridge DwWar 2x + DwPriest
    Warrior were werewolf with howling pain and priest used martyr and triple healing to support
    In round 1 i used flood on the bridge and i gained 1 star. from round 2 i took stab damage and i had to give retreat from the VP.
    Then i damage the dwarf but with some healing the damage of my staff was cancelled. So there is no difference from the damage of this half control and the damage of a full control since i found a good healing opponent.

    Frostguard DwWar 2x + DwPriest Stream of Blood
    Warrior were werewolf with howling pain and priest used martyr and triple healing to support
    I win about round 4 simply using little control and no grudge.
    I Run on the VP round 1
    I managed to kill the priest to get 2 star. and then survived until round 4.
    Only weakness of warrior team now… are the support priest that can be killed.

    Frostguard Gladius Triple DwWar 2x + DwPriest
    Warrior were werewolf with howling pain and priest used martyr and triple healing to support
    I loosed i wizard and then my opponent took VP.
    So i tried to regain VP but i got eventually killed with my second wizard.
    I managed to kill one of the dwarf warrior but there was no way to damage dwarf priest since it was hidden.

    About Control Grudge Deck:
    I see that often the control deck are now broken by fast moving warrior and sometime even vampire surprise you with fast move card.
    Since acid magic can cancel illusion i think there is no need to play too much control and that no player will really abuse so much of control since can now be easily beaten.
    At the time of the Burst and Buff the priest was in the team only to use the cursed radcannon. was the only fully ranged weapon for the priest and so there was no option than equip it. Now a team with 3 ranged character is dead. Having at least a melee char is mandatory so ranged priest card in wizard team will be of little use.
    Of course i'm saying that also considering that many map prevent you from playing well a triple wizard since a triple wizard team need to never walk your wizard in the wall and never having 2 wizard near each other and in many map i have played you can't give a good Line of Sight to your wizard respecting this rules.
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    Quick test VS cardotron :

    Lateral + Arrogant test:
    Having many shifting block risk you to become a zombie but when you are a zombie you can get another form
    It is a bad thing that when you have zombie form and you parry with a second shifting block… you can still stay in the zombie form.
    1/16 chance but can happen
    Icy Block has silver quality and 3+ roll but always give only the opponent a bad card attached so Icy Block is usually better even if the good form gain more bonus than encumbering the opponent.

    Of course Cardotron will attack you if you are a zombie and have a shifting block in hand.. but in case of 3+ failure a real opponent will never give you a chance to change form.
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    Day 3

    Runner Catcher

    Match played with this deck : 1

    I built this deck since i saw too many running warrior so i think there is the need of some melee character catching them especially if they have vengeance or many step move.
    So one of the wizard got big zap + melee defense. The warrior with slow move since it is expected that the opponent warrior will jump at the wizard
    Illusion is only to compensate for the short range of these 2 character and to help the human wizard avoid the opponent wizard fire.

    Level 22 Human Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 21 Dwarf Wizard

    Celestial Koi Lucky Dice 2x HuWiz + 1X Elf War
    Acid wizard and elf with howl
    Won By round 5
    The Illusory barrier was powered up since the map had a linear type of terrain, so opponent's acid wizard didn't kill my low life character.
    Opponent had little space to use acid since the barrier covered the passageway to the center.

    Runner Catcher 1.1

    Match played with this deck : 11

    Removed only illusion staff for any damaging staff.There is already plenty of data of Illusion Spam i think but my human wizard need some kind of protection.

    Level 22 Human Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 21 Dwarf Wizard

    Lucky Dice 2x HuWiz + 1X Elf War Cyberspace Arena
    Acid wizard and elf with howl
    Lost by round 4
    There was a fire exchange Beetwen the wizard since i had no line of sight defense.
    An incisive Factor was the polearm Slash dissolved by an Hex.
    Lost the second character from a Travelling Curse i lost for the Victory point.
    No chance to use Grudge for the match because of the short duration.

    Lucky Dice 2x HuPriest + 1X Elf War Frozen Tenement
    Opponent Played Wallpurgis and daylight on his priest.
    Won but the opponent look like an experimental deck.
    Walpurgis changed 2 time in a row form to my warrior in a zombie.
    I used one Boo from behind the warrior :)
    Good thing that i draw a brain. Bad thing my opponent had arrogant.
    My wizard draw a memory loss the only armor removal that i draw from the form.
    My HuWizard was killed by daylight.
    My Zap Wizard had to hide to avoid kill by daylight.

    Lucky Dice 2x HuPriest + 1X Elf War Frozen Tenement
    Wallpurgis battle. Opponent had Walpurgis + arrogant
    Wallpurgis vampire form ruined a bit my spear warrior that need range 2 to hit from a VP to the other.
    My char had a little advantage because of the life point since i had 2 more dwarf.
    This time Boo Worked

    TestingAccess Oasis 2x HuWar + HuPriest
    Martyr Priest + Inspiring armor + defender on all char Werewolf Warrior
    Lost by round 6
    Round 1 we split the VP round 2 my warrior took heavy damage since i draw only chain harness.
    After my warrior death he stayed in the VP for 4 turn taking 4 star and so i lost
    There was no chance to use Grudge to take Back terrain since opponent had good armor and defender block

    KKarma Crypt Chamber 3x Hu Priest
    Opponent Played Walpurgis + Arrogant.
    Won by round 8
    I had a bad time since i had 2 ghost and he had arrogant. i had memory loss but a lucky dice parried it. so i was full of death card both on zombie and on ghost.
    Good thing was that the mandatory action blocked the talented healer from using vampire attack.

    Testing Access Melting Glacier 2x HuWar + HuPriest
    Martyr Priest + Inspiring armor + defender on all char Werewolf Warrior
    Won by round 10
    My opponent often tried to defend the victory point so my wizard were much safer than in the triple wizard.
    I managed to TK the priest near my warrior since the priest used often martyr blessing was easy to dispatch since had only an overswing that is parried.
    Defending the 3VS2 Advantage was easy since opponent stand in the Victory terrain. My wizard risked little and only the dwarf wizard died because i exposed him to attack.
    Only card hard to use in this match was a lava pool since i had to damage one of my character
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  11. vitreo84

    vitreo84 Goblin Champion

    Day 4

    Still with runner Catcher 1.1

    Frostguard Crypt Feast 2xDwWar + Dwpriest
    Opponent Had MartyrPriest
    Won by round 5
    Opponent Focused on the warrior so the 2 wizard stayed safe.
    Grudge did decent damage but the best work was from the TK that TKed away a warrior with martyr
    Round 5 i ended up with 12 card in discard pile

    Frostguard TripleGladius 2xDwWar + Dwpriest
    Opponent Had MartyrPriest
    Lost by round 3
    I rushed the Martyr priest but to kill the Martyr priest i lost 2 character
    Maybe my warrior is not so good to rush.

    Frostguard Crundyup's Bridge 2xDwWar + Dwpriest
    Won by round 5
    The first warrior was easy to catch with the wizard since had martyr but was encumbered.
    In this Match i had to avoid the second warrior instead of catching him because of the Martyr priest a bit against my building strategy.TK From the 2 wizard Helped for this.
    My Dwarf warrior of course died.But i had no plan to leave him alive anyway.
    In this battle Lava Pool was easy to use.

    Frostguard Lost City 3x HuWar
    Warrior with vengeance + vanguard from opponent.
    Lost by round 4
    Bad Sight gave some trouble to the wizard and to deal damage to one of the 3 warrior i had to make one of my wizard step on the lava.
    The game ended when my warrior was killed by vengeance because of opponent victory point.
    So the vengeance Catcher… was catched.

    CT5 Crypt Chamber 2x HuWar + 1X Priest
    Another Martyr build with all out attack
    Lost by round 5
    I think that Both i and the opponent used a somewhat normal deck.
    Only card that my opponent had from Castle M is flaring torch and vengeance and i did not see him play vengeance in this game.
    My Dwarf warrior was killed by an all out attack.
    I used a Grudge to blockcheck

    I think i had enough problem dealing with the martyr and i can see my dwarf killed too often.Good chance to change blind rage with the new racial of dwarf!

    So i changed the deck Strongly.
    Builded with silver Pitchfork + antimagic skin to give the warrior a more defensive approach and purge to Martyr.Removed the blind rage since there is no gain to have a single warrior to rush with no priest to support him.
    I changed also the Dwarf to a full magus with only a single Luke's as control item.
    Removed Trog melter for another staff since this new stuff is much better for armor removal with much less dead card.

    Runed Catcher

    Match played with this deck : 2 for now

    Added antimagic skin to have a more defensive warrior.

    Level 22 Human Wizard

    Level 1 Dwarf Warrior

    Level 21 Dwarf Wizard

    Potato Priest 2x HuWiz + 1x ElfPriest Heart of the Mountain
    Opponent Had combodeck Root + Spark of undeath + Boo + Punish.
    Won by round 4
    My warrior get killed in the 3rd round about but opponent wizs had little defense VS other wiz since can't use boo on other wiz.
    The Elf did no problem since his low mobility.

    Potato Priest 2x HuWar + 1x ElfPriest Heart of the Mountain
    Opponent had full Vengeance Team
    Won by round 9
    My Zap wizard get killed early. My Dwarf warrior Took heavy damage. because of the silver weapon.
    2 of my char survived with little life point.
    To catch these runner my char get hurt :)
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  12. vitreo84

    vitreo84 Goblin Champion

    Day 5

    Silver Elf

    I tried with this deck inquisitor's strike and silver bolt with silversmith.
    I added to the mix armor removal , purge and discard to counter mainly Martyr and Vengeance.

    Match played with this deck: 3

    ilbqpdli Dwar + HuPri + ElfWiz Cyberspace City
    Warrior with werewolf Priest with vampire and wizard with inquisitor bolt.
    Won by round 3
    Opponent was new with the card so there was no strategy.
    I had few move card so when i used curse of fragility my priest had no way to move and strike.
    I discarded 2 card of the opponent priest that with only 1 card was an easy target for melee combat.

    ilbqpdli Dwar + HuPri + ElfWiz Bridge
    Opponent Had random deck with Walpurgis inserted + other random card.
    Lost by Round 3
    I had to face both dwarf warrior and human priest on the brigade.. but my elf warrior was killed at last by lonely.
    My team was slaughtered by various attack.

    ilbqpdli Dwar + HuPri + ElfWiz Vulcan Gold
    My opponent has random deck
    Won by round 7
    I had trouble playing with these random card… like whirlwind and walpurgis… i had to think much to beat my opponent with a completely new deck but i still needed many turn to win.
    Maybe because my deck have few move card.. maybe…

    Silver Bolt worked good but had no synergy with Inquisitor's strike so i changed this triple silversmith deck with other deck that focused on a single silversmith.
    I also have no guaranty that my opponent will have card attached on him and using purge on him would debuff inquisitor's strike.

    Silver Tank

    The goal of this deck is to setup a combo with Inquisitor's strike + silversmith + 3 card attachment on opponent hopefully with curse of fragility for up to 18 damage.
    Only priest had card to attach on opponent and only warrior Inquisitor's strike.

    Match with this deck : 3

    Level 22 Elf Warrior

    Level 22 Dwarf Priest

    Level 10 Dwarf Wizard

    Frostguard Bridge 2x DPriest + 1x DWiz
    Opponent has priest with Spark of undeath + Daylight Wizard had TK + Inquisitor Bolt.
    Lost by round 3
    My char died easily because of the zombie slow movement and opponent combo.

    Frostguard Celestial Dojo 2x Dwarf + 1x Wizard
    Opponent has priest with Spark of undeath + Daylight Wizard had TK + Inquisitor Bolt.
    Won by round 6
    I had almost no use for melee block but i managed to reach victory terrain with my slowest character so i conquered the zone.My Elf had an hard time to reach the opponent and failed to reach when was attached the curse of fragility.

    Frostguard Celestial Dojo 2x Dwarf + 1x Wizard Haunted Graveyard
    Opponent has priest with Spark of undeath + Daylight Wizard had TK + Inquisitor Bolt.
    Lost by round 7
    I lose 1 char in the second turn for the Zombie+ Inq. Bolt combo
    The difficult terrain gave me some problem and at last the opponent reached the victory terrain when i was already going to lose. Infact my last char was killed.

    With this deck i had big mobility problem for the warrior. So i will have to evolve this deck in some way.
    The inquisition Warrior Draw many Inquisitor strike and i can attach card on opponent but with low mobility is hard to do the theorical damage. I was of course helped by the Nightkin trait to deal high damage when it occurred so it was a much stronger hit than a powerful bludgeon buffed only by crusher.
  13. Flaxative

    Flaxative Party Leader Staff Member

    Thank you for all your help with the Castle Mitternacht playtest.

    Unless you posted more in another thread (in which case, sorry I missed it), I have you at 71 games.

    You will receive 14 Epic Mitternacht chests when this content is released.
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