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  1. neoncat

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    This web page will let groups of four participate in a Winchester Draft. NOTE: you must have an account on the test server in order to actually play with the results of the draft.

    The web page - http://neoncat.x10.mx/draft/winchester/client.php

    This tool is currently in testing, and may have bugs. Bug reports are welcome, but please try to be as specific and detailed as possible about what happened. Feature suggestions are also welcome, but I will be picky about what I actually implement. ^_^

    1) Enter any alphanumeric user name and any alphanumeric pool ID.
    2) Share the pool ID with your friends via chat/text/email/whatever.
    -- even after the pool fills up, other users can spectate on the draft when they join!


    3) Once the pool is full, the player order will be shuffled and an item will be placed in each stack.
    -- you can hover over item names to see more details!
    4) The first player clicks on the stack she wants, and it is emptied to her hand.
    5) An additional item is dropped into each stack.
    -- items are chosen randomly in a uniform distribution
    -- stacks are capped at a size of four
    6) The next player chooses, items are added, etc... until each player has taken 20 stacks (~50 items)


    7) When the draft ends, the tool will present a sequence of commands. COPY THE TEXT.
    8) Log in to the test server and open up the console. (press 'F1' twice)
    9) You can enter each command individually, or you can use this text-entry bot (Java).
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  2. Stexe

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    w00t. This is awesomesauce. Bit slow and wonky with poor UI -- but good enough for a decent test case.
  3. Jacques

    Jacques Hydra

    I agree! It's definitely a fun idea
  4. neoncat

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    Updated the page with usability suggestions from @Stexe.
    - mini item art next to names
    - mini card art next to names
    - color items by rarity
    - strikethrough items you won't be able to choose
    - add screenshot to this thread

    Plus some other minor usability tweaks.

    Also, reduced the number of players in a pool to 3, to reduce time spent waiting.
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  5. Stexe

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