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    This utility will guide you through a solitary pick-1-of-3 draft. NOTE: you must have an account on the test server in order to actually play with the results of the draft.

    The web page - http://neoncat.x10.mx/draft/solitaire.php

    You choose 2L, 6E, 9R, 15U, 20C. Be warned that it's HARD. I haven't put much effort into on-the-fly analysis of your draft pool, so you have to rely on memory. Of course, that's what makes it fun. ;)

    Suggestions are welcome as always, but please playtest first.

    There's a link from the draft page to a console data entry bot (written in Java). Pasted the output of the draft tool into the bot's data entry window, click the button, and then give focus to the CH console. (Have the console ready so you can just alt-tab and click. The bot will start dumping text after 5 seconds.)
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