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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by raffishtenant, Feb 12, 2014.

  1. So here's a new tool that I figured would be useful: it accepts a verbose Card Hunter log and generates a list of items that are on sale in the shops and that you don't already own.


    I lifted much of the interface directly from neoncat's very cool inventory utilities, and it works exactly the same way. Just turn on verbose logging, visit whichever shop(s) you're interested in mining, and paste the log into the textbox. If you like, you can paste in all four shops with a single "clip"-and-paste. (The utility won't currently break the results down by shop, but it does sort them by rarity and then by level, and it should be fairly obvious based on that.)

    Let me know if you have any questions/comments/bugs/feature requests. It's pretty bare-bones at the moment and could probably use some enhancing. (Maybe a popup box that lists the cards in each item as you hover over it? Though I'd need to learn some JavaScript first...)
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  2. Farbs

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    Wow, that's awesome.
  3. neoncat

    neoncat Feline Outline

    Glad to see that the club of CardHackers is growing. :p
  4. Thanks, guys. Quick and obvious update: the results now link to the wiki page for each item. Ping me if you run across any broken links, outside of the couple-minute window when I was hot-testing it just now :rolleyes:
  5. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Thanks for a cool tool, Raffishtenant!
    Currently the tool lists all items in the shop, not just the ones you don't own.
    As a refinement, I'd suggest adding sorting by name as the third step.
  6. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Testing again, now the tool only lists the unowned items in the shop. Weird. Did you make a change just now or run a temporary experiment with your CGI script?

    The only difference between the tests was I now first bought one item from the shop, sold one item to the shop, exited it, ran cls and entered the shop and ran clip.
  7. Weird indeed. I was just about to reply that I hadn't been able to reproduce the problem, and the only change I'd made since my first post was to add the wiki links, but I'm glad it's working now. If you (or anyone else) see this again, PM me with a copy of the log and I'll take a look. It's always possible that I didn't account correctly for variations in the log format.

    Done. I'm not sure how important this will end up being with the tool working as intended, since my own results tend to show at most three items with the same rarity and level, but it was easy so why not.

    If folks think that radio buttons to choose between a few different sort methods (such as an overall sort by name) would be useful, or for that matter if this mysterious "broken" version that lists every item in the shops would actually be handy as an option, those changes wouldn't be too hard either.
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  8. Squidy

    Squidy Hydra

    Huh? Why so much troubles when the game can allready sorts the items in the shops by "new"? (= items we don't allready own)
  9. Er, um, excellent question. I'd honestly never noticed that option (possibly because it's the only filtering option that applies to the shop views but not the inventory view).
  10. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    The utility will still be useful for shop research, at least. If you add an option to show all items in the shop, their count and also count the items by rarity, we could use it to easily gather data for the wiki shop entries.
  11. Good point. I probably won't have much time to work on it until next week, but that's definitely an option.
  12. Okay, the utility is back online. New features in version 1.2:

    • Updated for recent changes to the log format.
    • Breaks down items by store (with wiki links to each store summary).
    • Displays item counts by store and rarity.
    • Adds an option to show either all items in the store(s) or just the unowned ones.
    • Adds an option to ignore treasure.

    As always, let me know if you have trouble with it, or if additional features would be useful.
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  13. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

  14. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    The Market Miner doesn't currently work. It just says "No Results" after processing when I try to analyze Randimar's stock with it.
  15. Jarmo et al...sorry, I kinda let this one get away from me! It looks like there was a slight format change to the log files sometime in March that the script didn't know how to handle. In case this tool is still useful, I've just installed a fix, and also updated the item list for the AotA expansion. Let me know if you have any further problems with it.
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  16. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    Thanks for updating the tool, Raffishtenant! It worked fine in my quick test with Randimar's data.

    Unfortunately, there isn't any use for the tool any more. The unowned items are automatically marked now and there's no reason to analyze shop item rarity distributions as we already know how they work (preset for Randimar's and normal random adventure loot drop rarity distribution for the other shops (working from memory here)).
  17. Yeah, I pretty much figured. Good reasons for obsolescence, at any rate. :)
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  18. Jarmo

    Jarmo Snow Griffin

    That is very true. I'm glad you can see the silver lining in this! Also, hopefully and probably you had some programming fun figuring out the log parsing and analysis.
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