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Discussion in 'Card Hunter General Chat' started by neoncat, Feb 1, 2014.

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    My website was down for a little bit as I had to update the SSL certs and fix some DNS / namespace pointers. I believe it is all fixed but some SSL certs still come up as expired for now. Trying to fix the issue.

    I can push a new version of the tools whenever. I assume all the issues mentioned before have been solved by now on the Knights of Unity side of things?
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  2. Hey, good to hear that your site is still taken care of. ;) I was a bit quieter recently, as I had both some family issues to take care of and some severe problems with my internet, both - to me - good reasons why I think I only launched CH at most once in the last two or three months. And in the same vein I wasn't really keen to focus on the utils given the described situation.

    As far as I can tell all the resource files are "fixed" now (I explicitly compared them to the resources of my local Steam install resulting in no difference). And as we are still "out of season" this is a good point to package up the resource files for a new release (otherwise the "droppable" detail for some items might be strange if you weren't able to update later on, that's why I like to have no season for that).

    I haven't checked the previous forum posts that much, so not sure what all I already mentioned (it's been months so I can't remember of the top of my head, either) but the badge width got extended a bit to accommodate all the new items. But that should be the latest fix I did.

    Check the "README"-file for any basic questions, otherwise feel free to ask for help or report any bugs. I always love to work on this project from time to time. Although it should be apparent by now that I "moved on" to the extend that I won't reply within hours anymore or focus on a lot of new features (still, we got a crafting guide in the last major update cycle).

    TL;DR of the README: The "dev"-version for hosting and users with a php-environment, the non-"dev"-version for local testing (no resource updating, and other missing perks). Schedule the "update-resources"-script on a Linux-based hosting system to not worry about new items/Cards/... too much.

    Have a great Christmas time and (given no more bugs in this version) see you in the new year (perhaps with a new Expansion set?!?).

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    Thanks! It works well for me.
  4. Hey, small update:

    Given the still rather new feature of item crafting, if you want to max every item the new default action after opening a chest is "Take All" (except for treasures). That's all well and good, but that, combined with the fact that crafting costs money, means that your chance of actual gold income ingame has gotten quite small. Furthermore, your collection only knows one way: up in size.
    To counteract this, I added a small checkbox to the existing collection excess tool that will restrict the output to any items that can't be used as crafting ingredients anymore, so that you can sell those. This obviously comes with the risk to sell items that might be useful as ingredients after a new set releases, but at least there is an option to sell non-treasures again without limiting your crafting abilities.

    The new option will not count how often you would still need a card. If there is a single item with Bash that you haven't maxed out on, no item with Bash will be considered excess, even if you have far more Bash cards in excess as you would need to craft all the missing items.

    As this is a really small change, this version shouldn't cause any additional problems and could be hosted instead when you would update to the December version, @Stexe . And I feel that you could push a new version, even if there wasn't much feedback. The new features/tools justify some minor bugs that might be left in the tools.

    Same technical details apply as in the December update.

    Happy New Year, by the way!

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you as well, and thanks as always!
    (I still miss neoncat, but that's his decision. Thanks again!)

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