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    SPARK GENERATOR is a card, not an item. Changing it's rarity wouldn't directly impact an achievement.
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    "The old version with" was the key phrase. Without even seeing Kalin's post, I 100% expect Electroporter Novice was the topic of discussion.
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  3. Yes, the mentioned entity is a card and yes, changing a card's rarity doesn't directly impact an item achievement. But - and that's the point - it can in an indirect manner.

    First of all, there were other cards, too, that got changed but let's focus on Spark Generator for now. This card is only present on Arcane Items and hence, each item with this card has exactly three cards in total. For every item with three cards there is this strict relation:
    - Rarity constellation of the cards: CCU => Rarity of item is Common
    - Rarity constellation of the cards: CUU => Rarity of item is Uncommon

    Now if SG is Uncommon (like it was before) and there is exactly one (other) Common card on an item, the whole item gets assigned the rarity Uncommon.
    If SG is Common (like it is nowadays) and there is exactly one other Common card on an item, the whole item gets assigned the rarity Common.

    Okay, I'll keep the previous lines as they are true for other (! ; Spark Generator itself kept its rarity, iirc) cards/items that got changed but this exact item "just" got another third card (thanks, PKB, I almost missed the original problem here, but it's been months since this came up the last time and I already forgot about the details here). But that had the same effect on the item. It used to have two Uncommon cards (one of them being Spark Generator) but one Uncommon card (the SG) was completely replaced by a Common card (Powerful Spark), making it an item with constellation CCU and hence with rarity Common.

    Therefore, items that used to be counted as Uncommon are now in fact Common ones. Steam achievement lists are still unchanged but the collectable items were adapted. This causes such strange situations.

    Sorry, for keeping my previous answer so (/too) short (perhaps I quoted the wrong post?!?), I hope this got clearer now.
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    Oh, I missed a notification and didn't see these. I'll check back later today
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    Okay, so what do I need to change to get it working? Been busy with some summer course work but I'll be free soon so I can do whatever is needed to fix the stuff.
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  6. To wrap this all up a bit (although it could be beneficial for you to read the other posts, too, because I might missed/omitted some details): Your PHP-setup seems a bit broken. Especially each time when there is an access to the game's config-files (cards.csv, equipment.csv, ...). Those files don't get loaded into the tools. Probably because some firewall or the like prevents this accesses. It isn't the whole PHP-service not working because some PHP-code gets executed correctly. Do you have access to the PHP-logs? If so, check if there are any errors documented and use this information to fix your PHP-setup. You can enforce such errors by just loading the tools (for example the collection analysis or any other that makes use of the config-files).

    If you can't find the problem, I could provide a version where auto-updates work semi-automatically: The tools will inline local config-files and you only had to update the config-files manually, if there will be any new things to this game in the future.

    If everything else fails, you could re-upload the files (remember, the dev-version) but - tbh - I guess this won't change anything.
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    That's weird that my PHP setup would be broken, I haven't changed anything. All I did was replace the old files with the new ones. Unless my host (IPage) did something behind the scenes?
    I'm unsure if I have access to the PHP logs. I'll have to check. Might try re-uploading the files with a complete wipe on the directories instead of overriding them.
  8. Hey,

    as I've announced I just prepared a Semi-Auto-Update version (that's the "sau" in the name). This is still a dev-variant so you need a PHP-environment. In the resource-folder is a readme in case you want to know how this works (very briefly) and how to turn this into a fully auto-update version (constructing a job to update the resource files, that is). Tell me if there is something not working.

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  9. "Hey" to all still following this thread. It's been a long time since the last occasion I was actively working on the utils and sadly - at least for all still awaiting news on this topic - I'm not here to announce any new development today. I just want to use this channel to say goodbye. Especially to all of you who helped improving the utils or helped to serve them to the masses (@Stexe in particular). As I said in the corresponding Announcement post, I won't make the transition to a version only accessible via Steam for personal reasons. That means I will be playing as long as possible but eventually you won't find me in game any more.

    That means that if someone is willing to take the responsibility of maintaining the utils, I will happily transfer any files (there isn't much that I kept private, except for some prototypes of not yet finished tools, so not much you haven't seen yet) and any insights to you. Because as soon as I can't access the game anymore I will also stop fixing bugs (but given that within the last year no-one reported anything, there might not be that many ;) ). And not to punish anyone for the fact that I'm not able to access the game, but mainly and simply because I can't test it anymore (at least not on up to date data).

    If the devs might find a way to revive the game from its undead state (as Jon suggested they were evaluating to do) I will likely make a return, but honestly, my hopes aren't especially high. I don't want to personally attack anyone here and if you feel I did please excuse me. But I joined the game about 4 years ago. Back then the active user base at any time was around 300 to 500 players (based on '/who' in game chat). By the time the dev team transitioned to their new project this number went down to 200 eventually, currently it's a good day if the number even has 3 digits and (although this is pure speculation) without browser logins I expect another 20 to 40% drop. Reviving this game isn't very profitable, still it would be a huge fan service.

    By the time the dev team started making Card Hunter, Flash might have been a viable option (although still back then there had to be major vulnerabilities and a big problem with Flash being resource-hungry already). I can't judge this as I wasn't involved in any web-based projects this big. And as a company you always have to have an eye on your intellectual property and perhaps HTML wasn't the way to go if you intended to sell you product. But given the amount of time that went by since the announcement of Flash's coming death, there wasn't much effort to transition this game. Call me a pessimist, but why would the situation have changed in the last months such drastically that the devs would spent thousands of man-hours for this game. The community based ideas to help out the devs with anything between a future-proof Card Hunter game client and an intellectual successor are as old as the Flash announcement. And we all know where we are with that.

    And despite players reminding the devs, not event the most recent AA submission got rewarded. There are so many small things that got lost on the way the last years (events that didn't start in time, too), that - by the time they happened - I hadn't seen as that important. But they stack, and this is my current point of view on Card Hunter. It was big entertainment as long as it lasted and I would love to see something come out of it. I just don't see any signs for this yet.

    And I did my portion to this, too. I still have two new tools in mind that I could have added to the utils, but they never made it that far. I don't think that I could have saved Card Hunter from its fall, but I definitely lost faith in Card Hunter to some extend a while ago. Otherwise we would have tools to a) compare your collection to someone else's (or your own secondary account) and b) challenge yourself with a randomized build for campaign or multiplayer. And perhaps some other things, too.

    I hope you all do well (both while and after COVID) and as long as the forum exists you might be able to contact me even if I might not be present in game any more. But tbh, if the game got out of reach for me, there isn't much for me to find here in the forum.
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    Still using your utils, and haven't found any bugs.
    Thanks, Phoenix.
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    Yeah, let me know if you want me to put an update on my website or anything. I can keep hosting. =)
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    I tried to use the website just now, and I got nowhere. Tried http://stexe.com/CardHunter/utils/collection-analysis.php first on Edge*, then on OperaGX. Pasted my cleared, clipped, verbose Keep entry. Total 0%, 0/0, with the "i" new tab saying, "Showing details of all selected items" -> "Name" and that's it. I understand I can install the PHP and run it on a local server if I wanted, but I currently I don't wanted. $;^ J Plus, I gathered from the most recent posts that the website should work.

    * I previously used Edge because I'm a big boy who wanted out from Google's direct creeping and wanted a browser built optimally for the OS I use, Win 10, with the even bigger feature of disallowing any extensions to sneak in and bloat everything up without my approval. Of course, now, Edge just uses Chromium, bleh. I was gonna switch to OperaGX, but it uses Chromium, too. Standards are nice, but what happened to innovation via competition? $:^ [ Only Firefox remains of the big names, it seems. ~smh~ Now I just use Edge because I don't (yet?) feel like moving all my stuff somewhere else. $:^ |
  13. For whatever reason, that one is not working. I tried and tried and cried and cried until elciddeburgos23 hipped me to this link: http://www.stexe.com/util/collection-analysis.php Notice it is slightly different than the one you pasted.
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    I haven't touched anything on my website in like 2.5 years (besides a single folder directory for holding Tabletop Simulator files)... so if anything changed it almost certainly wasn't on my end.

    If there are other issues let me know and I can take a look at it. Have a decent amount of free time on my hands now that I've graduated and doing my own game company stuff.
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    My approach which is still working for me currently was to download the version of the the tools which has local files to my PC (it was posted earlier in this thread) and then open them direct from my desktop with Mozilla Firefox. When I paste my cleared, clipped info into this local version of the tools, it works for me while the website version hasn't worked for me for quite some time (although I haven't re-tried in at least 6 months).
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  16. Short comment from me to clear SOME things up:
    - http://stexe.com/CardHunter/utils/collection-analysis.php is the correct one (or to reach the overview page this would be http://stexe.com/CardHunter/index.php ) the other one is outdated by about half a decade by now. It should still function to some extend, but none of the new features are present there.
    - You can always try to run them locally, but given feedback I received over the years, you might have more or less success depending on several factors like browser, OS, skill, ...
    - The hosted tools have at some point stopped to execute the php-portion of the files (the part that was the main reason for hosting them in the first place). In general the tools don't make heavy use of php-features but to be always up-to-date the tools use php to grab the csv-files from the game server. If that doesn't work (if I recall correctly, the php-code in fact gets executed but if couldn't (or wasn't allowed to) ping the game server, or something like this), the tools can't do most of their job (like, how to calculate your collection percentage if the tools don't know the total number of all available items). At the time this happened neither Stexe nor I could fix this issue. If he now has some more spare time, perhaps he can again investigate this problem. If solving this issue involves changing something about the tools, I can definitely do this part of the job but (I'm glad that) I don't manage the server/site the tools are hosted on (@Stexe I don't know anymore through which channels we discussed the problem back then, but I think most happened directly in this thread, if you want to recapitulate what we already tried/found out).
    - this http://forums.cardhunter.com/threads/utility-collection-analysis.5187/page-16#post-137892 is the latest version overall, feature-wise this should be equivalent to those versions http://forums.cardhunter.com/threads/utility-collection-analysis.5187/page-14#post-137753 (if I haven't missed one of my posts while scanning the thread), all in all this gives you three different variants of the same tools in case anyone wants to try them out locally. Beware that each version has different requirements/use-cases. In short: the sau-version was a "semi-automated update" version that uses some php but doesn't fetch the csv-files each time, to keep this version up-to-date you'd need some sort of automated scheduled job (e.g. cron for Linux) to update the csv-files in case they change. The dev-version is the fully automated version that uses php for whatever the tools need it for and to always fetch the newest csv-files (if you have some hosting capabilities yourself or run Linux and have some basic Linux-skills, this is the version to use). The version without post-fix is the version without php-code. In this version, some aspects of the tools might not work at all (I think there are two or three minor things done in php but nothing you will notice usually unless you depend on those few features), but the csv-files are included, though, they will never update (or be update-able), but given that we haven't seen new items/adventures in years, they should very much be up-to-date. Only for this version, if your system isn't capable of opening/running php-files in your browser you can rename all ".php"-files to ".html" and change all links in those files to ".html", too. Notepad++ should do this job very well.
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    Should I update the files on my website or what? Do enough people even use them to justify it?
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  18. Sir Veza

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    Some of us do. ;)

    With @gurjanigurjani running a tourney that has resulted in so many new forum accounts, it may become more popular.
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    Well, I have some time today and/or tomorrow, so is there a specific directory I should upload the latest version to? And what is the latest version? I've been out of it for a while and don't recall the exact one.
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  20. Me, too. I just had to boot my old Windows system because I haven't even ported those files over yet. The two versions I linked in my last post are in fact the most recent ones and are identical except for how the resource files are loaded. Hence, the tools haven't changed for almost two years by now. But they should work (I run them locally without problems). If hosting this version of the tools reveals new bugs than I'd be happy.

    Given what I believe the current problem is, I'd say grab the "_dev_sau" version and host it at stexe.com/CardHunter . This version has one potential risk of failing less and if everything else works again, I can write a short script to keep the resource files up-to-date. Overwriting the current "/CardHunter" is no big deal as they aren't fully working anyway. Perhaps clear the whole folder manually before copying over the archive to get rid of any old files that might cause problems.

    Hit me up, if something is unclear or not working as expected.
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