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    I find it helpful in that it directs your attention to the fact that you need to win at least one match to qualify for any league prizes. Getting first place is not enough. All wait and no play makes Johnny a lootless boy.
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    I almost put this in Suggestions but decided it really belongs here. I hope I'm right. $;^ J
    EDIT: Two and a half weeks later, without looking for anything of the sort, I found the tutorials and prompts bugs thread. I suppose this should've gone there instead, which is a little funny since it hasn't been touched in some three years at this point, lol. Anyway, I'll call a mod. $F^ b

    Upon dying in the latest Misadventure of Myx'd Mess'zh: Solo Elf Wizard (imagine that .. lol), I clicked the Hints button out of curiosity like I've been doing lately. Ruh-roh. $:^ ]

    Beneath the Frozen Earth - battle 3, Frozen Grotto - you face nothing but Trog Wizards. The hints, in order:
    1. Crude Plate Armor is nasty, but does not protect from rear attacks.
    2. Bring plenty of Step Attacks and Move cards to fight Trogs!
    3. Watch for the Trogs playing Dropped Guard - which discards their Armor cards.
    4. Let the Trogs move first, then close in for the kill once they're out of Move cards.
    Hints 1 and 3 are objectively irrelevant due to those cards not appearing in this match. In my opinion, it'd be nice not to merely remove those hints, but to replace them to give anyone actually dying here in a normal campaign run their much needed help. $:^ ]

    Thanks as always!
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