Troll Tyrant Hunters

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    For me, troll tyrant was one of the most annoying quests. Everytime I beat it, my parties were swingy, sometimes they rolled through, sometimes fell flat on their face, it could take 0 retries or many. I found myself rebuilding everytime I had to do this quest. Thanks to 24 save slots now I can just keep a party built specifically for this one. I'm not a big fan of switching loadouts between each battle but found it was almost necessary every time. I think the strange variation between mobs (stourges), tanks (trolls) and hitters (rust monsters) really messed me up.

    This deck I made specifically to require no loadout change between battles. After beating troll tyrant 4 times the past few days with zero retries on any battle I think I can safely say this deck is consistent as well.

    Troll Tyrant Hunters

    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    Actually inspired by when I did the drawback quests for this one, I remember bash came in handy plenty of times. This guys role is to control the battlefield, esp. handy for keeping the rust monsters and trolls at bay. Focused crushing helps ensure good cycling and really synergizes well with this warrior.

    Level 20 Dwarf Warrior

    He's got chops for the stourges and a couple punishing strikes to deal with the rust monsters. The main dmg dealer of the group.

    Level 19 Dwarf Priest

    A sort of utilitarian priest, hes got frenzy,hes got some nimbus, some fire for the trolls, some vampire attacks, and team movement.

    Basically the strategy is to kill the rust monsters first always. These rust monsters will eff u up if they get a chance with that attack the removes all your attack and armor. If you can't kill them, keep them away with bash, if no bash, then there is some team movement in this deck , along with plenty of blocks. The reliable armor is basically to help against the stourges and the imps.

    While this deck is no speed farming, it is reliable to beat this quest.

    6.19.14 : Added Walkthrough Video

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  2. Sir Veza

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    Quite a few high rarity items that are difficult to match, but it looks good.
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    I feel like this is the only thing that's annoying about the 3 new lvl 18 modules. Each battle are so quite different combined with the high difficulty basically require you to change build between battle. Since changing build between battle cannot use the save/load party feature, it makes farming these module tedious, even though these enemy types are quite fun. You have to remember which item to swap away, and you usually finish with a different party than you started with.

    I'm all for a feature to save/load party between battle (as long as the same character are present) so these module can get more replayablity.

    But for now, a consistent build for the entire battle should be good enough for me :)
  4. UiA

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    It is a bit top-heavy I agree. I think I just counted 5 legendary and 12 epic in there. But a few substitutions could work and still maintain the overall flavor I believe.

    1st war:

    The bashing items are a lynchpin of the strategy so I would try to keep those or a least replace with anything that has a bunch of lunging/pressing bash. The Spiked Armor could be replaced by something else with reliable mail easily. The shoes maybe change but I do want to draw that mail pretty quick esp. in the 1st battle. I figure focused crushing is probably not that common, but its the fickle nature of RNG gods that I happen to have 2 so there it is :rolleyes:

    2nd war :

    The scythe would be a hard change, but could just go bejeweled maybe ? Though it would suck to lose those chops and dodge. I'm fairly certain there are better items with punishing strike then blackeye hammer, at 1 minor token cost though, not so sure. Masters Battleaxe could be changed to something with just pure chopping powa, I've heard Bloodchopper is good, there are probably others just don't know about em.
    Plates Of Ixicha are great but to tell the truth easily replaced as most of the time I end up discarding the arrogant so I can get my frenzy attachments, quickness aura is one of my favorite cards on dwarves in pve though, and useful for escaping or getting to an opponent, however it is utterly worthless on battle 3. Again this guys shoes could be replaced fairly easily but I would suggest with another item with team movement. I like bloody stoutness esp. the few times duck actually works and gives you a really good attack, but could easily replace with something like, say, Advanced Toughness though a cycle card would be lost

    3rd Priest :

    I think everyone has a slightly different build of priests just due to the way divine items, weapons, and armor are fairly interchangable, I know mine are always changing, so whatever works right. Obv. you want to keep your guys frenzied and safe and be able to dish out a fair amount of damage. I used to use mail of the martyr in place of St. Sebbana's, but found team heal too tempting to pass up when I got it. Sliding Boots really mesh with this guy (flank is great for spear attacks, sparkling cloth lets you get your bacon outta the fire, team run is almost always useful) so I'd try to keep those
  5. Kalin

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    I just beat this for the first time today. It was hard, but I didn't need to revive (though I was out of free replays).

    I've been mostly clearing maps with Firestorm lately, and yesterday I got my second Duality Mace so I thought I'd try adding a priest to my normal build. Obviously, there are a whole bunch of items that would improve this build (like any of the double FS arcane items or a Shielding Token), but I don't own them yet. Touch Of Death was surprisingly useful (though Punishing Bolt is much safer).

    Grind Dwa Wiz
    Level 19 Dwarf Wizard

    Grind Dwa Wiz 2
    Level 19 Dwarf Wizard

    Cheerwell Maker
    Level 19 Dwarf Priest
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    Firestorming Troll Tyrant was very iffy for me, but all the other builds I've tried are somewhat iffy too. Bad draws will get you killed quickly. I think getting one's hands on some of the good AotA gear (like the 3 Heartrippers Jarmo has) will smooth things out a bit.
  7. UiA

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    Just beat it again no retries, if you can get a consistent mage/fs combo that works on this, all the better, it will probably be faster too.
    I know my luck will run out soon and I'll probably have to replay a battle or two but so far for me on 5/5 attempts this deck has been rock solid.
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  8. UiA

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    added video demonstration :D
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  9. FDrybob

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    I won because the troll king was alone and on 40 health, and my dwarf ducked his almighty bludgeon and had all-out attack.
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  10. Yxklyx

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  11. Rohndil

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    I took inspiration from this thread too when I was looking for TT help. Basically in the form of a 2 warrior 1 priest setup, as I was banging my head against the trolls with a classic 1-1-1 (which was successful in every other mission). The bashing dwarf was great.
  12. haho

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    Any ~new~ tips/suggestions? I see a lot of old topics, but a lot of new cards have come out since these old topics were posted

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