top 5 dangerous coc non-boss monsters and how to counter

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    Saw some COC threads and decided to make a thread talking about the monsters you should probably target and kill first because they threaten your party the most. You should probably surrender if you see a combination of two of these though, unless you have a legendary character.

    1. TROLLS. Goddamn, trolls, heal 4 through anything but fire damage. Even if you have good fire wizards you'll have to be very careful since they can charge, stagger and mighty bludgeon you into oblivion. If you face 4 trolls you should just give up, period.

    2. Ice Skeleton. See above, except at least you can dissolve/boil their armor. That is not to say Ice skellies are weak, their attacks are utterly brutal. Stay your distance and hope they don't overwhelm you.

    3. Undead priest. People are gonna argue, but these guys are too horrible. They have mediocre attack but if you attack them from the front they are gonna stun you for sure. You should probably save these guys for last.

    4. Trees. Only weakness is fire (again?), and mighty limb smash along with decent ranged attacks combine together to create a very strong monster. God bless you if you have no fire.

    5. Silver Crossbowmen. They have uncanny dodge, silver bolt, and great penetrating attacks. Over time they are going to obliterate your party. You should probably hide out of view until they are alone and you can attack them. Alone they are not as OP as the others on here, but hiding behind support they are obnoxious and incredibly dangerous, especially if you have nightling traits.

    Honorable mention: Mind munchers that have sorceress bolt, perplexing ray, etc. which slowly damage, disable, and kill you. The inability to keep cards at the end of the round can be devastating since you depend on the luck of the draw.

    What do you guys think? What are your personal top 5 monsters you dread? I personally think although I rank trees high they aren't ridiculously OP, but with a bad setup you can't win against them.
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  2. Sasoo8

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    Laser Barrage Robots on an open map
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  3. Happenstance

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    1. Open maps. Yeah, they're not a monster, but they will end your caverns run again and again. Your terrain wizards are useless, and either you get boxed in by melee mobs or blasted to pieces by ranged. Or a delicious mix of the two.

    2. Small maps. Same same but different. Something along the lines of Node 8, Stafford's Main Hall, heavy hitters coming in from all angles, gg.

    3. Everything OP mentioned: manageable -- just -- under certain circumstances (considering you're juggling them and three other groups), impossible otherwise.

    4. Tombstones. Look harmless, don't even count for VPs, but always have that extra shuffle they need to box you in and kill you in 2-3 blows. Always.

    5. Security robots. Entirely manageable, but as a paired mob they have a terrible habit of one turning to charge up -- giving you a chance to dance around it -- only for the other of the pair to fire the laser spray. Patently unfair shenanigans by BM.

    6. Laser turrets. Turns good maps into small maps via zones of control. No warning before they pepper your angus and don't even have the good grace to hit their own guys.

    Honourable mentions: Curse idols and lizard priests. The latter is a mid-tier easybeat that wrecks you in caverns via by hiding behind things you need to kill first, while unloading barrages of unholy curses and bad lucks that sees all your blocks and armour fail, causing you take suddenly insane poison and fire damage from all the stabby, burny things. The former is a babby-tier mob that is immune to most of your ranged attacks, parries most of your melee, and is thankfully programmed to hit you with beams of hate, because when they decide to unleash the dastardly and unholy curses it's gg squared.
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    While it's been ages since I last played Caverns of Chaos (I've lost much of my interest in it since getting lucky enough to beat it), so I might be out of the loop a little, there's something I'd like to add (obviously I still agree with everything said above regardless). I'm pretty surprised they haven't been mentioned yet.

    Flying Monkeys. I found that they consistently prove a nightmare, no matter where they show up. They come in large groups, have decent hit points, can constantly bombard you with attacks that exceed practically everything you've got in both damage and range (seriously, how do monkeys throw acorns hard enough that they travel further and deal more damage than a crossbow bolt?), have absurd amounts of mobility ensuring that you'll basically never catch them, at the very least as long as there are other monsters standing on the board, and incredibly frustrating (and deterring) blocks in case the miracle happens and you do. They even have Shrug It Off, though at least they're dumb enough to ignore its existence altogether (not that it would change much, I believe).
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  5. Goodwin

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    do not forget about DUCK!

    wizard chased monkey. Monkey flew away. Priest chased monkey. Monkey flew away. Warrior chased monkey. PULVERIZIN-- nice try. I believe THIS is what you were trying...


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