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  1. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    To adventurers, one monster is as good (or bad) as another; just another meat shield in the way of guts, gold, and glory! But we all know this isn't the case. Despite often being on the wrong side of a Dwarven axe or Elven arrow, they too have hopes, fears, and dreams.

    Give us:
    • A monster-type (from our game - check out a beta diary for help)
    • A name
    • Their story so that the world may see things from their side! There is a 70 word limit (give or take a few) to help us change our minds about these unfortunate creatures. Any entry that really goes over this limit will not be accepted. And no pictures or art please.
    This time we will be giving out 50 keys here on our forums and 50 keys on our Facebook page. The contest starts now and will run until midnight this Friday (March 8th) EST. And, as an added bonus, we'll be distributing an additional 100 keys to those beta list sign-ups as well!

    Let's see those entries!

    PS - Any posts that are not an entry or a contest-related question will be removed to keep clutter to a

    EDIT - Post clarified.
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  2. Hessian

    Hessian Orc Soldier

    Is there a list of monsters featured in Card hunter?
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  3. edensuko

    edensuko Kobold

    Any monster list or something similar we can consult for this?
  4. Megadestructo

    Megadestructo Shark Card

    Post has been clarified. You gotta scrounge that info, folks ;)
  5. Once upon a time, I was a simple farm boy named Wesley, deeply in love with the beautiful Hershey. But I was murdered by the Dread Necromancer Roberts and turned into a vile skeleton. Now I sit in a dungeon, and wait, and hope that one-day I will be reunited with my sweet Hershey. You brave adventurers may assume the worst and kill me, but death cannot stop true love, all it can do is delay it for a while.
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  6. brady

    brady Kobold

    There was once a feeble minded goblin that was taking a basket full of herbs to his tragically ill grand mother when he hears a rustle in the bushes he goes to check it out think he can get a quick bird for his grandmother but when he peeks his head through he finds him self on a path to meet a human archer's arrow, sadly that is all the goblin knows sadly everything went black for him shortly after for some unknown reason to him
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  7. edensuko

    edensuko Kobold

    Umak the Brave (a Trog) Diary's last page...

    Many night and day away from home. I am in maze, forgot where is outside. Hunting for food was fine, but I lost. Umak can not take death prey to village, because Umak ate prey before, Umak was too hungry after much time wihtout food so cooked meat in using armor as pan. Wife will crush Umak's skull if Umak does not return back home with wife and son.
    There is human camp 3 hallways away. Maybe they can help Umak go home...
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  8. agassparkle

    agassparkle Kobold


    A glassy looking golem like creature with black substance running through it s veins , clearly visible within its glassy body. The hearth that is pumping this black blood is pure light.
    The unfortunate adventurers that meet this mob has to face his ever fastening attacks when it lands a successful attack.
  9. Zeratuel94

    Zeratuel94 Kobold

    Derrik the chimp warrior did not choose his lifestyle. He was drafted into their simian military and was forced to defend his kind against the greedy and blood thirsty adventurers. He wanted to desert and leave far off to the north where one could live in peace, but alas Derrik had a wife and child to support. So Derrik stands tall to protect his home, his bananas and his family.
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  10. Umbra8

    Umbra8 Kobold

    Ik'lot, like all fire imps, was filled with joy for he was gifted with great purpose. He knew the secret name of Change, knew it like he knew his own body. Wherever he found something trapped in chains of substance he would speak The Name and rightous light would consume it, material bonds of wood or flesh would twist and char, freeing the spirit unto a power immense and primordial.
  11. Zolof Kimblee

    Zolof Kimblee Mushroom Warrior

    Mjørn The Trog Spearman:
    As his long spear finally glides off his hands, Mjørn thinks back on his life, strolling down the same hallway for ages. But he was happy back then. Because his friends were with him and there wasn't an elf they could not reach, there wasn't a dwarf they couldn't keep at bay; as a team. But today he can only watch his friends getting pushed around and burned alive by a triplet of mages.
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  12. Daryl Tay

    Daryl Tay Kobold

    Randy* the Zombie

    Randy was once a regular guy who signed up for a "Learn how to Shuffle" class, hoping to have moves like he saw on MTV.

    He found reality to be quite different, as he was pinned down and bitten by an anonymous zombie.

    Randy now draws "shuffle" cards while attacking adventurers, forever thinking of the life he could have had instead.

    *name changed for privacy. Randy doesn't want to be singled out among the next zombie horde you face.
  13. RoflCat

    RoflCat Goblin Champion

    Dolfrat the Wizard:

    I'm the type to get lost easily, I'm fine with that. What I'm not fine with is leaving my place unguarded during the time I'm wandering. But those mercenaries are also likely to just steal my stuffs and make off with it when I'm not around to pay their salary...
    So I decided it's time for some homebrew solutions.
    Make my own mindless, immortal guardians! They don't need any food, money or even moving their muscles around!
    With these things around, there's obviously NOTHING that will get stolen!

    (And then he was wrong)
  14. Anders Nyberg

    Anders Nyberg Kobold

    Zathras the Lizardman Warrior:

    Every man has his price and im no exception. So here i am working for some strange boss.
    But War is good for business and soon ill have enough coin to return home to my wife.
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  15. Hessian

    Hessian Orc Soldier

    So Brian, vhat is ze problem?
    Doc, I feel two dimensional. Like I'm just a cardboard cutout of the person I should be. A cookie cutter zombie, just like all those other no-good shamblers out there. I feel like my life is governed by outside forces, leading me to my doom.
    I walk around and everyone else seems flat, their faces expressionless. It's like we're all here on the roll of the dice.
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  16. ColdChaos

    ColdChaos Kobold

    Zack, the Fire Imp:

    Once I was a normal imp,
    nothing more than a little wimp.
    But then I met a talking fire,
    in a dark and dreadful mire.

    It told me how to burn dwarfs and elves,
    even if they try to defend themselves!
    Since then I've been the chief of my brood,
    because I'm the best at grilling food!
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  17. BlueWizard31

    BlueWizard31 Kobold

    Wallace, the little armored pig.
    Now why does Wallace carry a dagger, as most armored pigs do? You see, these pigs were once mighty adventurers. These heroes sliced their way across the land, conquering evil and stealing all the local treasure as they went. One day they came upon a powerful sorcerer, who with a flick of his wand, transformed them forever into these dirty creatures, destined to live their lives as armored pork.
  18. Dark Wolfe

    Dark Wolfe Orc Soldier

    Urb, The Golem

    " Don't worry. I was made for this! "
  19. Dark Wolfe

    Dark Wolfe Orc Soldier

    Also out of curiosity, is this one entry per person?
    Because even if I can only make official entry I would still love to keep coming up with these
  20. Molotova

    Molotova Mushroom Warrior

    Bargh the Chieftan.

    ~When the Horrors came~
    When they first arrived, we welcomed them in our midst, we do understand their language even if they don’t understand ours.
    They did not care about or welcome: With fire and steel, they committed a massacre. The same threesome, or a similar one, kept coming back to commit more genoside regularly. We picked up our fishing spears and our shaman had to expand his spell repertoire beyond weather control, all in order to defend ourselves.
    The irony, is they refer to themselves as "heroes",... "horrors" is much more apt.
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