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  1. deeincognito

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    Hi people of CardHunter,

    first of all i consider myself a beginner, i'm currently at level 6 with my main group (Human Warrior / Elf Mage / Human Priest).

    I didn't have any problems so far beating the campaign, but i encounter one of the quest "Beneath the frozen Earth" in which i have problems to beat the "armored" trolls. For some reason, no matter how many penetration weapons i put, i never get them or they block with any other ways. And if i try any non-penetrating weapons, it's a pure waste since they block all dmg...

    I added some armor destruction card to my mage and my warrior has War Cry to remove all armor cards, but the percentage of getting them are quite low compared to other cards so i end up dying because i never hit these guys.

    I'm sure some of you have some tricks up your sleeves to get to these guys.

  2. Pengw1n

    Pengw1n Moderately Informed Staff Member

    Sounds like you have the rigth idea even if you claim to be a beginner. There are some additional tips we could probably give you, but as you seem to have grasped the basics I suggest trying a little more - sounds like bad luck with draw.

    Troggs don't block (only armor) - so no need for War Cry (only affects blocks which are generally from shields). So you only have to worry about penetration - or attacking from behind. Armor removal is great, as is hot spot or acid blast if you have them.
  3. deeincognito

    deeincognito Kobold

    I do have Acid Blast and Hot Spot but only one of each. Even if i attack from behind, their armor still protect doesn't it?

    I'll look in my inventory for more penetration or direct damage, i'll see what i can do!

    Should i concentrate on the armored first and get to the easier one after, or destroy the easy to have my mind free to get to the armored ones?
  4. HD23

    HD23 Orc Soldier

    War Cry doesn't work on these guys, as it removes block cards (the green ones) and not armor cards (the grey ones). Penetrating weapons should work, as well as armor removal, but the real thing with these specific enemies is that if you attack them from behind, their armor doesn't function.
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  5. deeincognito

    deeincognito Kobold

    Ohhhh ... right! Thanks both of you guys, i'll go through my items to be sure i have the right equipment and give it a shot!

    Thanks again,
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  6. Jotun

    Jotun Mushroom Warrior

    read the cards closely. I'm pretty certain the specific armour they are using doesn't work for attacks from the bad. You need to position yourself to take advantage of that. Same with a lot of the other enemies (like those with clumsy not being able to turn around and attack unless they have/use a move card, allowing you to strafe around)

    lv 6+ is around the time when there is a difficulty jump in the campaign. Prior to that the battles are pretty much set at "face roll". Actually dying a few times from that point onwards is normal.
  7. deeincognito

    deeincognito Kobold

    Thanks people,

    i just retried it and it worked flawlessly, i did the 3 quests without any losses.
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  8. Pengw1n

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    That's the kind of thing I like to hear!

    Also, awesome Cute-thulhu avatar.

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